River Nile : Beauty is beyond just sight but it goes far more than just what your eyes could see, and this is why Uganda was declared the pearl of Africa, Uganda holds far more than just beauty but it is the heart of fascination its self and when you get to hang on this you get to understand as to why Uganda is truly a mother land.

Uganda is a country that was blessed with various fauna and flora and these give the land a great taste of amusement and safari experiences most of sightseers confess that Uganda is the supreme country to venture in all other East African countries.

Having so very many attractions and impressive sceneries Uganda holds the heart or to say the source of the Nile and that is the famously known lake victoria.

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and as we all know it the chief reservoir of the great Nile that is lying in Tanzania and Uganda plus the borders of Kenya.

River Nile is well known to be the longest river in the world and it was blesse d with the name father of African  rivers , river Nile rises south of the equator and later flows northward through northeastern Africa to conclude in the Mediterranean sea.

Having so very many attractions the river Nile drives so very many sightseers to come and tour around the Nile in order to have some of these fascinating experiences at large.

Some of these activities are the major reasons as to why a number of visitors love to step in the pearl of Africa and get to know fascinating the pearl of Africa, these safari activities are majorly carried out in Jinja district.

Jinja district is well-known as an Adventure capital of East Africa and it is the second largest town and commercial center in Uganda after Kampala and on that fact when you get to set foot in Uganda just know it at mind to go sight jinja district and when it comes to exploring river jinja should not skip your mind.

rainy seasons are not simply the best times to have a Uganda safari at the Nile but one can honestly visit the Nile at any time of the year nevertheless the best time to visit the Nile is during the dry seasons and this makes it easy for on to have the best safari activities at the source of the Nile.

With the several activities that are a carried out on the Nile in jinja district as fascinating and mind thrilling and some of these include:

River Nile White Water Rafting: white water kayaking on the River Nile is allowed throughout the year. Hot water, beautiful landscape, and year-round brightness with just brief periods of rain make white river rafting in this area unique and delightful and activity that every sightseer should involve in for the electrifying activity.

River Nile
White water Rafting

Family Float: Is it an outstanding selection to spend time drifting down the river it’s a gorgeous short family escapade for the young and elderly, and this is made possible to the excellent and gorgeous beaches, abundant birds, and flat, slow-moving water which make the venture more exciting.

Mountain Biking in Jinja: have some time and get into a mountain biking activity while on your safari to the Nile and get to see other areas in jinja and get to enjoy the lovely breeze that come from the waters and then enjoy the biking points from adrenaline-pumping biking safaris to slow-paced calm biking circuits.

Tubing the Nile in Jinja: This is an exceptional activity for younger families and friends who want to relax and admire each other’s camaraderie. Get to have your heart put to a test while on the rapid waters that flow on the Nile and get to enjoy yourself and besides this there are plenty of spots for the youngsters to swim if they want to, always under the cautious eye of our security kayakers

Nile Sunset Cruise in Jinja: the Nile isn’t all white water some peaceful sites are perfect for a sunset sail. That is remarkably factual if you are countersigning a glorious Nile Sunset this is the best activity that you engage in for the best experience on the Nile.