Nairobi National Museum Tours: Nairobi national museum is a place that brings all the historical back ground of Kenya, which started as the Corynndon Museum named for Sir Robert Coryndon who was a famous patron of the Kenya Natural History Society. Then late 1930 the site was opened as the Nairobi National Museum a repository that restrained the history and cultures of Kenya. But later Dr. Louis Leakey successfully had to raise funds to expand the museum and many of the gallery names were prominent personal of the past like Mahatma Gandhi, Aga Khan, Winston Churchill and so much more.

By the 1960s, the Nairobi Snake park was added to the museum and in 1969 Kenya government had to lay out new museums in Kisumu, Meru, Lamu, Kitale and Fort Jesus in Mombasa and in the 1976 Leakey Memorial Building also had to be increased on size in order to fit other section of archaeology and paleontology.

 Expansion continued in regard of displaying research programs in ethnography and cultural anthropology in cooperation with the University of Nairobi, Institute of African studies as well as association with the institute of primate Research. And in between year 2005 and 2008 there have been significant collection of expansions of the museum made to protect the highest standards of excellence.

Nairobi National Museum Tours
Nairobi National Museum ToursNairobi National Museum Tours

 Making time for a visit to the Nairobi National Museum you need to first inquire from the tour operator on ground who knows how organize well impressive and affordable tour package of Nairobi City Tour or a combined package visit to city tour and wildlife Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Note ,Kenya is both educational and relaxing experience as you spend your time exploring the art gallery and varied exhibitions, as you discover the richness of Kenya and its social people. It is located less than two miles from the city center at Museum Hill. More then, you can visit the site any time you fill you want because its open yearly where you can visit and enjoy a tranquil setting of lush botanical gardens and dining as well as shopping venues. Or meet up with quality accommodations units   with good amenities and services that are offered to match up to the location and accessibility to tour attractions.  In Nairobi you can have a choice of Tier 1,2 or 3 accommodations.  Like the Tier rating, ‘’Hemingways Nairobi has 45 perfect rooms hotel that features plantation-style architecture, luxurious boutique rooms and superb Michelin-star dining while outside you have vast landscape of lush greenery and gainful views of the Ngong Hills among other impressive Tier 1 accommodation.

The displayed collections to see visit to Nairobi National museum include, culture, nature and history pillars and other exhibition that attracts children. The culture pillar discovers creativity, cycles of life, cultural dynamism and in the nature pillar you learn about human origins, geology, natural diversity, ecology of Kenya and the mammalian radiation.

Furthermore, the main pillar covers history that talks about the life history in Kenya. Addition to that, museum is also a collection of stones that have been carefully laid upon the green lawn. Just know, the area does not seem to have any effect but the design has been used by many cultures to mark a place of meditation, prayer and healing.

How much is entry fee to Nairobi Museum?

Nairobi National Museum can be accessed at shilling 600 Kshs as park charges per person in 24 hours.

When was it built?

 Nairobi National Museum was built in 1929 to protect the history of celebrated collections of Kenya’ nature, culture and arts. On visit you will be amazed of   seeing famous Elephant of Africa.

What to see or found in the Kenya museum?

The National museum of Kenya offers more than 350,000 fossils in its collection an about 700 that belongs to those ancient humans which have been existing for about 25 million years ago.

What are found in museum?

 There are a lot of things to see   such as Artistic, cultural, historical, traditional and objects of scientific interest. Addition on that, you can discover Kenyan history, civilization, culture, religion, art, architecture of our country.

Nairobi National Museum Tours
Nairobi National Museum Tours

What is the location of Nairobi National Park?

Nairobi National Museum lies at the Museum Hill, estimating 10 minutes’ drive from the Nairobi city Centre which can be reached out both by public and private means

On your next visit to Kenya Safari Destination, you can combine a wildlife tour with a visit to Nairobi National Museum where won’t regret, the site offers a massive permanent historical collections displayed with tradition cultural of Kenya and artwork.

Meaning it’s a must a traveler interested in Kenya’s rich heritage to reach out to Nairobi National Museum where you will be able to explore sets of artifacts while displayed across the two floors and a nature trail winds through the surrounding grounds, a botanical garden as well as collections of outdoor sculptures.

Visit Kenya the heart of Africa on your next tour on African continent.