Best time to visit Kenya: Kenya Safaris its best times to visit starts from July to October, during this period of year the country can be out of watery –in dry season which is more attractive with the Great Migration of wildebeest and Zebra and also seeing other diversity of wild animals in their recognized inhabits and roads that leads to game parks are easy to access.

Tourists can also travel in rainy seasons which is also conducive to travel, because in the park there can be fewer visitors and you can get excited by scenic greener vegetation. December is also part of great time to visit Kenya since it can be a rewarding time with short rain where you can have the chances to encounter newborn animals and migratory bird species. The most peak months with long rains are March, April and May are very wet. Visiting in wet season you don’t spend a lot of money like the one who visit the park.

          Best Time to Visit Kenya
Game Drives

Visiting Kenya in April

April is known as a wet month with long rains, April and May that turn the tracks through the parks into quagmires thus making the beaches along the Indian ocean coastline hot and wet. Though this isn’t the best time to travel for safari in Kenya. It has its advantage, during this period of the year –visiting the park in wet seasons you get accommodation unit on cheap rate and visitors can be few in the parks.

 Note; The best way to travel to Kenya Safaris, is to allow your tour operator to start planning your traveling journey to Kenya. If you don’t mind, you can book with us Achieve Global Safaris.

Best time to visit Kenya Safaris;

 Best Time to go for safari without interruption of rain, slippery of the park and poor road condition. The best months to go starts from June to October and January to February this is all to national parks.

High season

Starts from July to November and January and February. During this periodic months some of the national parks get very crowded especially the Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli.

Low Season with heavy rain

Starts from March to May during this period tourist on visit can be interrupted with heavy rains causing some lodges and camps in areas to get close down.

Best weather

June to October receives little rainfall

Worst weather

March, April and May Peak of wet season

Then June to October –Dry Season

 Wildlife can be easier to see because the bush is thin and animals gather around water holes to quench for thirsty.

 Best Time to Visit Kenya
Wildebeest Migration

During this period the days are sunny with clear skies.

 There is no scary of mosquitoes bit.

July to October are the most important months to enjoy Kenya safaris since it can be a great season to see the wildebeest migration event.

During this time of the year, the parks can be busy and crowded in the most popular parks.

 Visit –November to May – Wet Season

The park’s scenery is rewarding with greener vegetable cover.

Accommodation rates and some activities can be on discount because of the low season.

Newborn animals can be seen within the parks.

It’s a great time to see migratory birds and residential bird species because fruits can be in abundance from September to April.

Apart from March to May, rain is usually short that showers in the afternoon.

During March to May the rain can fall so heavily thus causing lodges and camps to get closed down during part of the wet season.

Lastly, best time to visit Kenya by major parks; Like Maasai Mara National Reserve offers to tourists an incredible wildlife viewing all year around. Though during peak –rainy season, some of parks especially those located in highland and along the coast, end up getting difficulties in regards to the heat, humidity and continues rain. To some lodges close to certain result. Note, the dry months offers perfect wildlife viewing throughout Kenya. Get started planning a visit to Kenya destination now!