Mount Muhavura Hike in Uganda : Mount Muhavura is located in the southwestern part of Uganda and in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park standing at an altitude of 4,127meters above the sea level and 13,540 feet. Mount Muhavura can also be referred to as Mount Muhabura and it known to be one of the extinct Volcanic Mountains, which are situated within the Virunga ranges. This mountain is shared between countries like; Rwanda and Uganda. However, tourists can get a chance to capture classic views of mountains situated in many parts of both Rwanda and Uganda but Kisoro district located in the southwestern region of Uganda is marked as the best spot where to view these mountains.

Uganda is the best destination for tourists who love nature because of its tropical rain forests. A Hike to Mount Muhavura is one of the best exciting activities that tourists on a safari in Uganda shouldn’t miss out and hiking Mount Muhavura in Uganda is easy compared to other hikes like; a hike to Mount Elgon and Mount Rwenzori.

Mount Muhavura derives its name from a Kinyarwanda Word that means “The Guide”. Tourists who would love to go for hiking on Mount Muhavura are always accompanied with well-trained and experienced guides from the Uganda Wildlife Authority because it is easy for them to track gorillas. Hiking activities on this mountain begin at exactly 7:00am in the morning but visitors are encouraged to arrive at the park headquarters   or at the visitors centre in Ntebeko an hour before because they have to go through the registration process and after they are briefed by the head ranger on how to handle themselves and what they are supposed to do during hiking. Later  the tourists are allocated to groups of hikers and provided with guides or rangers that are going to lead them during the hiking on Mount Muhavura and they are free to ask the guides any question about anything they get to see and don’t understand.

 A hike on Mount Muhavura goes for about good 8 hours and tourists will hike a distance of 12 kilometers taking a trip to the top of the mountain and back down its base. Once tourists are on the top of the mountain, they sight see beautiful views of Virunga mountain ranges and tourists will also get an opportunity to see stunning views of Bwindi Impenetrable forest, the summits of the Rwenzori, Lake Edward. However, after hiking tourists can also engage themselves in other activities like, Chimpanzee trekking, mountain Gorilla trekking, track golden monkeys and they are blessed with amazing views of the savannah wildlife such as; leopards, lions, giraffes, rhinos, and African bush elephants among others.

More so, hikers get an opportunity to encounter with different mammal species while they are at the base of the Mount Muhavura along the slopes and these mammal  species include the following; antelopes, hyenas, warthogs, buffaloes and there are also primate species such as baboons, blue monkeys, Vervet monkeys, Mountain gorillas, black and white colobus monkeys, golden monkeys. More so, there are several bird species found in the bamboo along the mountain slopes that bird lovers could see and these include; dusky turtle dove, double collared sunbirds, the speckled mouse bird, paradise flycatchers, olive woodpeckers, bronze sunbirds, Rwenzori Batis, regal sunbirds, Olive pigeons, Olive thrush and many more. This moment is always remarkable and adventurous because the visitors get to explore and sight see the beautiful natures and wildlife in the country.  

Mount Muhavura Hike in Uganda
Mount Muhavura Hike in Uganda

Things Required to Hike Mount Muhavura.

Hiking Permit.

Tourists planning to go for hiking on Mount Muhavura are advised to acquire their hiking permits and it is more safe to book them in advance in order to avoid distractions and these hiking permits in Uganda cost a fee of 75 USD per person in Uganda and this fee covers other charges like the guide fees but it tourists who wish to hire a porter and always encouraged to pay an extra fee.

Good Hiking drees code.

Tourists who would love to participate in the hiking activity to Mount Muhavura are advised to wear good hiking boots, long sleeved shirts, a cap, sunscreen that protects the skin from the direct heat , sunglasses in case the weather is hot, long trousers, Light raincoats that will be needed in case it rains, wear light clothes because of the heat over the horizon however, warm clothes like a sweater will also be needed  due to the fact that one may need it when they reach the top of the mountain where it gets cold because we are aware that, the higher you go, the cooler it becomes.

Physical fitness.

Hiking to Mount Muhavura requires individuals to be both physically and mentally fit for the fact that it requires a lot of energy and also hikers should be in good health conditions where they are free from diseases like heart attacks, pressure, and air borne diseases like cough and flue in order not to spread it to others and also avoiding the transmission of diseases between humans and animals. However, tourists who have diseases but they feel they are fit to engage in the hiking are required to present letters from their medical doctors giving them permission to hike.

Hiking Stick.

Tourists can use sticks while hiking and these hiking sticks are always provided at the head offices though it is also accepted for hikers who carry their own sticks.

A Porter.

It is very important for tourists to hire a porter while going to Hike Mount Muhavura because not only these porters carry the back packs but also assist to pull or push you where need be as they contribute a lot to your comfort during hiking.

However, tourists are encouraged to carry bottled or mineral water for drinking in order to keep hydrated through the hiking activity and they can pack food and snacks to eat along the way. Besides tourists engaging in  hiking activities on Mount Muhavura in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park can also combine it with other activities that are also offered at the park such as; Golden monkey trekking, the Batwa trail experience, Gorilla trekking, guided nature walks, bird watching and visiting caves among others.

 Where does one stay as they plan to go for Hiking on Mount Muhavura?

Tourists planning to go for hiking on Mount Muhavura are offered accommodation facilities where they can rest before and after the hike. These accommodation facilities are ranged in different classes like; from Budget, mid-range and luxury facilities in order to match everyone’s preferences and what they are able to afford. Some of these accommodation facilities include; Gahinga Lodge, Golden monkey guesthouse, Bambou gorilla lodge, Mountain Gorilla nest lodge, Travelers rest hotel, Amajambere lwacu community camp, Murehe safari lodge, Kisoro tourist hotel and many others.

Mount Muhavura Hike in Uganda
Mount Muhavura Hike in Uganda

How to get to Mount Muhavura in Uganda.

Travelers planning to go to hike on Mount Muhavura should travel to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, which is located in the southwestern region of Uganda in Kisoro district, and they can use either road or air transport.

Road transport.

Travelers can take a drive from Kampala city to Mgahinga Gorilla national park whereby this journey takes them about 8 hours or alternatively they can also access the park through travelling from Queen Elizabeth National Park which takes 3-4 hours to reach the park or tourists on a safari in lake Mburo national park can take a drive of 5 hours to reach Mgahinga national park.

Air Transport.

Tourists who want to skip the long trip to Mgahinga National Park can opt to take their flights from Entebbe International Airport to Kisoro where they take a drive of about 9-11 hours but they can also take flights from Kigali Rwanda crossing over the border into Kisoro district in Uganda and this journey only takes about 2-3 hours.

Book with our tour operators and companies for inquires and best offers while as you plan to travel to Uganda to Hike on Mount Muhavura, which is a trilling and adventurous activity that blesses hikers with breath taking views from the mountain.