Most powerful waterfalls in Uganda : Uganda has some of the most fascinating landscape, waterfalls and scenery you can find in the world. The country is gifted with plenty of water bodies including a series of waterfalls that are truly spectacular demonstrated by their powerful rapids, beauty and turbulence. For those who are passionate with nature, you will not be disappointed when you take a tour to Uganda.

Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is also sometime called Kabalega Falls. The falls was named after geologist Sir Roderick Murchison who visited the falls. In the mid-1860s with Sir Samuel White Baker. Waterfalls on the lower Victoria Nile River in northwestern Uganda located 32 km east of Lake Albert. The falls is regarded as the most famous to foreign visitors in Uganda. The falls is 43 meter high and 7 meters wide. The waterfalls have tumbled into the Victoria Nile around the rocks and have several bird species that live around it making it a generally good destination for both bird watchers and other water related sport activities.

Sipi falls

Sipi falls are located on the northern and western sides of the Mount Elgon national park in, Eastern Uganda. It is probably the most amazing water falls views in Uganda. The waterfalls are in a scattered series of beautiful cascading structures scattered distances all over the mountain. The waterfalls are a series of beautiful waterfalls formed by the Sipi River on the slopes of Mount Elgon national park. The major waterfalls in Sipi are Simu, Sisi, Ngasire and Simba falls. There are other waterfalls on the mountain; Sisiyi, Bulago and Wanale. It is located 60 kilometers from Mbale Town on the Kapchorwa Road and 295 km from Kampala. The area the falls is famous for locally grown Bugisu Arabica coffee.

Karuma falls

The Karuma falls are located on the southern part of Murchison falls national park. The waterfalls are at the border of Masindi, Amuru and Oyam Districts of Uganda. These sequences of rock formations from the Victoria Nile forma beautiful ripple of waters that create a white foam that is beguiling to observe. It is part of the Victoria Nile where the Masindi-Gulu road crosses the River Nile, connected by the Karuma Bridge that was constructed in 1963. The waterfalls is 110km northeast of Masindi Town and 70km south of Gulu Town. The waterfalls are 311 km from Kampala City. This is the site of the proposed Karuma Hydo Power Project.

Ssezibwa falls

The Ssezibwa falls are located in Mukono, vanilla growing district in Uganda. The water falls is 35km east of Kampala City. The waterfalls are on Ssezibwa River with a source in the wetlands between L Victoria and Lake Kyoga West of Buikwe District. From Buikwe the river flows northwards through Mukono into Lake Kyoga in Kayunga District. The water flows down the steep ridged stones for a height of about 7 meters. The flow of the water down the steep ridged stones results in a magnificent sound of soothing water. The waterfalls are most spiritual and cultures centers for the native who flock to site in hundreds for blessings in the form of wealth, love, children, business and fortunes. The site is also believed to have healing power. The blessing ceremonies are performed by a traditional healer around the site.

Kisiizi falls

It is in Rukungiri District on Kanyabaha River, Western Uganda. The falls are located about 65km from Kabale through Muhanga Trading Centre and 426km from Kampala City. The waterfalls drops 30-meter distance into a canyon. The falls provide Hydro- Electric Power to the Kisiizi Hospital. When travelling to the falls, you branch off at Muhanga Trading Centre on Kabale-Mbarara Highway. From here, you drive for 33km before reaching the falls.

Most powerful waterfalls in Uganda
Kisiizi falls

Rippon Falls

Rippon Falls are located on the northern end of the Lake Victoria along the Nile. The falls were believed to be the source of the Nile. The falls functioned as a natural outlet for Lake Victoria, until in 1954 when the Owen Falls Dam was completed resulting in extending Lake Victoria and submerging Rippon Falls.

Bujagali Falls

Commonly known as Budhagali falls by the Basoga in Jinja (the largest tribe in the area), this amazing beauty that brings out nature’s beauty in Uganda. It has a spectacular scenic spot with 1 kilometer of raging rapids, forested islands in the Nile and an abundance of bird life on River Nile. Rafting and kayaking is no longer allowed around the dam. They are located just a few kilometers from Jinja town and the Kampala- Highway.

Owen Falls

The falls were among the best waterfalls in the country for sight-seeing before they were submerged in 1954 when the Owen Falls Dam was completed and now they are heavy rapids on the White Nile that are located near Ripon Falls.