Lake Elementeita: Lake Elmenteita is a famous Soda lake of its own, located in the Great Rift Valley of about 120kilometer northwest of Nairobi –Kenya. However, the word Elmemteita derives from the Maasai word muteita which means dust place, that refers to the dryness and dustiness of the area that tends to happen between January and March. More so, the lake lies near the beautiful town of Gilgil. Furthermore, it is positioned in between Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru.

Currently, the lake was marked among the top tourist’s destination to visit in Kenya destination, all is because of abundance of notable bird species and has been named as an UNESCO Heritage site in the together   with Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria.

More so, at its southern end of the lake are the ‘’Kekopey’’ hot springs which attracts many visitors on visit here. There are reed beds which are nearby the fishing grounds for night herons and pelicans and other water species.

Lake Elmenteita
Lake Elmenteita

Historical Background of Lake Elementeita –Kenya Safari Destination

Historically, Lake Elmenteita at first had white settlements where Lord Delamere established Soyasambu in the year between 1879-1931, on an area covering over 190 square kilometers   on the western side of the lake. But later Delamere decided to give the land on the other side of the lake to his brother in low who was highly named as Galbraith Lowry Egerton Cole in 1881-1929. However, the part where Kekopey Ranch existed its where Galbraith was buried and today its where Lake Elmentaita Lodge put into existence. Fortunately, Soysambu ranch still exists and is occupied by Lord Delamere’s descendants who includes Thomas Cholmondeley who become instrumental organizer in setting up the Soysambu conservancy. Therefore, the conservancy covers half of the shoreline and renown as home to high concentration of wild animals over 12,000. This lake became a Ramsar site since 2005.

Attractions at the Lake Elmenteita


There are over 400 bird species recorded in the Lake Elmenteita basin /Lake Nakuru. Lake Elmenteita basins attracts visiting of variety of flamingoes both the greater and lesser which feed along the lake’s crustacean and insect larvae and along its suspended blue green algae respectively.

Bird species to spot here include; range- restricted Grey-crested Helmet-shrike, threatened, flamingos, Maccoa duck, Shining sunbird, Slender-billed greenbul, Rappel’s, Spikes, Cormorants, Kingfishers, Montane white –eye, Northern puff back, Pallid harrier, Pelicans, Red-capped lark, Rufous-throated wryneck ,Long-tailed widowbird ,Maccoa duck among others

There are also wild animals which can be seen grazing along lake’s shores such as zebras, gazelle, eland and families of warthog.

The lake is among Kenya’s top birding site though is less visited compared to Lake Nakuru National Park and Lake Naivasha, thus offers amazing great attraction that attracts guest to explore and a lot of experience to be engaged by the tourists.

Activities to do while at Lake Elmenteita;


 This is the major key activity done by the tourists at Lake Elementeita where you can visit and get excited to explore beautiful different bird species that make their life on and around the lake.

Lake Elmenteita
Lake Elmenteita

Bush dining

Nothing is special than you enjoying your dinner in the bush with well-organized table décor with candle lit dinner as you have great view of the lake waters glowing in the evening.

Hot air balloon

Nothing is more fun, you engaging into this rarely done activity that gives a rewarding view up in the sky of wild animals while roaming over the beautiful Elementeita waters for their thirst.


Those who love camping, visit Elmentaita lake combined with other Kenya wildlife safari destination in Kenya. Camping in African wilderness is more enjoyable as you experience the jungle under the sky in the busy plains as you enjoy fresh breathtaking of the surroundings, enjoy listening to sweet melodies of birds and if you’re lucky you can view zebras pass by close.

Nature walk

 You can choose to do guided nature walk through the woods and grasslands where you can enjoy different scenic views of the lake and the surroundings. Be able to view lots of bird species and animals.

Game drive

Game driving viewing can be done around the lake especially at the stunning Soysambu conservancy.

Quad biking

You can take a tour to its surrounding beautiful sites –place of visit like lake Nakuru National park and Hell’s gate national park.

Kikopey Hot springs

 Take a visit to this hot springs to experience how beautiful they are.

Lake Elmenteita
Kikopey Hot springs

Best Time; However, the best time to visit the lake is during dry seasons because it’s when road can be easy to navigate. Months like June to September and October to February.

Getting there; Getting to lake Elementeita by road while starting the traveling journey from Nairobi takes about 2:30 hours by drive.

By Air; You can fly from Nairobi Wilson Airport to one of the airstrips in Naivasha then after you will drive to Lake Elmentaita.