Kibale National Park Birding – Uganda Safari Destination

Kibale national park birding ; is the second done activity after chimpanzee tracking or habituation experience that travelers love to engage in most especially bird lovers and birding on the African continent you will come to discover different colorful bird species in their preserved natural habitat. Above all, Kibale national park is one the top listed safari destination to see variety of beautiful birds which can be encountered in two best viewing points such as Kibale rainforest and Bigodi Wetland sanctuary that lies inside the park. The park is positioned in western region of Uganda approximately 5 to 6 hours’ drive to access the main destination. Furthermore, Kibale National park was established in 1993 to protect different variety of wildlife species such as primates, birds, mammals among others, it is UNESCO heritage site and managed by ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority governing body in charge of all Uganda’s conservation areas, national parks and the reserves.

The park is  a great location for birders  because of being a paradise of birds with over 350 species of birds  ,of which 6 are endemic to the region .All these notable and unique species of birds  can be greatly viewed on the guided forest walk  with   a well acknowledged guide  who knowns guided information about bird life ,the guide will lead you through Kibale rain forest  where you will be able to encounter different species of birds and you just need to open your eyes wide so that you can encounter whatever you expected to see on your Uganda birding safari destination and the best way to do it not forgetting to carry the pair of binoculars. On your birding tour to Kibale national park your likely to come across forest primates who call kibale their home, such primates are Chimpanzees, monkeys thus renaming Kibale capital of primates.

Kibale National Park Birding
Kibale National Park Birding

Bird lovers on their tour to Kibale national park always remember to visit Bigodi Wetland sanctuary  located on the fringe of the park in  Magombe swamp .Bigodi wet land is famously knowns  a birding area for birders  who visit Uganda birding safaris .Bigodi is a home to over 138 species of birds  which can be seen during guided walks along the boardwalk trail and from the platforms the view is impressive and rewarding .While at Bigodi you will have chances of seeing the rare species such as White –winged warbler ,papyrus canary ,white collared olive back ,papyrus among others.

Kibale birding starts early in the morning at 7am at Kanyanchu Visitor center when the weather is still cool to see abundance of birds resting on trees with sweet melodies. On your birding tour always make sure to carry a guided book for birds and make your bookings in advance.

List of birds to encounter on birding tour in Kibale national park –best spotting areas on Uganda birding safari  ,birds to be spotted include; Grey-winged Robin-Chat ,Yellow-billed Barbet ,White spotted Fluff tail ,Scaly breasted Illadopsis ,African Grey parrot ,White-napped pigeon ,Ruwenzori apalis ,White breasted Negrofinch ,Superb sunbird ,Black and white shrike-flycatcher ,Brown backed shrub-robin ,Boscage’s Bush-Crowned Waxbill ,Brown Wattle –eye ,Red faced woodland warbler  ,Red-faced woodland warbler ,Brown-crown Tchagra ,Black Bishop ,Crowned Eagle ,Yellow spotted Nicator ,Green breasted pitta ,Blue-breasted kingfisher ,Little greenbul ,Yellow rumple tinker bird ,Abyssinian ground thrush ,Nahan’s francolin ,Masked apalis ,Afep pigeon ,Blue headed bee-eater ,Blue breasted king fisher ,Black bee-eater ,Dusky crimson wing ,Cassin’s spine tail ,Brown-chested alethe  among others

Best Time for Birding – Uganda Birding Safari – Kibale National park

The best birdlife encounter in Kibale is good all year around but the best spotting time starts from March to May and September to November. June to September becomes the most fruitful season, so food can be plenty and birds are in breeding plumage marking it the best rewarding time to see variety of birds. The migratory birds can be seen in the park from the month ‘’November to April’’.

Essentials to carry on your Kibale Birding Tours

Kibale National Park Birding
Kibale National Park Birding

They include;

The field guided book which will help you on birding travel

Pair of binoculars to help you have clear sightseeing notable birds from far distance.


Mineral water bottle

Water proof bag to safe guard your documents

Field bag and field clothing

Accommodations to stay on your Birding tour to Kibale

There are no worries where to sleep while on visit to Kibale Uganda Birding Tour because the park has got perfect lodges with good amenities featured with everything you expect to enjoy on your visit. Note, Kibale national park is a popular visited destination on Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking Safaris leave alone that it also boosts with comfortable overlooking accommodation facilities ranging between Luxury –Mid-range to Budget.

Some of the lodges include; Kyaninga lodge, Ndali Lodge, Primate safari lodge, Kibale Forest Camp, Chimp Nest, Kanyanchu River Camp, Nyinabulitwa Country Resort among others.

How can I reach Kibale National Park for Birding Tour-Activities?

Kibale national park can be reached by both air or by car,

By Car

Kibale can be easily accessed using tarmac road driving through Fort portal to Kanyanchu visitor’s Centre to access the main destination in less 5 to 6-hour drive.

By Air

You can book a domestic flight from Kajjansi Airstrip which is located 46 kilometers away from Kampala city, the flight lands you to Nyakisharara Airstrip in Mbarara or Kasese Airstrip which is75 kilometers away from town of Fort portal. You can use a charter or scheduled flight with Aero link Uganda and flies you within 45 minutes and then be picked up by the safari drive to drive you the park to get ready for next day activities.

Lastly on your birding tour to Uganda always make sure to add Kibale National Park on your bucket list because it is not only a safari destination for chimpanzee tracking but also a perfect place to encounter beautiful bird species which is worth it.