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Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale National Park : Chimpanzee tracking is an ultimate activity done in the protected nature forest and in Uganda can be done in several places but the best attractive chimpanzee tracking destination is renown as Kibale Forest National Park where you can meet up with our closest related cousins whom we share 98% of human genetic, once you allocate these apes an hour is given to the tourists to observe their amazing life style as well as photo shooting and video capturing.

Generally, Kibale Forest National park famously known as the top destination for chimpanzee tracking experience in the entire East Africa. Still the park sounds as the capital of primates with over 13 species with the main chimpanzees, black and white monkeys, red tailed monkeys, L ‘hoest monkey, colobus monkeys many more. The park lies on lowland covering 795square kilometers and stands 1,590 meter above sea level.  More so, Kibale has the lowest point of 1,100 meter on the floor of the Albertine Rift Valley to the south.

This national park is home of diversity of wildlife species of over 70 mammals ,1500 individual of chimpanzees ,351 tree species recorded in the park as well as a birding of paradise. Kibale’s varied altitude supports different of habitat in the area ranging from wet tropical forest on the Fort portal plateau to woodland and savanna on the rift valley floor.

Kibale Forest national park is also one of the Africa’s foremost research sites where researchers visits the park to do some research on the chimpanzee and other primates found in the park. Others do investigation on Kibale’s ecosystems, wild pigs and fish species among others.

Furthermore, the park contains one of the loveliest and most varied tracts of tropical forest in Uganda. Therefore, forests are covered with patches of grassland and swamp, dominates the northern and central part of the Kibale national park on the elevated plateau.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale National Park
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale

Kibale national park is one of Uganda’s most rewarding destinations to adventure on safari to the pearl of Africa. Since the park lies near to the tranquil Ndali- Kasenda crate area and within half a day’s drive of the queen Elizabeth, Rwenzori Mountains and Semuliki National park plus the Toro- Semliki Wildlife Reserve. Moreover, the park is the most popular for primate walk experience. Kanyanchu primates walk, over 13 species can be sought and a good variety of diurnal monkeys invariably encountered which can be seen twice a day. It’s most popular activity is Kanyanchu Primate Walk. Primate tracking /Kanyanchu chimpanzee tracking have been tracked since 1993 and the chances of seeing them are highly perfect. Tracking begins early at 8:00am and tourists will meet the guide who knows the forest trail head to lead you to Chimpanzees, although the tracking time is unpredictable which can take an average of the three hours depending on where last see the day before. Once the you allocate them an hour is given to the trackers to observe them as you learn from their stunning life style as well as enjoying photography and videos.

The chimpanzee tracking /primate walk provides an opportunity to watch chimpanzees in their natural habitat. The kanyanchu’s gorilla families can be used to human presence. Others have been observed for over 25 years and chance of seeing them is over 90%, walks leave Kanyanchu Visitor Centre at 8:00 till 14:00pm and lasts between 30 to 6 hours. Tourists will have to wake up take breakfast, then after you be dropped to the park head quarter to allow for registration and briefing is recommended.  The chimpanzee tracking time is limited to one hour with a limited group of six visitors, participate   must be aged 16 years old. It is advisable to book your tracking permit in advance especially in the months from June to September and December to February when rain is less and tracking trails are dry.

Chimpanzees Trekking –Tracking /Rules and Regulation to Follow –Facts

There is a distance of about 8 meter which is so important between you and the chimps.

Sick visitors are not allowed in the park, diseases like flu, diarrhea, covid-19 among others because chimpanzees can easily be transmitted with human diseases since we share a close DNA.

You shouldn’t provoke our chimpanzees, need freedom.

Flash photography are not allowed in the park

The limited age of tracking chimpanzee is 15 years old and above.

Chimpanzee live in groups of 10 -100 individuals.

They become   independent at the age of 4 years   and can be aggressive and unsociable mainly if disturbed

Chimpanzee’s life is at 40 years while those in the captivity live up to 60 years.

The average weight of an adult chimps ‘’male’’ chimpanzees is between 35 and 70 kilograms with a height of estimating 3metere while tan adult female chimpanzees weight between 26 and 50 kilograms and a height between 2 and 4 feet.

What to carry along;

Always carry comfortable shoes for hiking, worm clothes, waterproof bag, enough mineral water bottle, long sleeved shirt and trousers, jackets, hat, pair of binocular, insect repellent among others.

Start planning now, a visit to Uganda primate’s safari destination to engage in such remarkable and memorable Chimpanzee Tracking activity, besides that, you being part of Chimpanzee tracking trekking, you directly supporting to the conservation efforts.