Best Time to Visit Mombasa : Mombasa as the second largest Kenya’s city, can be visited throughout the year based on the ideal climate conditions, costs of travel and avoiding peak holiday periods and the best time to go starts from June to October

During summer time, the temperature in Mombasa can rise up to 33 degrees Celsius 91 F. In the winter months can get down to as low as 22 degrees Celsius ‘’71F’’ at night.

The sun stays up the longest in Mombasa in the month of November and if you are tending to visit the city during this period of the year, you’re able to enjoy your day time activities without disappointment of heavy rain which may lead to disruption of trip.

In Mombasa, the wet season fall usually falls around May and if you prefer visiting in dryer weather, you should look to visit in June to October.

Travelers who enjoy scuba divers and snorkels or exploring the marine life here, the best time starts from October to March. Although, sometime weather changes that can make the prediction more challenging, other word you should check the local forecast before planning your seaside activities.

When you choose to visit Mombasa in wet season as its main attraction are the beach and during wet season, beach accommodations in Mombasa reduces their prices, during the long and short rain period of April through Mid-June and November to Mid –December. Then from January to February and July through October are the busiest seasons for the solo travelers, couples and family guests from Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Tour Mombasa attractions –Things to do on visit to Mombasa Kenya Tours

Haller Park

This is a great place to visit and adventure into beautiful nature as you come around animals. On visit here, you can be rewarded with the bustling city of Mombasa.

Best Time to Visit Mombasa
Haller Park

Visit the Mombasa Beaches

Mombasa is famous for its beautiful beach resorts and its historical significances thus making it the most sounding tourist destination in Kenya.

Visit Nyali Beach

This is a beautiful place to visit as a family or as individuals and be able to enjoy clean area with white sands, serene and also have great community vibes. The place can be easily accessed by tuktuk or by cab, Best Time to Visit Mombasa

Mombasa Marine National Park

This is an ultimate safari destination where you can visit and be a part of gorgeous activities in life such as snorkeling in the Indian Ocean and feeding the fish around is more exciting. Expert guides are available to knowledgeable you about the sea life and gives you more explanations about the myriad of animals that live on the reef. Guess what, it is also more fun to walk on the reef which extends the length of the Kenyan Coast as well as playing over the stones to find sea cucumbers, starfish and among others.

Visit Mamba Village Centre

Along visit here, you will be able to observe one of the world’s most sought predators as you get close view range of crocodiles in the Crocodile farm.

Visit Bamburi Beach

Visit the place for fun and get to enjoy beautiful scenery as well as enjoying swimming, have taste food from the best restaurant in Mombasa

Fort Jesus Tour

This is the most famous tourist attraction in Mombasa destination, located on the coastline near the old Town. Fort Jesus is a monumental piece of architecture that was built in the 16the century by the Portuguese. On visit, you will be able tour various artifacts from the era where Mombasa served as a transit point for the slave trade and the vibe for the communities.

Best Time to Visit Mombasa
Fort Jesus

They includes; Visiting Mombasa Island –Beaches ,Fort Jesus ,Old town area ,Dhow dinner cruise ,Fishing to snorkeling ,Diving at Kisite ,Haller parks ,Cultural site  and Mombasa Marine Parks .

Tour to Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is a UNESCO World heritage site which was built  in the year between 1593 and 1596 by the Portuguese .But by the 16th Century involved in the Portuguese ,Arabs ,British and the local population.

What to Pack on Kenya –Mombasa Kenya Safari

Useful items to pack with you on safari to Mombasa tours are the shirts and shorts, hat, open shoes ,snickers ,sunglasses ,beach wear ,insect repellent .