Aberdares Waterfalls /waterfall in Aberdares; Aberdare National park is famously known for its impressive peaks, Moorlands and intriguing falls as well as home to variety of species such as black rhinos, elephants, black and white colobus monkeys, warthogs, bushbucks, buffalos many more. Other rare species to see in the park includes Giant forest hog, bongo, golden cat, African wild cat, serval cat, African wild cat, blue duikers, African civet cat among others. However, tourists can indulge in picnics, trout fishing in the rivers and camping in the moorlands. Bard watching here gainful birds to see include; White headed wood-hoopoe, Moorland francolin, Chested bee-eater, Golden winged sunbird, African goshawk, Bar-tailed trogon, Hunter’s cist cola, Tacazze sunbird among others. Moreover, the park lies in the east of the east African rift valley, covering an area of about 767square kilometers and its under caretaker of Kenya Wildlife Service. The park’s scenery is quite impressive with its mountainous range covered in thick tropical forest swathed in mist.

Despite the fact that, Aberdares National Park is home to big five that is elephants, lions, buffalos, leopards and rhinos and it’s known as Kenya’s second largest population of endangered black rhinos.

  Below are number of waterfalls to explore in Aberdares National Park as follows; Karuru waterfall, chain waterfall, Kereita cave and waterfall, Thomson’s falls, Gura waterfalls, Mgura waterfalls and Queen’s cave, chain waterfalls.

Karuru waterfalls in Aberdare national park

Karuru waterfalls in Aberdare national park is a unique area with wondrous views. This waterfalls is known as the highest and tallest in Kenya that plunges 273 meters below the viewing point.

Aberdares Waterfalls
Karuru waterfalls

The falls in Nyandarua county also makes it  one of the unique in the county ,  that sits in the central moorlands ,attracting the sights of visitors who visit the park . The Aberdares mountain range inhabits over 67 highland species of birds ,some of bird species include  shoepac’s long claw ,Aberdare cistcola ,Abbott’s starling ,Jackson’s widowbird ,aye’s hawk-eagle ,African green ibis among others.

This fall is surrounded by various stunning peaks such as OI donyo lesatima measures ‘’4,0001 meter’’, Kinangop ‘’3,906 meter’’, Elephants hill ‘’3,906 meter’’ , Chebuswi hill raises ‘’3,364 meter and Twin’s hill ‘’3,300 meter  .They all give spectacular view to adventurous climbers and provides a wonderful opportunity  for those  yearning to experience the beauty of Mount Kenya tourism circuit .The visit done to Aberdares tourists attraction is worth a visit on African Continent.  Visiting Karuru waterfalls is done at a small fee.

Thomson’s waterfall –Nyahururu in Aberdare national park

However, Thomson falls lies in the town of Nyahururu in Laikipia country of Kenya and it is administered by the laikipia country government. Furthermore, it was discovered by Joseph Thomson who was the first to access the falls in 1883 and named them after his father.

Thomson’s fall measures 74 meters a waterfall which is found on the Ewaso ngiro river in the central rift valley Kenya, located few kilometers from Lake Ol bolossat which drains from the Aberdare range –positioned 3 kilometers away from the town of Nyuhururu at 2,360 meters’ elevation.

This falls   offers a great view right from the top as you try to move down the ravine. Upstream from the Thomson’s fall is one of the biggest hippo pools in the east Africa. Just know the site is breathing taking and good for people who want to go unwind after attiring week.

The best to experience this waterfall from its top to bottom, visit it during the long rainy season when the Esawo ngiro river is full.

 Kereita cave and waterfall in

Karuru waterfalls in Aberdares National Park Kenya. Visiting the park always take a visit to Kereita cave and waterfall its attraction is astonishing.

There is also a forest that lies to the south of the Aberdares range and features many natural attractions where you can do hiking from and the hiking trails leads you to Keireita waterfalls on Gatamaiyu River and the neighboring cave that is sheltered to  a small bat colony.

There is the most stunning trail head that goes through the elephant pool, huge natural reservoir that elephants love to drink and relax in, you will still enjoy the bamboo walk and view various primates, black and white Columbus monkeys. To make your tour more exciting would recommend you to always consider visiting during the dry season.

Chain waterfalls in Aberdare national park

This falls also gives a rewardable view of scenic nature around, located in the southeastern moorland of the park. The Chain waterfalls is smaller when compared to others like gura and Karuru falls. Even you can view it right from your vehicle or take a short hike to reach there.

Aberdares Waterfalls
Chain waterfalls in Aberdare national park

Around this falls you can do bird watching, game viewing, trekking among others. The trails around is very steep and there is makeshift staircase, helps to climb up and down to the falls.

Magura waterfalls and Queen Cave in Aberdare national park

This is one of the various waterfalls found in Aberdare national park, with queen’s cave that lies at the bottom and the view from all sides is rewarding. This caves were said to be hiding palace during the Mau Mau wars.

Gura waterfalls in Aberdares national park

Gura waterfalls lies opposite side of the same gorge as Karuru falls but with a shorter drop. They are located from the moorlands of the park, providing impenetrable ravine at the bottom before you connect from Karuru falls.

Aberdares Waterfalls
Aberdares Waterfalls

Where to stay on visit to Aberdare National Park?

Aberdare National Park offers a wide range of comfortable accommodation unit ranging from Mid-range, Luxury and Budget hotels or lodges. All furnished with good amenities   and are affordable to every visitor who wish to stay in the park. Some of lodges include; Ark lodge, Annes place, Honeymoon hut, Merinja guest house, Aloe park art hotel and among others.

Getting there;

The park can be accessed by both road and air transport.

By road; Travelers can use Nyahuru road while passing through Nyeri town in order to access the park headquarter only 15 kilometers.

The easiest way for safari reservation to Kenya National Park, you need to carry your personnel identifications like valid passport and Visas.

Other activities to wildlife viewing and birding, visit Aberdare national park where you can be able to explore wildlife species such as wild cats, duiker, bushbucks, spotted hyenas, common zebras, reed duck, rare bongo, giant forest hog and beautiful bird life species can also be viewed.