Things to Do & See in Aberdare National Park –Kenya

Things to Do & See in Aberdare National Park : Aberdare national park is an exceptional location for travelers who prefer to do outdoors and wild activities. The park sits in both lower and higher altitude rising to 14,000 meter above the sea level, on area covering 766 square kilometers that also enlarges to Aberdare mountain range. Aberdare was established in 1950 as a national park to protect huge number of wildlife species and was listed on UNESCO heritage site. Besides that, it’s a watery area that supplies water to Kenya’s River Tana and Athi as part of central Rift valley and Northern drainage basin.

Aberdare national park offers several remarkable distinct tourists attractions that leaves your mind back on the next visits, is just quite awesome safari destination to go to.

Things to Do & See in Aberdare National Park
Things to Do & See in Aberdare National Park

Below are the fun things to do and see in Aberdare National Park on your safari as highlighted;

Game Drive Viewing

The park houses a diversity of wild mammal species which will be explored on wildlife  safari to Aberdare national park .There are three sessions carried out on game drive ,the morning game drive starts at 6:30am to 10:30 am best time to see huge number of wild animals within the park because morning hours animals are seen coming out from their hide out ,though others can be returning back  ,evening game drive starts at 2pm to 6pm its rewardable to view lots of animals gathering on water banks quenching for thirsty and best time to see them grazing .Night game drive starts at 6:30 to 7:30pm a right time to opt for nocturnal animals such as bush babies ,leopards and lion hunting. Along your amazing game drive in Aberdare, a traveler will be able to spot large mammal species such as Cape buffaloes, African elephants, Mountain reedbuck, eland, Wild dogs, leopards, Side stripped jackals many more.

Bird Watching

Aberdare national park is also a good location for birders, hosting more than 290 bird species which are best spotted in months of May to June and migratory birds in November to February. On your safari here, you will be able to sight see variety of beautiful bird species such as Mountain buzzard, Rufous breasted sparrow hawks, Jackson’s francolin, Ayre’s hawk among others.

Things to Do & See in Aberdare National Park
Bird watching in Aberdare


Travelers who prefers sweet mind time through relaxing with a story to tell rest try to engage in this experience on your safari to Aberdare. It is quite interesting experience as you enjoy it with your cocktail drink while having panoramic view of the Aberdare range, Mount Kenya, and attractive hills around.

Horseback Riding

This is not a commonly done activity on safari destination but to those who are opting for it. You can choose to do in Aberdare just know it’s a rewardable activity as you ride through a beautiful landscape teeming with range of animals and best experience with the nature lovers, it’s just a perfect adventure here while on a Kenya Safari.

Bush breakfast experience

This is a perfectly done activity mostly to nature lovers and those seeking for personal experience with the nature. You will be served by the professional chefs who can decorate your dining table in the wilderness with mouthwatering juice, quite tantalizing.

Gold Experience

It’s a gorgeous play experience within the Game sanctuary, raising a 9-hole Golf course and to those who are lovers is awesome activity during your comfortable stay to Aberdare. An activity done two in one, as you experience it at the same time attracted with wildlife species that roam around the course looking for food, so wonderful and memorable life time experience.

Chimpanzee Tracking

To those who primate’s lovers during your visit to Aberdare, you can combine doing Chimpanzee tracking at Ol Pajeta Conservancy in Nanyuki which lasts 1 to 2 hours’ drive to access there. Chimpanzee tracking is a unique activity as you get a memorable time to spend with this great apes, learn from their amazing behaviors, on how they play, feed, groom themselves and younger ones as well as taking photos, just know it can be an interesting time, you meeting up with closely related cousins that share 98% DNA to humans. It can be done in the morning and afternoon time the choice is yours.

Things to Do & See in Aberdare National Park
Chimpanzee tracking at Ol Pajeta Conservancy

Apart from the above listed activities, you can also opt to do one of these activities in Aberdare national park such as Tennis, Solis Game Reserve, Aberdare Game Sanctuary among others.

What to carry on your Safari to Aberdare national park?

They include; Enough mineral water bottle, hiking shoes, guided book, Sun glasses, picnic and binoculars.

Best time to visit Aberdare National Park

Aberdare national park is one of Kenya’s safari destination which can be visited yearly, though the lucky time is during drier months, June to September and December to February when the park in and out bounds are not slippery and easy to access the main destination.

Where to stay

The park has got classic accommodations and above all, it has got Art Tree Lodge that attracts many who visits the park because if offers comfortable amenities, touched with unique en-suite rooms and the surrounding area is rewarding. Still there are other lodges you can book for your nice stay such as Tusk Camp band, Aberdare Cottages, Fishing lodge among others.

Visit the heart of Africa on your next visit to Aberdare national park have a chance to adventure in a bucket of activities such as nocturnal wildlife viewing, trout fishing, Viewing of impressive Lesatima, Elephant hills and Table Mountains, worth more adventuring with wildlife, beautiful forests, mountain and scenic landscape.