1 Day Kampala City Tour : Kampala is situated in southern part of the country Uganda (the pearl of Africa) It is the capital and largest city of Uganda in  the heartland of Buganda Kingdom .it is the district of its own and occupied by series of hills covered with tilled villas and surrounded by trees bordering Lake Victoria on its north (Africa’s largest lake). It covers the total area of 189 km squared.–Kampala has a large population of 1, 680,000 people and it is divided into five political divisions and the majority are Bantu origin (baganda), Luganda Is the main local language in kampala district.  Kampala has more different accommodation; Budget, midrange and luxury accommodation that meets guests choice . There are many attractions in kampala city  which include; visiting  Nakasero  market, kasubi tombs, Bahai temple, independence monument ,  Islands in Lake Victoria, Lake Victoria beaches, NAGURU hill Etc and  activities to do while in kampala include; White water rafting at River Nile since it’s the best place in Uganda for such activity, sport fishing at lake Victoria,  Bungee jumping ,Quad biking in the local communities, zip lining in Busika, community walks in local village,  Horseback riding, jet boating and many activities

On This Day 1 tour of Kampala city ; you will have a glimpse at the political, social and economic background of the Uganda as a country and how these blend with the current life .Make sure that you do not miss out on the traditional food and other fast foods like the rolex! Day I city tour includes the following;

The Gadafi mosque; The mosque is located at the hill in the Old Kampala areas overlooking Kampala city center offering the stunning view of the  city . It’s the largest mosque and one of the interesting attraction sitting on the 2 acres of landscape.

The kasubi royal tombs; The Tombs are the burial grounds for the kabaka (Kings) of Buganda and Other members of the Buganda royal family. Its located 5 minutes away from the city on the Kasubi Hill occupying 27 acres of landscape. This site remains of great Importance in spiritual and political way to Ganda people .

Bahai temple ; It is located in one of the suburbs of Kampala city Kikaya hill surrounded by the beautiful gardens, trees . Bahai Temple represents faith Its one of the eight continental worshiping houses. Its in the convenient peaceful place that Feels spiritual and Perfect for bird watching /birding since it has nice spots of birds. Its open for everyone including the people of different faith.

Lubiri (Kabaka’s palace mengo); This is located in Mengo surbub of kampala ,Its a royal compound of Kabaka (King) of Buganda .Its the official home of Buganda Kings (Royal family). Its on 260 acres of landscape with Historical artifacts, gardens and Torture chambers making it a grand palace. You meet a local guide who teach you about several cultural norms, kings and Buganda kingdom .

Local Markets ; Local markets serves the community in different ways . This where people earn a living , Creating social space and many more; Kampala has different market that includes; Nakasero market on the hill of Nakasero for Fresh farm goods and electronics , Owino Market popular for second hand clothes  , Nakawa Market , Kajja market  Etc. Both Owino and Nakasero are in the central business district.

Ndere cultural center. After Exploring Uganda, spend you evening at Ndere Cultural business center for Cultural dances from best traditional dance groups, art exhibits and restaurants. Ndere is perfect on Sundays, Fridays and Wednesday’s. Uganda is blessed with diverse people with different cultures and different traditional dances.

Day one city tour offers the above interesting activities.

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