Kasubi Tombs is a very significant spiritual spot to Buganda Kingdom. The Kabakas (Kings of Buganda Kingdom) are an omen of power and leadership to the Kingdom of Buganda. Being the burial grounds of the four Kings who ruled Buganda Kingdom, several Ganda rituals are still carried out by Kabaka and other cultural leaders of Buganda Kingdom at Kasubi Tombs. Its a great place to see culture in Uganda.

Kasubi Tombs

Muteesa I was the first Kabaka to be laid at Kasubi Tombs. He holds the 35th slot in the list of Kings who have ruled Buganda Kingdom before. As per history, It was always a tradition for Buganda Kings to build their palaces on hills for easy command and dominance which helped them gain extreme control over the main trails to the palace, besides making it easy for them to break free in scenarios of seizure or an uprising.

Upon the death of the Kabakas, it was by historical convention to lay down each king at distinct grounds and to inaugurate a regal sanctum to keep his jawbone, a body part that was believed to carry their spirits at a separate spot. These sanctums are claimed to have been inaugurated by several followers of the kings, the close circle around them and a spiritual channel that the laid down kings used to maintain communication with their successors. Up to today, these sanctums are still kept in good shape because of the significant values they hold.

The Kasubi Tombs was added on the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List in the year 2001.

Kasubi Tombs is situated on Kasubi Hill, approximately 6km away from the city of Kampala along the Kampala – Hoima highway. The easiest way to access Kasubi Tombs is by routing through Makerere University then proceed through a place called Nakulabye before you connect to Hoima Road right after the Nakulabye roundabout. The entrance to the cultural site is speckled by a thatched hut. The journey should take you less that 20 minutes from Kampala city square depending on the traffic jam along the routes.

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