The Wednesday evening cultural performance at Ndere Troupe Cultural Center is simply awesome compared to the rest of the days. Ndere Troupe Cultural Center owns an amphitheater that it uses for all it’s performances. A tour to the cultural center will get you nothing less than assuring you an evening filled with exceptional traditional entertainment that dates way back in the years.

Ndere troupe

Ndere Troupe Cultural Center is one of the best traditional dance sites in the whole of Uganda and has always been. Amazing traditional female dancers clothed in cultural attire are set for salutation of various guests by serving them snacks and drinks before transferring them to the amphitheater.

The troupe of Ndere Troupe Cultural Center come a long way. Previously, they held free performances in various schools which appeared to be one of their marketing stunts and it wasn’t long before the brand started receiving more attention and recognition in Uganda plus a few neighboring countries.

The stock of plays, dances and pieces that the troupe of Ndere Troupe Cultural Center knew and was prepared to perform was since extended. The situation started favoring Ndere troupe in the early days of 1990, Ndere troupe troupe earned more recognition and their performances gathered more visitors than before.

This was more of a turning point for the Ndere Troupe because it earned then their first invitation to Europe for the first time in the history of their existence. A renowned Dutchman requested the troupe to flee for performances that took place in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. Among their great performances was one that was held at the prominent Festival Mundial in Tilburg.

Some of the repercussions of the arranged Europe-performance was earning more respect for the country. This portrayed Uganda as a country that is very rich in culture and it wasn’t long before Ndere troupe started receiving all sorts of support with one from the president himself (President Museveni) gave rise to the current famous Uganda cultural site, Ndere Troupe Cultural Center.

Ndere troupe

The confidential of Ndere’s achievements might be precise but influential. For the past decades, their concept has always circled around bringing people together, delighting viewers while communicating a message through music and various omens. Ndere Troupe Cultural Center is located in Ntinda, about 10 – 20 minutes away from the main town of Kampala city.

While on a Uganda safari with us, we usually arrange visits to the cultural center on the last day of your trip in case you are not departing the same day. Book Uganda safari holidays with us today and be part of the exceptional and amazing experience of cultural performances at the cultural center. Local cuisines are also available on board in case you want to taste some of the local foods that feed Ugandans.