Why Visit Uganda Next Safari-Wildlife & Culture

Why Visit Uganda Next Safari-Wildlife & Culture : Uganda is an African land locked country friendly and welcoming, with untethered natural wonders, tasty food, warm climate and the weather is wonderfully tropical. In fact, Uganda is the friendliest East African nation with rich diversity on scenic landscapes that deserves to make your splendid Africa travel bucket list.

After this global crisis ‘’COVID-19’’that is causing pandemic lock-down to the country, as soon as it becomes to end or even still going on, its high time people to start their planning to explore open spaces and get away from noisy and overcrowded city’s to relax their mind. Vast savannah plains and forests, stunning nature and wildlife, beautiful cities and excusive safari lodges all these are waiting here for you. Visit Uganda for more than just the great mountain gorillas in their rainforest jungle. Uganda is a perfect single destination just worth a place to visit.

Despite the fact, Uganda is a highlight choice for an Africa Uganda Safari Vacation, with the most gorgeous nature landscapes, mountain backdrops, rich in wildlife species, the myriad cultures and people among others. Below are the top reasons as to why you should visit or choose Uganda next visit;

The Mountain Gorilla –Jungle Experience

What quite unforgettable experience isn’t challenging on a visit to Uganda. Trekking the mountain gorillas is one of those memorable experience you shouldn’t miss to be part of it in the remote destination of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

The mountain gorilla trekking involves in hiking through one of the Africa’s oldest rainforests, accompanied among the trekking trails in search for the remaining mountain gorillas, in total of 1064 and half of the remaining gorillas are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

The gorillas have become another adventure in itself, showcasing the beauty of Uganda’s destination. And seeing one of these gentle giants would be a once in a lifetime memory. Along your visit to Uganda, we recommend you take the 10-hour drive from Entebbe to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and experience the untouched natural Uganda countryside.

Why Visit Uganda Next Safari-Wildlife & Culture
Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi National Park

The Uganda trekking permit for the great mountain gorillas is reasonably costs at USD700 compared to our neighboring Rwanda it goes at USD1,500 per person per trek and there still more great experience on a visit to Uganda trip like Lion tracking and other incredible opportunity.

Gorilla permits can be purchased direct from Uganda Wildlife Authority a body responsible for all Uganda’s park entrance fees and permits to all travelers. The non-residents currently costs USD600 per person per trek.

Lion tracking in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park

It’s absolutely amazing to explore the most imposing African carnivore and the most sought after member of the Africa Big 5 mammals. Here comes a rare tree climbing lions –African lion the most sociable of the large cats, living in structured prides of typically five to more than 15 animals.

Lions are the special significance in most countries on the continent. In Uganda, they sound as the kings of the beasts and are the popular symbols of royalty and bravery. Meet this unique king of the savanna jungle on a lion-tracking experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Lion tracking is truly a terrific way to explore lions in their habitat and learn from professional researcher. This activity gives you a close view and personal insight into the unique behaviors of these fabulous cats.

This fabulous activity is only done in Queen Elizabeth National Park, strictly carried out in small groups of tourists who are permitted at one time to make the experience accurately.

The Golden Savanna-Plain of pain Upe Reserve

Uganda is full of amazing attractions which can be explored on your next safari to here and be able to marvel at the vast golden savanna plains and the wildlife that brings out a real picture in one of Uganda’s largest game reserve. Pian Upe is renown as the second largest protected conservation area in Uganda, that lies in remote areas of Karamoja sub-region-northern part of Uganda.

Indeed, the reserve acts as an attraction to number of visitors who visits northern Uganda, it was designed of mixed acacia commipphara savanna that is essentially Uganda’s extension of an eastern savanna, enlarging toward the northern Kenya and the Amboseli-Tsavo-mkomazi complex of reserve on the border between Kenya and Tanzania. The reserve provides an isolated range of spectacularly tortured turrets and it has bleak volcanic plugs that measures to an altitude of 3068meter on the reserve’s eastern boundary.

Plain of pain Upe reserve is a less crowned savannah experience, with pristine habitat of unique wildlife including Cheetahs, Roan Antelope, greater Kudu, eland and a rare bird species like Ostriches.

The best time to visit Pian Upe for wildlife viewing starts January to March, because the majority of plant life is dry and dead. During this period number of animals will be seen gathering around the main water sources in the reserve thus a rewardable viewing time for animal’s life.

Why Visit Uganda Next Safari-Wildlife & Culture
Ostricthes in pain Upe reserve

This reserve is not only for excellent for conserving but also viewing wildlife. More so, around the reserve, you get a unique chance of enjoying guided nature walks and mountain climbing as well as bird watching.

The Culture and People of Uganda

Like other African countries, Uganda is gifted and blessed with myriad indigenous cultures that are still exists away from the modern western cultures. Visit Uganda next and be part of some of the undiscovered cultures in Africa, right from the food, entertainment, spiritual practices, language and clothing. And some of the most sought after Uganda cultures are found in the central region, the Karamoja region in north and famous western Uganda region.

The central region where the Uganda ‘s capital is found, where you can meet different Uganda cultures, on visit here never leave the city without reaching the Ndere Cultural Site really awesome place to enjoy Uganda’s most exciting culture entertainment. Visit the local market with very kind of vegetables, tour the city streets, the back road and at night you can enjoy the nightlife. The capital city vibrates with many exciting culture that leaves you yearning to explore Uganda on the next Uganda Safari Tour.

Game Drives –African Savannah

Uganda wonders with vast savanna plains fade into the rainforest areas and the mountain ranges creating a dreamy natural inhabitant, thus making Uganda the hallmark destination for a private wildlife game safari.

There are over four wildlife game reserve across Uganda and several incredible national parks managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority, offering unforgettable African Safari Adventure. Visit Uganda next and take a ride on a game drive in the vast savanna plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo and Kidepo Valley National Park, where you will be able to watch large wild game roaming the plains.

On Uganda safari game drive, you will boost with all the ‘’Big Five’’ in their protective national parks such as; African Elephant, Lion, African Buffalo and Rhinoceros and many other African endemic species both big and small. So then, the savannah parks are dotted with some unique and exclusive safari camps and lodges with trained staffs who caters for your nice safari stay.

Uganda is also a great location with hoven of birds over 1000 species are recorded making it an awesome place for bird enthusiasts.

All travelers that are planning to visit Uganda next travel, you acquired to get into contact with local tour operator who can help you to reserve for you the best accommodation, plan your meals, transportation, process your permits. And the time is now to start planning your visit to Uganda on your next trip.