What You Should Know When travelling with Children in Uganda : Although viewing wild animals is one of the sources of endless interest and desire to many holidaymakers, getting a family holiday can be rather incredible especially in a destination such as Uganda, which is the pearl of Africa since there are so many rewarding wildlife, adventure and cultural encounters you will explore while during our Uganda Safari

Uganda Family Safaris comprise of the happy memories however, half of this happiness is a result of anticipation. While on a Uganda safari, managing expectations and building excitement is an important element for families.  To the children, it will present to them challenges of the hot weather, giant scary African elephants as they keep memory of what they see whether big or small. Prepare your kids for what may turn out to be an emotional encounter such as lions hunting down kobs while in game drives. Below is what you should know when travelling with children in uganda.

What children should not miss on a Uganda safari

It is advisable to prepare some sort of checklists for the kids listing the different wild animals and tourist site they will see during your safari in Uganda. The Uganda savannah national park offer a variety of animal that children can enjoy such as the buffaloes, elephants, Uganda bobs, bushbucks, lions, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, monkeys. The Murchison falls and different birds. Uganda prides in one of the richest Eco-systems in Africa so during your visit you will be able to explore its different wildlife habitats the game drives will be unrushed to enable the kids to enjoy the gifts of Mother nature to Uganda.

A city tour in Kampala is also an added activity that they will give them a great opportunity to visit some of the historical and cultural places within the capital city. During the city tour, you will also visit the different markets selling fresh fruits and vegetables.

What You Should Know When travelling with Children in Uganda
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Choosing the Accommodation Facilities

Uganda is the best place to enjoy true comfortable in our nice accommodation facilities but at the same time take pleasure in the various adventurous activities for a happy vacation. The majority of Uganda’s accommodation is located inside the parks or just outside them within the wilderness and great to note is most of them have elevated platforms on which you can have spectacular views of the wildlife. Accommodation is a very important component of your safari so it is always important that you pay special attention when making you choice by preferably choosing facilities located in areas where the kids will easily familiarize with.

What to Pack for the Kids

Although Uganda experiences a generally warm tropical climate, the evenings and early morning are normally cold, so as you make you pack-list, include shorts, t-shirts and sandals for the warm day-time and then long sleeved shirts, trousers, cotton overalls stockings, head-gears, cotton gloves for the cold nights especially when staying in the parks.

Which Foods the kids will eat?

Fortunately, Uganda prides in a greatly varied food basket that also includes various fresh fruits and vegetables; so your children will definitely have something to eat. However, in case your child has any food allergies, please inform us prior to your arrival in Uganda, so that we can notify the different hotels and lodges in time to enable them prepare adequately.

God health is Paramount

Similar to any person going to travel, it is very important that you take the kids to a physician for proper medical check-up. For those that have any medication they are taking, please do not forget to carry them. In addition, in case any of them has any medical condition that requires special attention during your stay in Uganda, please notify us as well