What Is The Third Largest National Park In Uganda? Semuliki National park is ranked as the third largest national park in the country, which spans over a total surface area of about 2,200 square kilometers. This national park is located in the western region of Uganda between districts of Bundibugyo and Ntoroko. Semuliki national park was officially established as a national park during in the 1993 and it derived its name from the Semliki River which is a stunning waterbody that flows through the park and tis river is considered to be one of the main physical features found within the park that serve a lifeline for the most rich biodiversity that is found around the boundaries of the park.

Semuliki National park is good adventurous destination to travel to while on your safari in Uganda because it is famously known because of its diverse ecosystem, breathtaking landscapes and it is characterized by its good natural habitats such as; tropical rainforests, wetlands, volcanic hot springs, savannah grasslands, green lush rainforests, hot springs  which all act as good natural habitats to abundant birdlife and wildlife species for example; while touring around this national park tourists will be able to spot animal species like chimpanzees and many others. more so, Semuliki national park is also commonly visited because of its unique hot springs which were formed due to result of the Volcanic activities that happened in the area and the most popular hot springs within the park are the male hot springs named “Bintente” and the female springs which are known as “Nyasimbi”. These springs always attract the attention of many people and visiting there blesses individuals to enjoy the therapeutic moment of the beauty and sound of the rich waters among others.

What Is The Third Largest National Park In Uganda?
Sempaya hot springs

Semuliki national park is always a must visit destination more especially for those individuals seeking to have an immersive wildlife experience while on a safari in the country because exploring within different areas around this national park gives you opportunities to see some wildlife species due to the fact that it is a home to over 53 mammal species which include; crocodiles, forest elephants, waterbucks, leopards, hippos, warthogs, Uganda Kob, bush babies, buffalos and other primate species such as; the black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys and many others. In addition, apart from the wildlife, Semuliki National Park is seen as a haven for bird enthusiasts because it harbours around 410 bird species that area always around the park hence making it a paradise for bird lovers. Therefore, here are so of the notable bird species that are found within the park such as; the African grey parot, the rare shoebill stork, the great blue turaco, Ross’s turaco, the red billed dwarf hornbill, the white crested hornbill, yellow throated nicator, pipping hornbill among others. In addition, these bird species are best spotted from areas like; around Kirumia River, Lake Albert, and Ntandi and within the Sempaya hot springs. Bird lovers are also encouraged that their best time to visit within the park is during the dry season which is always between months of June to August and from Mid-December to January however, they can also come through during the rainy season because it is also well known to be the perfect time for the bleeding of the birds and also when birds migrate from one area to another hence giving individuals opportunities to sight see these bird species in large numbers.

Tourism in Semiliki National park is relatively low compared to the other national parks found within the country  but touring around this national park can also grant one a good experience whereby they get chances to participate in several activities where they learn new things and create remarkable memories and some of these things include; hiking where tourists can opt to hike to the top of the Sempaya hot springs as they go through palm forest , bird watching, wildlife viewing, Game drives which are usually conducted in different sessions for example; in the morning, afternoon and in the evening hence giving a chance to guests to choose want time they would prefer and during these drives they always get to overlook at species like; leopards, waterbucks, hippos, warthogs and elephants among others. more so, tourists can choose to embark on guided nature walks where they are always accompanied by park guides whose role is to lead them through different trails due to the fact that they have more knowledge and they are familiar with almost all the parts around the park, community visits and cultural encounters where tourists get opportunities to interact with the Batwa pygmy communities and get to learn more about their history, culture, traditions and how they leave their daily life among others.

For tourists who visit in Semuliki national park are encouraged not to worry about where to stay after their long day of touring around the park because within this park, there are also many accommodation facilities that are always available for guests to use however, these lodging facilities are classified and put in different classes such as; from mid-range, budget and luxury. In addition, some lodges include; Semuliki safari lodge, Sempaya campsite, the Kirimia guesthouse and UWA Bandas and many others.

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