What Is Semuliki National Park Famous For? : Semuliki national park is famously known to be among the top destination for bird lovers to visit while on their safari in Uganda hence it is ranked and considered as a birders paradise because it is a home to over 410 bird species that attract many tourists to visit the park. Semuliki national park is managed by the Uganda wildlife authority, which is known as a government agency programe that its main aim and role is to protect all the national parks and game reserves within the country.

Semuliki national park is located in Bundibugyo district within the western region of Uganda and it is known to be the newest and smallest among all other national parks in the country due to the fact that it covers a total surface area of about 220 square kilometers and it was established as a national park in 1993. More so, this national park is stands at an elevation between 670-760 meters above the sea level and it lies within the Albertine Rift and the western part of East Africa hence sharing boarders with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

More so, touring around Semuliki national park gives tourists great opportunities to engage in several activities as they explore  through the park and get new experiences and these interesting Safari activities include; hiking to sempaya hot springs, cultural encounters where they get to visit the Batwa people and learn more about history and there way of lifestyle, bird watching which gives them chances to sight see different bird species and game drives that are normally done either in the morning or afternoon depending on what time tourists would prefer and these game drives gives them opportunities to overlook at several wildlife species and many others.

Tourist attractions in Semuliki national park.

There are a number of many tourist attractions within Semuliki national park, which lead to many people to travel from all over the parts of the world to come have their safari from this national park hence improving on the development of the tourism industry of Uganda. Therefore, these attractions include;


This national park is a home to over 410 bird species which are seen as one of the major attractions in Semuliki national park and therefore, tourists most especially those who are bird lovers usually tour around this park as they are able to sight see different bird species like; piping hornbill, the red-billed dwarf hornbill, the great blue turaco, the white-crested hornbill, Ross’s turaco, the yellow-throated nicator, the rare shoebill stork and many others. More so, tourists can see plenty of these bird species in places like; Ntandi area, Lake Albert and at kirumia river among others., What Is Semuliki National Park Famous For?

Semuliki River.

Semuliki river is about 160 kilometers long and is known to conserve large numbers of mammal species that attract many tourists such as; hippos, crocodiles and they are also to sight see bird species like the rare shoebill stork  among others. This River has fresh waters that flow to the Rwenzori Mountains pouring its waters into Lake Albert and into the River Nile, which is commonly known, as the longest river in Uganda and the whole world.


Semuliki national park happens to be a home to many wildlife species, which attract large numbers of tourists, and these animal species are always seen while they wander around the national park. The best way for tourists to sight see these animal species is when they embark on game drives where they are always accompanied by the park guides and rangers. These wildlife species include; hippos, potto, forest elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, leopards among others. More so, there are other places within the national park where tourists can best view these wildlife species and this is within Toro-Semliki wildlife reserve, which is commonly as the oldest game reserve within Uganda. More so, it is also known as a good spot for chimpanzee trekking activities.

Sempaya Hot springs.

Sempaya hot springs are known as the most magnificent hot tourist attractions within Semuliki national park and these hot springs have both male and female hot springs whereby the female hot spring is referred as Nyasimbi which means female ancestors in the local language and the most interesting thing about these hot springs is that its water boils at a temperature of 103 degrees and the steam and spurting bubbling waters are always two meters high. More so, the male hot springs are located within the swampy areas and are referred to as “Bintente andit covers a 12 meters in width. The Sempaya hot springs are situated at the edge of the great Ituri forest and shares boarders with the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is in the western side of the Rwenzori Mountains.

What Is Semuliki National Park Famous For?
Sempaya Hotsprings

How to get to Semuliki national park.

Either tourists planning to travel to Uganda on a Uganda safari tour  to Semuliki national park can choose to use air or road transport means.

Road transport.

Tourists opting to use road transport means to head to semuliki national park can take a drive from Kampala city –fort portal via Masaka, Mbarara, to kasese which covers a distance of about 5 to 6 kilometers which goes between 7-8 hours’ drive.  This journey is fascinating whereby it always gives an opportunity to tourists to explore around the beautiful landscapes of the country, What Is Semuliki National Park Famous For?

Air transport.

Tourists who would love to skip the long trips due to their tight schedules can choose to travel using the air transport means whereby the book their flights from Entebbe international airport from the Aviation companies like; the Aero link Uganda which is well known for offering the domestic flights that lead you to most of the national parks within Uganda.

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