Top safari activities in Semuliki National Park: Semuliki National Park is  renowned as a rich Uganda wildlife safari destination with variety of tourist attractions and home to the diversity of Uganda kobs and paradise of bird species. The park is located in a remote area of the Bundibugyo district in the western region of Uganda and was established as a national park in 1993, covering an area of about 219 square kilometers that inhabits only lowland tropical rainforest. More so, Semuliki national park lies within the Albertine rift and found on the western arm of the East African Rift.

Furthermore, the park is famous with two hot springs that attracts a large number of visitors because it’s a great area for spotting birds as well as getting impressive with hot springs such as Sempaya Hot springs and Mumbuga spring that resembles a geyser by forming a 0.5-meter-high fountain and these hot spring provides salt licks for many animals.

Top Safari Activities in Semuliki National Park
Sempaya Hot Springs

 Tourists get attracted to wildlife species because the park has more than 400 birds species including lyre-tailed honey guide  and over 216 species are true forest birds including the rare ground thrush, Sassi’s olive greenbul and nine hornbill species among other and a home to eight primate species as well as around 460 butterfly species .The park also is inhabitant of over 60 mammal species such as leopard ,hippopotamus ,Mona monkey ,water chevrotain ,bush babies ,buffalo ,African civet ,African elephants and the Pygmy scaly-tailed flying squirrel many more.

Activities to do in Semuliki National Park Uganda

Chimpanzee tracking in Toro-Semuliki wildlife reserve

 Chimpanzee tracking is one of the most done activities in the park though best done in Kibale national park and Budongo forest. The chimpanzee tracking experience starts early in the morning with a briefing at the park headquarters. After briefing the park range will guide you into eight groups of people in search for chimpanzees. Once are found one hours is given to you to observe them as they play, feed and groom their younger ones as well as picture taking.

Game Viewing in Toro-Semuliki reserve

Game drive activity is quite remarkable where you can be able to explore various wildlife species. However, Toro Semuliki reserve is comprised of open grassland and river forest and was gazetted to inhabitant wildlife species that exists in the valley. While game drive expects to explore biodiversity species of animals such as buffaloes, Elephants, Warthogs, waterbucks, Uganda Kobs, Bush babies, pygmy hippos, Leopard and hyenas among others. Game drive which can be conducted in three sessions in the park that is Morning, evening and night game drives you able to view the nocturnal animals.

Hot springs –Semuliki National Park

The park has been accumulating for over 25,000 years as evidenced of its stunning older process that creates Hot Springs. Furthermore, Semuliki hot springs gives a stunning bubble from the depths of demonstrate the powerful subterranean forces which has been shaping the rift valley during the last 14 millions years. The hot springs makes worth a place of visit while on your Uganda tour visit. To the hot spring there are interesting short trails that leads to the hot springs in the park. They are called Sempaya Hot springs formed into female and male hot springs. On visit the park ranger will be able to tour you around as he explains their historical stories and geographical affiliations on the hot springs, Top Safari Activities in Semuliki National Park.

Birding in Semuliki national park

Semuliki national park  is also one of the main stopping Uganda birding   site with notable bird species  which can be explored in different trail heads within the park  like the Kirumia trails which was provided by Uganda wildlife Authority  it leads you through the heart of the forest of Semuliki River and through the different habitats excellent for bird watching  and primates viewing where you can be able to sight see white and black monkeys ,colobus monkeys ,Red vervet monkeys which can be spotted in savannah woodland to the Riverine forest.

Top Safari Activities in Semuliki National Park
Bird watching in Semuliki

Shoe bill stock is the most sought bird in the Semuliki national park which can be spotted on a boat safari along Lake Albert from the reserve. The boat trip done here is an exciting activity since it crosses the lake with stunning background views of the misty blue mountains of the Democratic Republic of Congo and come along fishing activities thus unforgettable experience. The boat cruise is best done in the morning hours and evening hours so that you can be able to spot the rare shoe bill stock.

Some of birds to encounter on birding tour in Semuliki national park include; Congo serpent, long –tailed Hawk, Red-billed Helmet-shrike, Red-eyed puff-back, Black-wattled Hornbill and Lyre-tailed Honeyguide, Ituri Batis, Maxwell’s Black Weaver ,Blue- billed shoes ,Red-bellied Malimbe ,Blue-billed malimbe ,Crested Malimbe , Leaf-love ,Yellow-throated Nicator ,Red-rumped Tinker bird ,African piculet ,Piping Hornbill , among others, Top Safari Activities in Semuliki National Park.

Walking Trails-Nature walks

 Semuliki national park has got several stunning  trails a visitor can track into for his walking safari here  like the  Red monkey trail  located in the eastern border of Semuliki River   good to view DeBrazza’s monkeys  .There is also a shorter trail which is 8 kilometers called Sempaya nature trail also good for viewing primates and visiting the hot springs of the Semuliki national park ,though it might take about 2 to 3 hours to reach out the hot springs and just know the experience is rewarding. However, walking safari is more cool and enjoyable during morning hours or evening hours when there’s no heat of sunshine.