Guided Nature Walk Safari in Semuliki National Park;  Semuliki National Park is one of the top visited national park on guided nature walk because of its scenic nature and a great location to encounter  the very beautiful Sempaya hot springs  as well as one of the top birding site to see endemic species . Semuliki –Guided nature walk is more enjoyable when you engage in nature walk through visiting several different interesting  trails where you expect to encounter abundant  wildlife species such as primate species ,mammals as well as notable bird species.

Semuliki National park a true birding destination located in Bundibugyo district in the western region of Uganda, which was established in 1993 to protect a wide range of wildlife species. The park is home to more than 400 bird species and over 60 mammal species including hippos, water chevrotain, bush babies, African civet, African elephant, pygmy scaly-tailed flying squirrel, bush duikers, African elephants, Mona monkeys, Leopard among others and harbors around eight primate’s species and over 460 butterfly species.

Guided Nature Walk Safari in Semuliki National Park
Guided nature walks in Semuliki

 The park is good for the nature walk because of its green vegetation that lies at medium moist evergreen to semi deciduous forest. It also inhabits tree species which are evergreen nature and swamp forest communities where even hiking trails crosses through, Guided Nature Walk Safari in Semuliki National Park.

More so, hiking and guided nature walk in Semuliki National Park   is one of the stunning and unforgettable life experience as you can be able to hike through several amazing trails on foot escorted with armed guide and this is the best way to encounter and enjoy the hidden treasures and how beauty the park is. Nature walking  Uganda tour is totally different from the vehicle tour because the vehicle can’t access to certain point of nature ,yet  on the foot you can enjoy the most.

Here are memorable different trails which includes; 13 km Kirumia trails ,11km Red Monkey track and 8km Sempaya nature trails do exists within the Semuliki National Park they all give the most ideal walking experience.

Kirumia Trail

 This trail is quite rewarding as it takes through the middle of the forest towards River Semuliki and the trails measures about 13 kilometers that takes 8 hours and hiking starts early in the morning.  Kirimia trail is more rewarding because its best for birders many notable bird species can be spotted along this trails. This trails starts from Kirumia which sits about 8 kilometers away from the park headquarters in Ntandi. For birders we recommend you to take birding and buffer fly viewing along this trails, it’s good for viewing bird species because of the forest canopy.  Along this trails can also be able to spot number of woodland birds such as black and white casqued hornbill.

Since it takes long hour hiking hours, we advise you to carry your packed lunch which you will enjoy it in amidst of the jungle as you bird watch. Bird species to view along this trails include Yellow-throated nicator, Red necked falcon, Black-billed barbet, Great blue and Ross’s turacos, White-crested hornbill, Red-billed dwarf hornbill, piping hornbill, Abyssian ground-hornbill, shoebills many more, Guided Nature Walk Safari in Semuliki National Park.

Red Tailed Monkey –Primate Trail

This trail is best for primates viewing which measures 11 kilometers and it extends to the eastern border of the park   and as your walking along the trail expect to come across the rare endangered de Brazza’s monkeys, you will then continue to hike towards the Semuliki River.

Red tailed monkey trail also can connect you to the mail road and sound of moving trucks which is interesting track. The trail starts right away from the Semuliki tourism site and extends into the forest thus giving you easy access to Semuliki River and end up from the park headquarters.

As your hiking should open your eyes wide in order to be able to encounter woodland birds along this thrilling trail as well as getting ready to view variety of primates as they swing around the tree branches and other animal species can be seen along this trails species like; Black and White colobus monkeys, Grey checked mangabey, Red tailed monkeys, Baboons, Forest elephants, Forest buffaloes, duikers among others. You will be much excited with beautiful canopy, though its muddy due to the fact that it’s a tropical region which lies in Congo basin with a lot of trees species.

 Sempaya Nature Trail – 8kilomters

This trail is best of all that leads you to park’s most beautiful tourist attraction the hot springs and also great for spotting primates, the hikes takes 3 hours from morning to afternoon. If you choose to cut the trail shot you will just move from the Sempaya tourism center and then slop down to view the most exciting attraction in the park. They two hot springs the Male and Female. The male hot springs ‘’Bamaga’’ was created in a pool form and the female hot spring ‘’Nyansimbi’’ form as a fountain jet.

Guided Nature Walk Safari in Semuliki National Park
Sempaya Hot Springs

There hut form provides shade to visitors as a resting point to view the hot springs.

The route that leads to the male hot spring offers a provision of a boardwalk which gives you a great opportunity to view the mountain Rwenzori rangers on its black ground and the view of the Semuliki valley.

Batwa Cultural Trail

 This trail goes up to the Ntandi park headquarters   to the forest which leads you to Batwa cultural site where you can be able to enjoy their amazing life style such as their circumcisions ,  kingship ceremony , be entertained by their traditional song and dramer.

Nyuburogo Gorge Hike

The Nyaburongo gorge is also found in Semuliki National Park which starts right from the reserve headquarters   roughly measures 7 kilometers hike which stretches through the gorges including the Savannah, woodland and a forest within the gorge. The trails is impressive for birders where you can be able to spot bird species such as Bush rike, Luhdre Bushrike, Black-headed, Tropical Boubal, Arrow marked Babbler, Ground hornbills and primates to along here are; Vervet monkeys ,Black and white colobus monkeys  ,Baboons are commonly seen alongside the rod as you begin the trails.