What Is Lake Nakuru National Park In Kenya Best Known For? Lake Nakuru national park is located in the heart of Kenya and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is well known for its remarkable and diverse wildlife but more especially it is well known for hosting a big population of flamingos that are usually spotted along the lake shores which makes the place a stunning sea of pink. More so, these flamingo species are noted to be the most iconic features that grace its shores and the alkaline waters of this lake purposely serve as a breeding ground of these elegant birds hence attracting them from all over different areas of the world.

Lake Nakuru National park was officially established in 1961 and it is being managed by the Kenya wildlife services who have the major role of protecting and conserving all the national parks in the country. more so, this national park plays a role in Kenya’s conservation efforts due to the fact that it has been a forefront against poaching activities and habitat destruction and also takes keen when it comes to protect the Rhinoceros population and all this is done with the main aim of safeguarding these magnificent creatures and it all involves the co-operation of the park rangers, conservation organizations and the local communities. And the fact that Lake Nakuru National park was designated by the UNESCO reflects its international significance regarding to the biodiversity conservation and it is noted that the protection of this game park does not only help to keep the animal species safe but also it benefits its ecosystem within region. Therefore, it plays a big role towards the conservation of the East African Rift valley, which acts a good natural habitat to many unique and endangered wildlife species.

The Flamingos.   

As stated earlier that Lake Nakuru national park is famously known for its flamingos. These bird species always move to the lake to feed on abundant algae and phytoplankton which is found into Lake’s nutrient rich waters therefore, the large numbers of flamingos along the lake shores always strike it with a shade of pink which makes a perfect spot for photography. More so, the flamingos are into two categories such as; the greater flamingo and lesser flamingos.

What Is Lake Nakuru National Park In Kenya Best Known For?

Lake Nakuru national park is a must visit for bird enthusaints and wildlife photographers who are on their safari in Kenya and the synchronized movements and vibrant plumage of the flamingos always create a mesmerizing spectacle along the lake and the best views of tourists to capture.


Besides the flamingos, Lake Nakuru National park is also a home to a wide range of wildlife species that tourists can be able to spot as they explore more through different areas around the park for example; this game park is known to host both white and black rhinoceros, lions, leopards, hyenas, giraffes, white rihnocerous, zebras, African buffalos, elephants, hippos, water bucks, balck rhinos, hyenas, African wild dogs, sandgrouse, baboons, lesser flamingos, rothschild’s giraffe and many others.