A Safari To Lake Nakuru National Park : Lake Nakuru is located in the central region of Kenya lying in the Rift Valley of the Eastern Africa and it is famously known for hosting large numbers of aquatic bird species which are flamingos that are pink color and it is also considered as a birders hub due to the fact that they it has a total population of about 500 bird species and it is surrounded with park savannah grasslands which act as a good natural habitat to the birds. This national park is a home to over 100 endangered mammal species hence ranking it among the best destinations to travel to while on your adventurous Kenya safari while in Kenya.

Activities done in Lake Nakuru National Park.

Tourists exploring within Lake Nakuru National park always granted chances participate in many interesting activities where they gain new experiences and have a satisfying safari. In addition, some of these activities include;

Bird watching.  

Lake Nakuru National park is seen as a birders paradise which hosts large numbers of bird species that some of these birds include; long-tailed widowbird, montane white eye, rufous-throated wryneck, Northern puff back, Red-capped lark, Ruppell’s robin-chat, African fish Eagle, Shinning sunbird and many others.

Wildlife viewing.

Touring around Lake Nakuru National park gives you chances to sight see many wildlife species such as; leopards, giraffes, Rhinoceros, elephants, zebras, hippopotamus, African buffalo, elephants, lion, Rothschild’s giraffes, waterbuck, wild dog, black rhinoceros, lesser flamingo, Hyena, Sandgrouse and many others.

Game Drives.

Game drives is one of the most exciting activities, which allows you to explore through many different parts of the park. In addition, importantly these drives help you to have a good experience as you get close to see many wildlife species and some of these animals include; waterbucks, hippos, lions, leopards, White Rhinos, giraffes, impalas and many others.

However, there are many more other activities that tourists can do such as; hiking, guided nature walks where they are always guided with park guides, community visits and cultural encounters among others.

Tourist Attractions in Lake Nakuru National park.

Lake Nakuru.

Lake Nakuru is considered one of the top attractions in the country and it is famously known to be the best place to sight see many flamingos along the lakeshores. In addition, these flamingos are noted to be in different types such as; lesser and greater flamingos. More so, these flamingos are considered as the viewpoints around the national park like; the lion hill and Baboon cliff.

More so, there the variety number of wildlife species are also considered to be among the tourist attractions, bird species, there are waterfalls like; Makalia waterfalls which is found within the Southern part of the park and it is also seen as a good spot for hiking and other stunning waterbodies like; rivers such as; Makalia river, Njoro river, Enderit river and many others.

Where to stay in Lake Nakuru National park.

So many accommodation facilities are always available for tourists that spend their day touring around the park and opt to have their stay within the park. however, this lodging facilities are ranged differently for example; from budget, mid-range and luxury which helps individuals to have their comfort stay as they are able to choose where to stay according to where they prefer and where it matches their budget. therefore, some of these lodging facilities include; Lake Nakuru lodge, Sarova lion hill lodge, Lake Nakuru flamingo lodge, Mbweha camp, Merica hotel, Miali saba camp, Hotel waterbuck Nakuru, Mirius guesthouse, Kambi Nyuki campsite, Soysambu campsite, Rhino campsite, Naishi campsite, Makalia campsite and many others.

How to get Lake Nakuru National park.

Lake Nakuru National Park can be accessed with into different ways. Therefore, tourists can either opt to travel to the game park while using road transport or air transport.

Air transport.

Tourists planning to travel to Lake Nakuru National park choose to book their flights from Jomo Kenyatta National park or Naishi airstrip, which is found in the Southern part of the National park.

Road Transport.

Tourists who opt to go on the long trips in order to be able to access Lake Nakuru National park while using the road transport means. During the long trips individuals get opportunities to enjoy, the beautiful landscapes of the country and sight see many attractions along the way. More so, there are several gates which tourists can use to enter through the park such as; the main gate which is found near Nakuru town or they can choose to use go through lanet gate which is long the Nairobi-Nakuru highway and many others.

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