Top Activities to Do/Attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya

Attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya : Lake Nakuru national park is hoven for birders, uniquely a birding destination and a cool place for relaxation. Along your visit here you will get attracted to thousands of flamingoes along the lake shores and other various bird species. This park is located at the edge of the rift valley soda lakes at vast elevation of 1,754metres above the sea level and was established in 1961 as a national park to protect wildlife species. However, it’s not only a location for birders but also a home for mammal species such as the Eastern black rhinos, southern white rhinos, baboons, zebras, eland, waterbucks, predictors like leopards, lions, cheetahs which can be encountered in dense woodland many more.

Attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya
Attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya

Despite fact that, Lake Nakuru national park famously known as world’s top birding destination with the greatest bird spectacle on planet earth ,with unique pink flamingoes that often feed on the variety of algae that thrives in the warm waters and some of colorful species can been seen nesting along the lake shores including African fish eagle ,Hammerkop ,Goliath heron ,Verreaux’s eagle ,Pied Kingfisher among others and this occurs on water level and food in abundance in the place .Recently ,Lake Nakuru national park was enlarged to provide enough place for the sanctuary of the black and white rhinos and also to protect the park out poachers and control the movements of wildlife species .The park is under the protection of Kenya Wildlife Service ‘’KWS’’.

Attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park

Bird Life

The park inhabits over 450 bird species recorded; Including European roller ,Grey headed woodpecker ,Great snipe, Greater spotted eagle ,Hildebrandt’s starling ,Kenya rufous sparrow ,Eastern imperial eagle ,Crab-plover ,Lesser flamingo .Long tailed widow birds ,Maccoaduck ,Northern puff back ,Pallid harrier ,Red-capped lark ,Ruppell’s vulture ,Shinning sun bird ,Slender billed greenbul ,Speke’s weaver .western reef heron ,White fronted bee eater ,white-headed vulture ,Sooty falcon ,Schawlow’s wheatear ,Arrow-marked babbler ,Bateleur ,Black tailed godwit among others

Wildlife Species

Wildlife Species; Over 56 different mammal species identified as black and white rhinos, Rothschild’s giraffes, Cape buffaloes, Deffassa waterbucks, Lions, Impala, warthogs, dik dik, Olive baboon, eland, black backed jacked, Thomson’s and Grant’s gazelles many more.

Attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya
Attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya

Vegetation Cover; The park harbors with beautiful vegetation cover of about 550different plant species recorded.

Reptiles Specie; Python and tortoise

Activities to do in the Lake Nakuru National Park

Bird Watching-Pink Flamingos On the Lake

This is the highlight activity done here, where you opt to sightsee thousands of pink flamingoes feeding on the park’s surface, something rewarding as being one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles. Year backs, millions of these colorful birds could be spotted at any one-time adventure on the lake. Then later they disappeared altogether. Currently, have returned again though in diminished numbers, as they migrate out to other Lakes across the rift valley areas.

The lookout Africa

The park, way back acted as the lookout of Africa where the film that inspired a generation of visitors to undertake safari in Africa. This movie was filmed in part within Lake Nakuru national park and many shots were clearly taken from a lofty hilltop thus becoming known as The Out of Africa Lookout. On visit to the park never leave without visiting the top of steep hill where, you will have perfect views across the entirely of Lake Nakuru, the surrounding land is rewarding and a fantastic area that inspired the film.

Baboon Cliff

This is one of the most attractive lookout within the national park because it offers a stunning panoramas of Lake Nakuru while remaining accessible. Travelers have to share this great experience with the resident population of baboons who also enjoy the scenic landscape around. Be careful on experience because the larger males can occasionally be aggressive.

Attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya
Attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya

Visit Makalia Falls

This experience is best done and enjoyed after a long rainy season when the water overflows and forms a gainful sight. During the dry season, the falls run empty, leaving a hot basin dry. It also attracts an unusual array of wildlife species.

Game viewing

Go on safari to lake Nakuru national park for game viewing which is truly humbling, the best adventuring is in the early morning or late afternoon that gives you the best sightseeing of the most wildlife. In the morning animals can be active. The wildlife to see include Zebra, giraffe and Cheetah, visit eastern black rhinoceros and southern white rhinos among others.

Other activities to do are nature walk, honeymooner lovers,


Lake Nakuru national park can be accessed by road from Nairobi to Nakuru within 2:30 hours.

Another optional, one can fly from Wilson Airport to Lake Nakuru ‘s Naishi Airstrip within 45 minutes

Where to Stay on Visit to Lake Nakuru National Park

The park has got perfect accommodation facilities ranging from luxury to Mid-range such as Lake Nakuru lodge, Mailisaba Camp, Sarova Lion Hill Game lodge among others.

Visitors can combine tour to Lake Nakuru National Park a paradise for birders to Bwindi Impenetrable national park Uganda a home to great mountain gorillas and experience in unbeatable gorilla trekking which has impacted a lot on African tourism industry worldwide, through border crossing from Kenya the neighboring country by road or by air from Jomo Kenyatta Airport to Uganda –Entebbe Airport.