What Is Katavi National Park Known For? Katavi national park is one of the favorite destinations to choose to travel to while planning on where to go for your adventurous safari because it is famously known for hosting large herds of buffaloes and massive elephants, big population of lions, which are also referred to as the “King of Jungle”. More so, there are other animals like cheetahs, painted wolves (wild dogs) and hyenas and many others and tourists exploring around this national park can always get chances to spot sable antelopes roan antelopes among others. Katavi national park is located in the Southwestern part of Tanzania in Mpanda district in Rukwa region and it is situated in a distance of about 50 kilometers from the East of Lake Tanganyika.

Katavi national park is ranked as the third largest national park in the country, which covers a total surface area of about 4,471 square kilometers and stands at an elevated area, which stands between 820 meters and 1560 meters above the sea level. More so, this game park was officially established as a national park in 1974. More so, katavi national park is surrounded with various attractions which lead people to travel from many other parts of the world  to visit the park and some of these include; Katumba river, very many types of vegetation, many birds, animals, primates, Lake Katavi, seasonal pools, tamarind tree which is a spirit katabi and one of the spots where individual can visit and get to know more about the history and culture of the local people, Katsunga plain and many others. More so, touring around Katavi national park gives chances to engage in many interesting activities, which include the following below;

Activities to do while Touring around Katavi National Park.

Game Drives.

Katavi national park is a good destination to have a good experience while embarking onto game drives of the best ways to explore within Katavi national park and this activity is commonly done within different sessions for example; tourists can choose to for either morning, afternoon or evening game drives. More so, they can also opt to go on self drives or guided drives where they are always accompanied with the park guides due to the fact that they are familiar with many parts of the park and they should note that the game drives are always best done during the dry season when less rainfalls are received and the grass vegetation is always short which enables to capture clear views of many wildlife species such as; bush babies, elephants, buffalos, impalas, topi, lions, zebras, reedbucks, hippos, waterbucks, crocodiles, and many others like water birds.  

Wildlife Viewing.

Katavi national park is good spot where tourists can be able to visit and see many wildlife species because this game park is well known to be a home to over 50 mammal species such as; duikers, giraffes, reedbucks, lions, zebras, hippos, African elephants, waterbucks, topi, elands, leopards, spotted hyenas, greater kudu, warthogs, reedbucks, serval cats, wild dogs, hyenas and other primate species which include; baboons, monkeys, monitor lizards, reptiles and many others. In addition, all these species can best spotted while game drives because you get opportunities to explore through different parts of the park.

What Is Katavi National Park Known For?
Katavi National Park

Bird watching.

Bird watching is one of the exciting these to do while in Katavi national park because it is well known for harbouring around 450 birds and these birds are known to be categorized in different types such as; migratory birds, forest birds, water birds and many others. In addition, this activity is recommended to be best done during the rainy season which is known the period for the breeding of the species and when birds in large numbers migrate from different countries to the park. therefore some of these birds include; paradise flycatcher, open billed stork, red billed hornbill, yellow throated sand grouse, pink backed pelican, little bee-eater, cuckoo hawk, whistling duck, white backed vulture, crested barbet, goliath heron, crowned plover, night heron, black kite, brown snake eagle, black headed heron, bare faced go-away, broad billed roller and many others.

Apart from the above mentioned activities, there are so many more things that tourists can do while they explore around the park and some of these things include; hiking whereby they can hike through different trails like; Chorangwa hiking trail where they be able to capture classic views of Chorangwa and other beautiful features like; Ndidi waterfalls and they also go through Sitalike trail among others. individuals can also choose to go for guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with a park ranger or guide whose role is to ensure the safety of both tourists and the animals and while they are walking through forest in foot, they are able to see many birds, capture spectacular views of the beautiful scenery of the park, enjoy the fresh atmosphere and the cool breeze, over look at many animal species as you explore more the beautiful landscapes in the park, community visits and cultural encounters and many others.

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