What Is Found In Hell’s Gate National Park? Hell’s gate national park is located in the great rift valley of Kenya and it is one of the destinations in the country, which has remarkable beauty and geological significance, and it covers a total surface area of about 68.25 square kilometers. Hell’s gate national park was established as a national park in 1984. More so tourists exploring in Kenya on a safari can always opt to visit within this national park due to that there many tourist attractions which individuals can see and also get to chances to engage into several interesting activities where they gain new experiences and create remarkable moments while on their safari.

Things found in Hell’s Gate National Park.

Geological Wonders.

The strategic location of Hell’s gate national park lies in a geological marvel for example the Olkaria Geothermal station where the park extraordinary geothermal activities take place such as; it acts as the power plant where the earth’s natural heat is to generate electricity. More so, Hell’s gate national park plays a big part of the East African Rift system and it is seen as a tectonic boundary where the African and Somali plates pull part. And the Geological phenomenon within the park is evident due to the fact that it is surrounded with beautiful landscapes which are surrounded with a green lush vegetation, stunning hot springs, hot waterfalls where tourists get to have a surreal experience as they take a dip in the waters, rugged cliffs and features geysers among others which also act to be one of the tourist attractions found in the park hence making the park a perfect destination for those individuals who are interested in the earth science.

In addition, the most iconic features are found within the lower part of the park such as; the towering volcanic plug which was formed by the solidification of volcanic materials among others.


Hell’s gate national park is not known to be capable to have a record of the same abundance of wildlife species that are found within other large national parks in the country however touring around the park offers you  great fascinating array of animals that can be spotted within different areas of the park and some of these include; zebras, giraffes, antelopes, buffalos, baboons, vervet monkeys that are commonly seen in the rocky out crops and around cliffs and these species usually entertain visitors with exciting antics.

More so, Hell’s gate national park is a home to a variety of bird species hence also seen as a haven for bird watchers to go for Kenya Birding Safaris. This game park is surrounded with grasslands, acacia woodlands, wetlands that all act as good natural habitats to the avian creatures. Therefore, some of the birds that can be spotted in the park include; vultures, hawks which soar gracefully in the skies, ostriches, hawks, yellow bishop, yellow rumped seedeater, verreauxs eagle, schalow’s wheater, red-winged starling, Nyanza swift, Mottled swift and the bearded vultures which are well known for their distinctive appearance of shaggy beard and its impressive wingspans among others.

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Picnic sites in Hell’s Gate national park

Things to do in Hells gate national park.

Tourists exploring in Hell’s gate national park will be blessed with great opportunities to participate into so many interesting activities where they learn and gain experiences and some of these include; guided nature walks which always involves individuals to walk on foot as this helps tourists to get an immersive experience as they get close to the beautiful nature and wildlife species in the park. In addition, on these walking safaris they are always accompanied with park guides whose role is to lead them through different trails as they share more information regarding to anything visitors would love to understand better along their way because they have more knowledge about things found in the park. more so, tourists can choose to embark onto biking due to the fact that the park has well maintained cycling trails where individuals can wind through the stunning landscapes and riding through the park gives one a sense of freedom and adventure as they pedal through towering cliffs, be able to overlook at wildlife species as they graze and other geothermal features.

Individuals touring around Hell’s gate national park can also go for hiking and rock climbing which are considered to be one of the most popular activities that are commonly done or go for camping and picnicking because there are many designated campsites around the park where individuals can pitch their tents and spend nights under the starry African sky and this activity allows individuals to have a good wilderness experience due to the fact that they always wake up to the singing birds and also be able to capture classic views of the sunrise and many others.

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