What Are The Intresting Facts About Uganda? Uganda which is also commonly referred to as the “the Pearl of Africa” due it is beautiful and attractions is a land locked country that is located in the Eastern region on the African continent. And this country is well known and characterized by the following such as; waterfalls, beautiful mountains, bird species, it is also a home to many wildlife species, snow caped mountains, stunning waterbodies such as; Lake Victoria and River Nile, scenic landscapes, many different cultures, a good climate with warm temperatures, crystal lakes, and in this country it is where the western rain forests meet with the East Africa’s savannah plains and many others. In addition, there so many fun facts those tourists should know about Uganda. Therefore, some of these include the following below;

Intresting facts about Uganda.

  • Uganda is known as a land locked country which has no coastline however it boasts over 26% of the landscape where the big percentage of it is covered with stunning waterbodies such as; lakes and rivers.
  • Uganda was ranked as the 13th most beautiful country compared to the other countries in the whole world by the Buzz feed.
  • Uganda has Murchison falls as its strongest waterfall in the country, which is, located the northern region in Murchison falls national park and it acts as one of the main tourist attractions that are found within the country.
  • Uganda derived its name from a Swahili word which meant the “the land of people” by the British and it was given its name in 1900 during the Buganda agreement.
  • Uganda is also famously known and ranked to be among the top birding destinations in the whole world because harbours around a population of about 1,040 bird species, which always attract tourists.
  • More so, this country is also seen to be boasting around 6 to 8% of the worlds butterfly species.
  • Uganda is also known to have a very good warm climate compared to the countries and the tropical climate in this country has two seasons which include the dry season that is always considered as the best time for tourists to always visit the country on a safari and it is between months of June to September and from mid-December to February white the wet season is always between months of April to May among others.
  • Uganda is also considered to be among the top ten-robaster coffee growing countries in the whole world.
  • More so, this country is a good destination to travel to while on your adventurous safari because it is a home to over 8% of the worlds mammal species that tourists can see and the most exciting is that it is a home to the big five animals such as; African elephants, cape buffalos, lions, Rhinos and Leopards and other animals like; giraffes, baboons, crocodiles, giraffes, antelopes, monkeys, hippos among others.
  • Uganda’s people are characterized to be more of friendly, social people who are always so welcoming which makes foreigners to love more this country.

    What Are The Intresting Facts About Uganda?
    Uganda People
  • There are so many diverse and different cultures that are found within this country and most interesting part about these cultures is that group behaves differently and have their own history and norms.
  • Uganda has a round 30 indigenous languages that are spoken by people, which is exciting, and its gets the visitor’s attention to wish to learn.
  • More so, Uganda is ranked as the second largest banana producing country in the whole world whereby some regions in this country takes bandannas to be their stable food.
  • Uganda is also considered one of the best countries one could ever choose to travel for gorilla trekking safaris because it is one place in the world where tourists can be able to find the endangered mountain gorilla species. More so, this country is endowed with half population of the mountain gorilla species in the whole world.
  • Uganda also boasts the highest population of the chimpanzees and as well as other primate species in Africa.
  • The CNN in 2012 ranked Uganda as a lonely planet however, later in 2016 it was ranked to be among the top tourist destinations in Africa.
  • Uganda is also a country in the world that have maintained the bark cloth custom, which was put into organization by the UNESCO.
  • Uganda also has the world’s second largest fresh waterbody, which is known as Lake Victoria, which is also famously known as the largest tropical lake in the country. More so, this country is also a home to the world’s longest river, which is River Nile.
  • This country is also considered one of the most ethnically diverse country in the whole world compared to many of other countries.
  • Uganda is ranked to be among the youngest countries because 79% of the population in the country are below 25 years of age.

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