What Africa Safari Is in Uganda –Destination

What Africa safari is in Uganda; Uganda known as the Pearl of Africa  good to go for safari  since it offers perfect terrain for a wide variety of safaris and traditional game drive through golden grassland seeking to adventure lots of species and trekking through lush rainforest to encounter mountain gorillas .The birding –with the variation in habitat attracts a vast array of species such as the crowning glory of the shoebill a highly sought after sight for the birders.

The most visited parks of Uganda  includes ; Murchison Falls national park ,Queen Elizabeth ,Kidepo Valley ,Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Kibale Forest as well as Rwenzori Mountain National park  ,all these safari destination offers the best game viewing ,Gorilla trekking ,Chimpanzee tracking ,Birding ,hiking or climbing and nature walk among others.

To those looking for the best primate safari to achieve their dreams of  seeing Chimpanzees roaming around their nature inhabitant in large concertation ,visit Kibale Forest and Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park ,apart from tracking chimpanzees .You’re likely to encounter Colobus monkeys ,vervet monkeys ,De Brazza’s monkey and other species.

The unique mountain gorillas can be encountered  in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest where Gorilla trekking takes places and the only way to see them in their environment .It’s also a great location for birders such as handsome francolin ,dwarf honeyguide and purple-breasted sunbird among other species .Unlike the mountain gorillas ,there is possibility of seeing the unforgettable rare shoe bill stork.

What Africa Safari Is in Uganda
Bwindi Gorillas

In addition to that ,Uganda outshines  all other safari destination  in the countries but remains excellent destination for adventurous safari  by vehicle.

How long to stay?

To take safari to Uganda’s destination it vary on the type of transport used  either by Car or Air. Those wishing to trek mountain gorillas will fly into Entebbe and often overnight on the shore of Lake Victoria before  you fly off to the southwestern parks the  following morning for your experience .Then after ,tracking gorillas  ,visitors usually fly back to Entebbe or do other safari activities in Kibale ,Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls national park .Worthwhile ,on your trip ,you can visit  Kidepo valley  and explore the untouched  open spaces of lesser. You can opt to stay range between four to six days.

Best time to go

Uganda has a conducive  climate that attracts tourists to visit all year around but rain season tend to fall from March to May and November to December ,but during rainy season  it leads to difficulty  of trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest -trails head  ,Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Kibale forest.

Although Uganda is located in equatorial climates with high altitude that eases the heat thus  making the weather to remain temperate throughout the year . The best time  to see gorillas in the months of June to October.

Where to go on safari in Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park is a primitive destination with half remaining mountain gorillas located in the southwestern Uganda in Kanungu district ,approximately 9 to 10 hours’ drive from main city-Kampala .The park covers an area of about 331 square kilometers and become a UNESCO world heritage site in 1991 ,managed by Uganda Wildlife Authority a body responsible of all Uganda’s national park. Bwindi Impenetrable national park is a home to bio-diversity of  species over 120 species of mammals ,350 birds ,220 species of butterflies ,27 species of frogs ,geckos ,chameleons among others and also sanctuary for chimpanzees ,colobus monkeys and  half of the world’s population if the endangered mountain gorillas splintered in over 20 habituated mountain gorilla group  already open for tourism  in four different sectors of Buhoma ,Rushaga and Nkuringo .

Activities to do on safari to Bwindi include; Gorilla Trekking ,Gorilla Habituation Experience, Birding ,Nature walk among others.

Queen Elizabeth National park

The park locates in western region of Uganda  in Kasese districts and governed by Uganda Wildlife Authority .The park is the top visited safari destination because of the abundant of wildlife species  including Nile crocodile ,leopards ,Spotted hyenas ,topi ,African buffaloes ,African elephants , Uganda Kob ,Nile Crocodiles ,Giant forest hogs  among others. Queen Elizabeth a home to 95 mammal species and over 600 bird species and a famous  location for tree-climbing lions many more.

Things to do in Queen Elizabeth National park include; Game drive ,Lion tracking ,Chimpanzee tracking ,Nature walk ,Birding ,boat cruise on Kazinga channel among others.

Accommodations in Queen Elizabeth national park are ;Savannah Resort hotel ,Marafiki safari lodge ,White house hotel ,Pumba safari cottages ,Aramaga Rift valley Lodge ,Mweya Safari lodge ,Enganzi lodge ,Ishasha Wilderness among others.

Tree Climbing

Murchison Falls national park

Murchison falls national park is a great location to world’s most thunderous waterfalls that squeezes its water at 40meter and the most famous thing here is the Murchison Falls .Though a home to big range of animals over 76 mammal species and 450 bird species like shoe billed stork ,Goliath heron ,great blue turaco ,dwarf kingfishers and white-thigh hornbill among others .The park is located in north wester Uganda region with lots of attraction to see on visit.

Things to do in Murchison Falls national park include; Game drive ,sport fishing ,Hiking top to the top of falls ,nature walk ,boat cruise ,chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest ,Hot air balloon among others.

Accommodations in Murchison Falls national park include; Nile safari lodge ,Murchison River lodge ,Chobe safari lodge ,Pakuba safari lodge ,Para safari lodge ,Murchison Tree house ,Geo lodges Nile safari lodge ,Amuka safari lodge ,Bakers lodges among others.

Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley national park untouched safari destination ,located in semi-desert northeast region ,that lies on a land covering 1,442 square kilometers  and it was created in 1958 as a reserve. The estimates 520 kilometers by road northeast  of Kampala. Kidepo is a home of 86 mammal species including leopards ,spotted hyenas ,cheetah ,wild dog ,elephants ,giraffes ,zebras ,African buffaloes ,bat-eared foxes ,Rothschild’s giraffes  and over 500 bird species which can be spotted here on safari, What Africa Safari Is in Uganda.

Activities to do the Kidepo valley national park ; Game drive ,birding ,cultural encounter among others .

Accommodations to stay in Kidepo Valley national park

They include; Apoka Rest Camp ,Apoka Safari lodge ,Kidepo Savannah lodge and Nga Moru Wildernesses Camp.

 What to pack on African Safaris in Uganda –Right essentials

Generally speaking  one should  carry out right gear on Uganda safaris ,we recommend him to pack useful essentials for your safari .Basing on an activity to do along your visit on Uganda Safaris. Gorilla trekking is carried out in the morning, meaning the forest can be  cold the same goes to game drive viewing which can also be conducted in the morning and late afternoon.

Essentials include as follows;

Rain jacket and sweater recommended for early morning and evening game drives.

 Sturdy trousers

Rain hat

 Comfortable walking shoes

Strong waterproof walking boots.

 T-shirts and shorts

 Long sleeved trousers

Binoculars and camera equipment

 Strong insect repellent

Sun screens

Strong waterproof walking boots