Best Time to Visit Murchison Falls National Park –Safari –Uganda Destination

Best Time to Visit Murchison Falls National Park : Murchison Falls national park the largest game among the Uganda’s national parks, well-known for its most powerful waterfall in the world where the longest river in the world squeezes through a 7-meter gap and then drops down 45 meters, just know the place is worth a visit where you can also adventure the diversity of wildlife species. The park is located in northwestern region, estimating 4 to 5 hours’ drive journey.

Traveling to any Uganda safari destination it needs a stable time of travelling without being interrupted by rain. Note, a year consists of two seasons that is the dry season and wet seasons. The same to Murchison Falls national park the best time to travel there might be all year around but the best time is in the dry season where you cannot be disturbed by heavy rain, dry seasons starts from December to February and June to Mid-September.  Meaning there can be less rain making the road transport or track leading you to safari destination remain dry and passible.

In spite the fact that, the dry season attracts a lot of wild animals to concentrate to the water sources thus making easier to spot them while on game drive in the park.

When is the dry season?

The dry season falls between December to February then again from June to Mid-September. During this time, there’s plenty of sunshine and rarely any rain.

 Murchison Falls national park has equatorial climate, meaning throughout the year is hot here.

Temperature ranges between 25-32 degrees Celsius during the day and drop down to 18 degrees Celsius at night.

Best Time to Visit Murchison Falls National Park
Murchison Wildlife

The temperature in January to February can be hotter, so be sure to wear light clothing and bring plenty of water and sun cream.

When is the wet season?

The wet season falls between July and November and from March to May. During the wet season the landscape looks beautiful and attracting with sights.

Murchison Falls national park sits in a very dry Uganda region, meaning its very rare for the rain to interrupt your safari. Though the surrounding roads could be hard to travel on during this period.

While, you’re more likely to explore wildlife, they tend to hide away during the rainy season. And if you’re interested in doing Chimpanzee tracking experience in wet season, the ground or forest can be slippery as we recommend you to carry essential comfortable boots.

Higher rainfall is more likely to fall in the months of April, May and August through out to October.

High and Low Season

The high season tend to fall between June to September, therefore, it lowers temperatures. During this period can be peak time and good for Gorilla Trekking, so there’s a lot of visitors flocking in Uganda for Safari.

During June and July, accommodations can be highly competitive, so we recommend you book a lodge in advance for your trip. To any safari destination, accommodation is required but depending on the numbery of days to stay in the park.

The low season runs from March to May and October to November. But you’re unlikely to experience heavy rainfalls at Murchison and due to heavy rainfall may lead to certain lodges to get closed because of bad weather.

The low season leads to less competition of accommodation, meaning bookings can also be at the last minute.

Best time to see Wildlife

The best time to see wildlife in Murchison Falls National park is December to February.

For chimpanzee tracking, the best months are October to January, because the grass can be short and fruits starting to ripen.

Those interested in birdwatching, we recommend you visit during the wet season. The best spotting months are March and Migratory bird are best to see them from November to April. While the park boosts as a stopping bird destination with over 450 species of birds. Some birds to see in the park include; Weaver birds, Silver bird, Black billed Barbet, Martial Eagle, African Darter, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Veracious Dove, Grey Headed Kingfisher, Yellow-fronted Tinker bird, Rock pratincole among others.

Best Time to Visit Murchison Falls National Park
Abyssinian Ground Hornbill

Where to stay at Murchison Falls National park

The park boosts with a wide range of classic accommodation facilities from luxury, Mid-range and Budget though the prices differ on your wallet.

Murchison Falls national park has got a lot of attractions to adventure through different activities such as Game drives, boat safaris, hiking, birding, Chimpanzee tracking, Guided nature walk thus providing quite unforgettable experience. All the above listed activities can be combined in 4 Days safari experience.

The park can be reached from Kampala- capital and Entebbe via road or flight. You can fly from Entebbe or Kajjansi to the landing ground at the Kihihi airstrip in less than 1:30 hours combined with pickup time by the safari drive to drop you to your book accommodation or activity.