Uganda Driving Guidelines : Uganda is a landlocked country is a beautiful country surrounded by wonderful nature with a good climate compared to other countries in Africa. This country is located in the East central Africa and it has welcoming good people who are social, good food, different interesting cultures, many tourist attractions that attract many people to travel from all over the world to visit the country such as; 10 national parks that all encounter different wildlife life species and they are unique and interesting to visit because they all have different attractions. Uganda also has beautiful places, hotels and lodges that offer good accommodation facilities to its guests during their stay on their safari in Uganda.

Uganda has beautiful landscapes that attract the attention of tourists come along with their friends, family, partners to engage in road trips and they explore and get new experiences. However, travelling to a new country especially those who visit Uganda for their first time may be frightening and overwhelming at the same time. More so, tourists should note that this country has guidelines that drives are supposed to be aware about while using the road.  These guidelines may help you to choose well where to go because you have some information about the place for example from the driving license to the rules one is supposed to follow while driving. These guidelines include;

Guide to driving on Uganda roads.

General information.

Tourists planning to travel to explore through Uganda should first gather all the information about the country in order to know more about it. This country is located in the East-central part of Africa and it has many ethnic groups, different cultures, surrounded by wonderful hidden natures, has many attractions in different places. Sir Winston Churchill noticed how beautiful and richly blessed this country is and he recognized it as “the Pearl of Africa” therefore this empathizes a point on a visit to Uganda while on your safari is always worth it.

Uganda was once owned by the British Empire and it later managed to obtain its independence in 1962 and made English as their formal language, which makes it easy for tourists especially the foreigners to be able to communicate with the native people.

Languages spoken.

Uganda as a country has many cultures and tribes therefore, there are 32 languages that are being spoken and used in the country. However, English and Kiswahili are known as the official languages hence making it easy for foreigners who opt to visit Uganda while on their safari. The English Language is always helpful when giving people instructions, education, the government and also it is commonly used the individuals with high power in the community.

Geographical location.

Uganda boarders with the Democratic Republic of Congo from the west, Kenya from the East, South Sudan from the north, Rwanda and Tanzania from the south. Kampala, which is well known as the capital city of Uganda, is being surrounded with wonderful seven hills and this country has the most tourist attractions whereby it has the largest wildlife species in the whole world, surrounded by beautiful nature, stunning water bodies among others.

Climate/ Weather.

Uganda Driving Guidelines
Uganda Driving Guidelines

Tourists planning to visit Uganda on a safari should be aware about Uganda’s climate. Nevertheless, Uganda has a good tropical climate compared to other countries because it lies in the equator. This country has two types of weather such as; dry season and the rainy season and the dry season is considered as the best time when tourists drive around Uganda as they explore because it is the season when there are less rains and this is between months of June to August and December to February. The rainy season is not considered as the best time for driving on the roads in Uganda because the rain always makes the roads wet and muddy, which will definitely cause some inconveniences and accidents on the road.

Travel documents.

A self-drive is one of the best ways on how one can explore around places in Uganda but it’s more important to carry along your drivers valid permit to wherever you drive to as long as your using the road in Uganda.

Renting a car.

For tourists who would love to take a self-drive in order to explore and encounter new experiences in the country but have no cars. Uganda car rental companies make it easy to provide cars and also offer to take you around Uganda especially for those individuals that travel to Uganda for the very first time or have your freedom that do the self-driving which is always considered as the best.

Rules and Regulations.

Uganda as a country has a set of rules and regulations that tourists who are on a self-drive in Kampala should follow while driving on the roads and some of these rules include;  do no drink and drive, wear your sit belt while driving, do not over take another car while in the corner, ensure to take keen and notice of the traffic signs and signals on the road, only people above 18 years and above are allowed to drive in Uganda,  avoid over speeding, don not park in places you’re not allowed to, do not use unlicensed vehicles, avoid using mobile phones while driving,  have a third party insurance among others. Therefore, drivers are advised to follow these rules in order to avoid accidents and inconveniences of paying charges that are always put in places as fines for not following the rules, Uganda Driving Guidelines

Driving directions.

Tourists from other countries that usually drive from the right side should know that vehicles in Uganda drive on the left side no matter which road you are driving on. These driving skills are always taught in driving schools in Uganda but as foreigners,  one doesn’t need to worry but only  to adjust and focus while driving especially when they are approaching roundabouts and other intersections as this helps in reducing cases of accidents on the roads hence protecting people’s lives.

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