Uganda Cultural Tours : Uganda the pearl of Africa has numerous cultural heritages with over 50 languages and 60 ethnic groups. Uganda is also Known for its great hospitality thus making it a beautiful opportunity  and  experience during ones Uganda cultural tour experience . Discovering  ways of life of Ugandans, the ancient stories of origin of the different ethnic groupings, the artistry and tools not forgetting the incredible crafts and places to visit right from the capital city and to the villages would make ones cultural tour incredible.

Cultural attractions to visit while on a Uganda cultural tour.

Kasubi tombs; A stunning traditional architecture is the burial grounds for the Buganda Royal family where 4 dead kings also known as the Kabaka and those close to the crown buried. It is highly respected by the Baganda people of the Buganda Kingdom due to the spiritual and political importance attached to this burial site. It is located in Kampala capital city of Uganda.

While at kasubi tomb one can visit the Bajjabukula the entrance, the kibira  the sacred forest where the spirits of the ancestors are believed to  dwell and only o be accessed by wives of the  dead kings and a few members of the royal family and olugya  that is a main courtyard  while here one gets to learn deeply about the cultural origin and stories of the Baganda people especially the royal family.

Kampala City Tour; While on a Uganda cultural tour one can visit the beautiful attractions in Kampala city and the 7 hills that make it and learn about the existance,enjoy the beauty of the city during both day or night .with a trusted tour operator like Achieve global safaris one can take with a guide either a walking tour, a boda tour or a drive through the city to look at the attractions in the city .Attractions in Kampala city include; old Kampala hill the home to Ghaddafi mosque,namirmebe cathedral for Anglicans and Rubaga  cathedral for catholics found on Namirembe and Rubaga cathedrals respectively,Namugongo Matrys shrine this is the place where the Uganda martyrs were killed, Kibuli Hill this has a large number of Muslim occupants and is where the first Islamic visitors settled when they arrived in Uganda , Lubiri known as the kabakas palace (the palace of the king of Buganda the biggest kingdom in the country)the Bahaii temple in Kampala is one of the only Bahaii temples in Africa and therefore a good tourism destination for tourists who want to find out about the bahaii faith.

Batwa cultural tour; The Batwa are pygmy group of people found in the extreme south west part of the country bordering Democratic Republic of Congo. These people live in the gazetted areas of Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga National park. These group of people still live in the ancient world of dressing in animal skins, hunting and picking fruits for food, living among the trees and have not received enough civilisation .While on a Batwa cultural experience one can learn their day to day ways of life, their traditional songs and dances and also the crafts made by the Batwa people.

Uganda Cultural Tours
The Batwa People

Fort portal Cultural tour; It is also known as the tourist city of Uganda found in Kabarole district in western Uganda fort portal is approximately 296.3km from Kampala Capital City of Uganda it is filled with numerous cultural sites such as  Tooro kingdom with its Place at the Municipality where the king and Royal family stays ,Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru Caves which is believed to be the cave where the king cut and threw  the breast of the wife to prevent a catastrophe from occurring ,Semuliki National park, Nakharar falls, Tea plantations to mention but a few Fort portal is a place known for its beautiful women who are gentle in nature  and a cultural tour in this region would be worth a while as the Batoro have a very rich culture .

Crater lake Village tours; Uganda is blessed with big crater lakes especially in the western arm of the rift valley these crater lakes consists of the region of Ndali-Kasenda fields and Bunyaruguru crater fields examples of some of these crater lakes include Lake katwe   These crater regions besides consisting of beautiful sceneries and green vegetation have stories about their existance that are even more thrilling and fun told by the people living in the nearby village would make ones Uganda cultural tour experience beautiful indeed.

Karamojong Cultural tour;

These group of people are found in the North eastern part of Uganda in the Districts of Napak, Kaabong, Karenga, Nabilatuk, Kotido, Abim, Amudat, Nakapiripirit and Moroto. They are the part of Nilotic ethnic group speaking Nga Karamojong as a language and are Nomadic pastoralist who rare cattle for a living. These people have a rich culture for example a woman and a man must fight before marriage if the woman beats the man then the marriage is not considered, their cultural wears are also interesting as women cover their lower parts of their bodies and breasts while men wrath themselves with a big piece of cloth wearing sandals made from hides and car tyres not forgetting they are home to Kidepo National Game park which has a variety of wildlife species thus making one’s cultural tour in the Karamoja region thrilling.

Uganda has numerous cultural sites that could provide a beautiful environment for one to explore while on their Uganda cultural tour and also some of these cultural sites have beautiful features and sceneries that would make one’s wildlife experience great.