Karambi Tombs slots up among the most treasured places in Tooro Kingdom. Three kings of Tooro Kingdom including one of the strongest, locally referred to as Abakama were buried in these tombs with each king having a separate throne. The kings include Omukama Kyebambe, Omukama Rukidi III and Omukama Kaboyo II. You should consider visiting it on your Uganda safaris and tours.

Karambi Tombs

Karambi Tombs is also a harbor for the royal tools like the respective royal regalia, drums, spears and other personal tools that were associated by each of the respective kings during their rule. The graves of the princes, princesses and other royals of the kingdom lay just outside the tombs. These royal tombs create for a peaceful expedition. The view from outside might not communicate much to you but a lot of history lies inside each of the tombs.

Getting an entourage into the Karambi Tombs is not hard but only applies under permissions of the caretakers around. These caretakers will grant you entourage into the tombs and share with you some history of the pace as well.

Despite being abandoned for decades, Tooro Kingdom recently revealed it’s intentions to renovate the tombs and structure it into a modern facility that will house a museum, a swimming pool and a tour and travel company that will help generate more revenue to the Kingdom. More tombs are also likely to be constructed at the place since the Kingdom intends to maintain it as the main burial grounds for it’s royals.

The Karambi Tombs are situated about seven kilometers to the south west of Fort portal town on the Fort Portal – Kasese highway. Don’t wait till it’s too late, you’ve probably read some of it’s history on this post and would definitely want to recite some of it while setting foot on the famous royals grounds. Book a Uganda safari with us today and we shall include a visit to these tombs in your travel itinerary.