Top Unique Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth N.P ; Queen Elizabeth national is the top tourism safari destination for wildlife adventure on Uganda tour because it hosts a unique tree climbing lions and one of the few untouched jungle to see the tree climbing lions in the entire world part from Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania. More so, the park is a home to biodiversity of wildlife species over 95 mammals with big four out of the big fives and a paradise of birdlife with over 600 bird species as well as cool climate and scenic vegetation.

On top of that, Queen Elizabeth national park is Uganda’s second largest national park covering an area of over 1978 square kilometers large that inhabits a unique selections of wildlife’s, the terrain is naturally endowed with eyes catching undulating hills and the surrounding view rewards with neighboring mountains of the moon –mountain Rwenzori, Top Unique Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth N.P.

Below are the activities-attractions to do and enjoy in Queen Elizabeth National Park as high enlightened;

Game drive adventure

Bird Watching Encounter

Visit the Maramangambo Forest

Tour to Queen’s Pavilion

Cultural Tours

Great Ape Expedition in Kyambura Game reserve –Chimpanzee Tracking

Top Unique Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth N.P
Chimpanzee in Kyambura Gorge

 Boat Tours in the Kazinga Channel

Multi-day tours

Katwe Tourism Centre –Learn how salt is processed

Hiking Tours

Game drives

Game drives is the major highlight of activities done by the tourists to the park that gives you a great opportunity to view the park’s fauna  and flora .Best done during the morning hours in  recommended  4×4 comfortable wheels that  allows you to have a close up view  of animals in the pop roof .You will be escorted with an  expert driver guide who knows well the different tracking adventures for wildlife species in the park such tracks –sectors including a visit to Kasenyi plains gives you great to view of large number of wildlife species as well as a visit to famous Ishasha sector a great location for adventuring rare tree climbing lions while hanging up on tree branches as they wait to hang onto the heads of prey ‘’kobs’’.

During the game drive, you will be able to spot large herds of elephants skillfully using its truck to feed, hyenas patently waiting to devour the lion’s leftovers from a distance, herds of buffaloes, warthogs, waterbucks, leopards if you’re lucky in the morning hours, giant forest hog among others, you seeing all these species will make you fill much privileged to have your safari here, Top Unique Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth N.P.

Note; Three are three sessions of doing the game drive; Morning game drive which starts at 6:30 am, afternoon game drive starts at 2pm and Night game drive starts at 6: pm.


Queen Elizabeth National Park is a great hoven for birding since it hosts over 600 bird species .Meaning a major delight location for enthusiastic bird watcher  and we do recommend birder to always carry their clear digital photographic camera for future memories and pair of binoculars  , beautiful bird species to see include;  Pel’s fishing –owl ,shoebill ,Swamp flycatcher ,Collared practincole , Caspian plover ,Broad-billed roller ,African finfoot ,African hobby ,African skimmer ,Black-rumped buttonquail ,Black bee-eater ,Ayres’s hawk eagle ,Rufous –bellied heron ,Red-chested sunbird ,Pink-backed pelican ,Papyrus gonolek ,Palm-nut vulture ,Heuglin’s gull , Grey-winged robin-chat,  great blue turaco ,Crab-plover ,Common sand martin ,Collared pratincole ,Martial eagles among others. They can be spotted in different inhabits of the park’s expansive grassland, forest and wetlands and around Kazinga channels. On visit do not miss to visit at the Katwe and Bunyampaba salt lakes to have a chance of viewing flamingos. Migratory bird species can be spotted in the month April to November.

Top Unique Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth N.P
Collared practincole

Boat Tour -Kazinga Channel

On visit to Queen Elizabeth national park never leave without experiencing the boat tours on Kazinga channel that connects with Lake George and Lake Edwards is an exhilarating event for the visitors at the park. While on boat cruise you will have great sights of aquatic life species in the Kazinga channel such as large hippopotamuses taking their dips in the waters ,note Queen is a home of world’s home of high concentration of hippos and a great location for the researches about the hippos ,be able to see fierce Nile Crocodiles basking lazily on the channel banks foe feels of the warm sun .You will have chances to view various water birds like shoe bills ,king fishers ,herons among others and some animals can be seen along the water banks linking water all these experience you will be able to encounter on the cruise.

Adventuring Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha

Visit Queen Elizabeth national park a great safari destination where you will never be disappointed. In fact, it is considered a safe bet to visit and see these unique tree climbing lions in Ishasha sectors while perched up on acacia and fig trees with an enchanting sight to behold.

Ishasha sector is a rewarding site of viewing their surrounding as they wait for their potential prey like the Uganda kobs that grazes in the vicinities, also seeking for cool breeze in the trees through escaping the notorious bites from the tsetse flies on the ground below. The reason why the lions choose residence up the tree remains unclear mystery.

 To most of visitors after their visit to Bwindi impenetrable Forest national park a home for great mountain gorillas  where gorilla trekking experience is carried out .They choose to drive direct to Queen Elizabeth national park  but according to their itinerary tour package  ,drive through Queen by entering into Ishasha sector  where you can be able to enjoy fabulous game viewing of the tree climbing lions and others species to include ; herds of buffaloes ,large number of elephants ,warthogs and antelope species among others call it remarkable life adventure to Pearl of Africa.

Chimpanzee Tracking Tour

Queen Elizabeth national park is a home also for various primates such as unique Chimpanzees, colobus monkeys among others. Chimpanzee tracking in an interesting delightful life experience that allows you to meet up with our closely related cousins said to share 98% DNA to humans. The activity can take 30 to 5 hours in search for them, accompanied with park ranges who knowns well the tracking trails and where they were last seen the previous day. As you’re tracking you’re able to see other forest species such as red tailed monkeys, baboons, butterflies and bird species among others. Once you approach them one hour will be given to you to watch them as they play, feed, groom their younger ones among others, Top Unique Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth N.P.

On addition to that, the forest boasts with great hiking trails like a visit to maramangambo forest where you can visit bat caves, birding experience as well as gain full view of scenic landscape.

Best time to visit Queen Elizabeth national park/ Uganda Wildlife Safaris

Queen Elizabeth national park can be visited all year around but the best time without disappointment of heavy rainfalls, visit the park from June to September and December to February. Although you can choose to visit the park in wet season which starts from April to May and October to November and enjoy the accommodation facilities at the very cheap rate and park’s promises can be out of crowd.

Where to stay

Queen Elizabeth national park boasts with lots of comfortable accommodation units ranging from Luxury –Mid-range to Budget with good amenities that works for you.

Top Unique Activities to do in Queen Elizabeth N.P
Mweya Safari Lodge

Such accommodation facilities include; Tembo Safari Lodge, Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge, Elephants hub lodge, Pumba safari cottages, Ishasha Jungle Lodge, Mweya Safari Lodge, Elephant plains lodge, Park view lodge, Ishasha Wilderness Camp among others.