Mweya Safari Lodge | Queen Elizabeth National Park

Mweya safari lodge is one of the best luxury lodge situated in the heart of Queen Elizabeth national park offering a clear view of the park with Mweya peninsular, Kazinga channel, rift valley, wildlife in the park and the Rwenzori Mountains that are situated in close vicinity to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Mweya safari lodge was the first lodge to be constructed in Queen Elizabeth national park and is easy to connect from mweya safari lodge in Mweya peninsular to do different activities in different sectors such as boat cruise on Kazinga channel, chimpanzee trekking, tree climbing lions in Ishasha sector, exploration of Lake Katwe, enjoying a hot air ballooning and many more 

Accommodations in Mweya Safari lodge 

Mweya safari lodge has different accommodation facilities which include Presidential Cottages, standard rooms, Queens Cottages, Luxury Tents, suites, deluxe rooms, and Family Cottages as explained below;

  • Standard rooms in mweya safari lodge: These rooms include both single standard rooms, double standard rooms and the twin rooms all suitable for visitors to chill and relax their minds from a tiring day overlooking Lake Edward and Lake George.  these standard rooms at mweya safari lodge has amenities which include Well designated washrooms, phone, fan, a good balcony that offers a clear space for sitting while viewing mount Ruwenzori and the telephone 
  • Deluxe Rooms in mweya safari lodge: These rooms also have all the features similar to those in standard rooms with the addition of air-conditioners that will enable one to cool off the extreme heat after the activities in the park. The Deluxe rooms are also well furnished.  The amenities included in deluxe rooms include; a good balcony, Air conditioner, telephone, en-suite showroom, wooden floor, and king-size beds in twin deluxe rooms 
  • Suites in mweya safari lodge: Suites in mweya safari lodge are well suited with large space for relaxation where the sitting room has sofa sets where visitors sit comfortably, a minibar is also situated in the room for visitor’s to buy refreshments at ease. Other amenities included in the suites at mweya safari lodge include; en-suite bathroom, telephone, large balcony, wooden floor, among others 
  • Queens’ Cottage in mweya safari lodge: Visitors who book the queens cottages in mweya peninsular lodge indeed sleep like queens. The queen’s cottages have amenities such as Luxury master bedroom, a plasma screen, dining room, kitchen, en-suite bathroom, a large balcony, a minibar, telephone, Air conditioner, and a safe
  • Presidential Cottage in mweya safari lodge: These cottages are well designed and well furnished with enough space for privacy and the rooms are filled with most of the luxury amenities such as Air conditioner, safe, Flat TV, king-size bedroom, enough balcony that offers a wield range view of the Kazinga channel, en- route bathroom, kitchen, fridge, living room, Minibar, Twin bedroom with a bathroom, and luxury furniture
  • Family Cottages in mweya safari lodge: This is specifically designed to accommodate families on a Uganda tour to Queen Elizabeth national park. The family cottages in mweya safari lodge are well furnished with a balcony that offers a view of the Rwenzori Mountains and lark Edward at large. Family cottages have several amenities such as fridge, mini bar, air conditioner, living room, bathroom, Master bedroom, 2 Twin rooms, telephone, coffee and tea services, 
  • Royal Cottages in mweya safari lodge: These cottages at mweya safari lodge are best for the families or group tours all rooms are well furnished and installed with air conditioners to keep them cool all the time. The rooms in royal cottages are suited with a flat TV screen, a wide balcony to overview Lake Edward and the Rwenzori Mountains, and other amenities available in the Rwenzori cottages 
  • Luxury Tents in mweya safari lodge: Mweya Safari Lodge has well-furnished luxurious tents, with both double rooms and twin rooms and en-suite bathrooms. These tents have several luxurious amenities including; well-installed air conditioners, dressing tables, and a large balcony for clear viewing of the Kazinga channel.

Services and amenities at Mweya safari lodge 

Mweya safari lodge offers the best unbeaten services to the visitors that opt for an overnight there ranging from good customer services, best reception, Swimming Pool that is well situated offering a clear view of the Kazinga channel where guests can enjoy the cool breathe while sipping of some cool juice and watching the water birds as the flock Kazinga channel. There is also Tembo Bar with a well designated verandah where guest chill also overlooking the lake across for a sundowner, a  Gift Shop with different souvenirs including handicrafts, clothes and other things. The lodge also has conference halls, restaurants, SPA Massage, business centers, internet services, and mweya information Centre and many more in a cool environment that is friendly and good for all kinds of people including those on a honeymoon, other safaris.

Mweya Safari Lodge
Mweya Safari Lodge

Other Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Since Queen Elizabeth National Park is a very big park with different sectors, it is not only known for harboring the tree-climbing lions and other wildlife but also the best place to relax and chill overnight after spending a tiring day in the park doing different activities due to the nature of the lodges situated in the heart of the park and the surrounding sectors that provide the best facilities and amenities for the visitors on a tour to Queen Elizabeth National park.

These accommodations range from Budget, midrange and luxury facilities enabling any visitor on the tour to stay in any lodge of their choice according to different factors which include their pocket, the sector to be visited since there are different sectors in Queen Elizabeth National park, tastes, and preferences. These lodges include Ishasha wilderness camp, Marafiki safari lodge, Queen Elizabeth bush lodge, Kasenyi safari camp, Ihamba, lakeside safari lodge, Park view safari lodge, Kazinga Channel View Resort, Mweya Hostel and cottages, Tembo Safari Lodge, institute of Ecology Uganda, Mweya Hostel, Hippo Hill camp Uganda, Bush Lodge, Enjojo Lodge, Kingfisher Lodge, Simba Safari Lodge and many more with different amenities.