Top Things to Do in Mombasa Kenya  : Mombasa is renowned as a beautiful touristic destination to go for your safari holiday, leisure time, and relaxation because it boasts a lot of incredible attractions that make visitors’ stay memorable. However, it is a tourist place for its beautiful beaches, world-class beach resorts, and its historical significance. More so, Mombasa is the most popular tourist destination in Kenya and the second largest city to Nairobi in the heart of Africa –Kenya. It is also a gorgeous place one should visit because of its rewarding Island on the Indian Ocean and the capital of the wider Mombasa county comprised of several other nearby smaller islands. The native people located around the island are the Mijikenda and the Swahili but before people who occupied the place meaning the early settlers were; Arabs, Portuguese, Locals, and the British. But now there is a lot of intermarriages left behind with a perfect blend of culture and a legacy that also includes; beautiful architecture –temple, mosques, towns, and cuisines. Despite her natural beauty, cultural diversity, and rich history as the main point of trade Mombasa has grown into one of East Africa’s economic hubs with an international airport and one of the busiest ports in Africa.

More to that, Mombasa connects several landlocked countries in East Africa to the Indian Ocean including mainland Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mombasa is also a great location to recommend to tourists thus offers a chance to experience its rich coral reefs, water sports, seafaring traditions, seas food, architectural wonders, amazing hotels and palm tree –white sand beaches and this is quite an interesting experience for traveler’s to only discover something they didn’t know existed.

Here are the top tourist attractions to see and do in Mombasa tours as explained below;

Fort Jesus; Fort Jesus is one of the top tourist attractions in Mombasa and it’s on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, which was built by the Portuguese between 1593 and 1596. The Fort is a well–preserved military fortification that reminds of you the great battles of the 16th century occupied by the Portuguese, Arabs, and British and the local population.

This building was designed in the shape of a man by an Italian architect known as. Cairati. Some parts of the structure are now ruined but much of it remains complete.

The museum is built in the main barracks of the garrison and visiting the place is the best way to have a chance of seeing weapons that were used by the Portuguese to defend the Island during the 16th century as you get gainful views of the Indian Ocean, the blue waters and surrounding areas. You will have chances of seeing other items that were traded by the Portuguese, Arabs, and British. More so, Fort Jesus is a perfect location for photo shooting.

Visit the Old Town; Travelers wishing to know the old amazing life lived by the Portuguese while still in Kenya, take a visit to the old town of Mombasa. The place will give you an idea of how things were when the Portuguese ruled the Island. You won’t only visit the place but also getting amazed by the old building and their old unique architectural designs with cool balconies and doors of rare designs.  You should crown your day in the old town by visiting one of the souvenir shops where you can buy fragrant oils for your beloved ones.

 Mombasa Tusks; This is one of the most beautiful attractions to visit in Mombasa famously known as monumental structures.  This building reminds a special visit made by Queen Elizabeth in 1952. However, the structure is locally referred to as ‘’PembeMbili’’ which means two tusks in the Swahili language. More then, the tusk is built at the entrance of the main city center to form the letter ‘’M’’ representing the word Mombasa. It’s quite a beautiful place shouldn’t leave without taking some photos for your collections. You can go forward to visit the busy town made up of several banks and large shopping centers.

Check out the ship traffic at Mama Ngina Drive; This is best done in your free time in the evening, go enjoy Ngina drive around the park where you are allowed to sightsee all the different types of ships that dock in Mombasa. We see many residents prefer visiting mama Ngina to pass time and as they count the number of ships entering and leaving the country. If you tend to visit it at the right time of the year, the ship traffic can be worthwhile. During the peak season of the year, the place gets crowds sometimes but there is enough security. You can get to visit one of the spacious restaurants in the area for soft drinks and tasty seafood.

Swimming with dolphins; is quite a life experience but for those who are experts only since the area is surrounded by unique islands which allow people to enjoy beach life. The north coast beaches are highly recommended because they are located close to the airport and the city itself.

Beaches include; Bamburi, Shanzu, and Nyali and these are quite beautiful beaches characterized by clear water and rewardable green palm trees. Well, there are several water sports in the area where you can enjoy activities like diving and deep-sea fishing. If you’re not good or need swimming or any water sports, you can simply go for a walk along the beaches to enjoy the cool breeze, blue waters, and white sand.

Along one of these water vessels, you can participate in surfing, sailing, diving, water-skiing, snorkeling as well as windsurfing. Tourists who wish to take part in the above-mentioned activities, prefer visiting Diani beach, and Tiwi beach among others, and there is no lack of accommodation around. All beaches have got perfect hotels and restaurants that serve tasty seafood.

Top Things to Do in Mombasa Kenya
Mombasa Kenya

Walk along the beautiful nature trails; You can take part in visiting different islands that make up Mombasa a tourist destination. Get amazed at the beautiful scenery and natural vegetation along the beaches, visitors can also view creatures such as reptiles, monkeys, and birds among others. The most interesting nature trails are that close to the Malindi –Mombasa highway that gives rewardable views of beautiful landscapes and scenery on the island.

Cruise on a dhow –Ride on a ferry; This is also part of the amazing attractions to involve in while on a visit. This can be done through hiring or paying in little money to enjoy the cruise, while on the cruise you will be able to enjoy exploring the ocean as you watch the sunset, enjoy eats and dine under the moonlights. Going for a cruise once time experience which is best done with friends or as a group, always endeavor to move with snacks and drinks whether on the ferry or a dhow.

Ride on a tuk-tuk ride; You can take part in the tuk-tuk ride which is more exciting when experienced through the busiest streets of the Islands. They might be uncomfortable trails but more fun.

Visit –Mombasa Marine National Park; This is one of the outstanding attractions in Mombasa that attracts several visitors. The park itself protects coral reefs, sandy beaches, mangroves, and sea grasses. There is the best place for travelers who want to dive under waters with the great reward of sea horses and see eels and beautiful vegetation at a closer distance.

Shimba Hills National Reserve; This reserve is located 33 kilometers away from Mombasa town and comprised of savanna, woodlands, ponds, waterfalls, and tropical rain forest where you can do guided nature walks and be able to see endangered species of plants like orchids and cycads.

Mombasa Go-Kart; is the best place for children’s entertainment a fun while on a visit to Mombasa. The place offers learning spotting activities to children like jumping and boggles.

Visit Haller park; This is one of the best places you can get amazed at while on a Kenya safari or holiday to Mombasa. A great place you can meet these beautiful giraffe species and have chances of feeding there through your hand. The park is also home to turtles, hippos, waterbucks, zebra’s m buffaloes, giraffes, and notable bird species to be seen around.

 Essentials to pack on Mombasa tours include; Travel documents –yellow fever vaccination certificate, hard cash, swimming costumes –beach sandals and light clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, clear camera, and binoculars among others.

The best time to visit Mombasa tour –Kenya is all year round though the best time without the interruption of heavy rain starts from July to October and December to February these are the perfect time for vising Mombasa attractions because the vegetation can be very green and the skies blue.