Top Things to Do in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and Attractions ; Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is hallmark Uganda safari destination that lies along the Albertine rift valley in the western Uganda regions close to Lake Albert and boosts as excellent stop for scenic gainful view while on your way to Murchison Falls National Park and Kibale Forest National park. However, the reserve has a small protected area measuring an area of about 87 square kilometers which is comprised of savannah plains and from the reserve to other visited safari you are rewarded with panoramic views of Lake Albert and blue mountain of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is a magnificent national reserve offering unforgettable various tourists activities which makes your visits at the reserve quiet while and here are the highlight things you can do while on your visit to remarkable Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve as explained below;

Attractions to See on Safari in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve   

Encounter Beautiful Scenery

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is considered as one of the most beautiful area in Uganda it might look small in size but the size doesn’t matter, for the plenty of attractions that boosts with. Since is located in the western side of Albert rift valley between the amazing blue mountain of Democratic Republic of Congo and the tranquil Lake Albert. Upon your visit here, expect to enjoy the spectacular views with memorable photography.

Top Things to Do in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and Attractions
wildlife in Kabwoya

Animal Species

 This nature reserve is a home to wide range of wildlife species and some of animals to see include; Uganda Kob, Bush buck, Duiker, Buffalo and primates which are Chimpanzees, baboons, black and white colobus monkeys that inhabits of the forest and along river Hoywa and wambabya. Hippopotamuses can be seen along Lake Albert cliffs.


Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is a truly birders hoven, with approximately 460 bird species that includes Albertine endemic bird species. Bird species includes; Yellow-eye black flycatcher, Rwenzori batis, Purple-breasted sunbird, Regal, Sunbird, Stallman’s sun bird, Strange weaver, Dusky crimson-wing, Shelley’s crimson –wing, Archer’s Robin Chat, Blue-headed Sunbird, Handsome francolin, Rwenzori turaco, Willard’s Sooty boubou, Stripe-breasted tit, Grauer’s broadbill, Black-faced apalis, Rwenzori apalis, Grauer’s swamp warbler, Red-faced woodland warbler among others.

Top –highlights things to do in Uganda-Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Guided nature walks and hiking

Game drives


Fishing on Lake Albert

Mountain biking

Fossil hunting

Quad biking experience

Below are the explained top things to do in Uganda Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

Bird Watching

There is no doubt of the reserve to be a privileged safari destination for birding and it has been selected one of the top birding areas on Uganda birding hosting over 460 bird species recorded, comprised of Albertine rift endemics because of the ranking with plenty of population of bird species. Bird species to see in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve that has made it a fabulous birding site in Uganda and here  are the birds to be spotted including ; Hawk eagle ,little green sunbird ,grey headed sunbirds , Red chested owlet , little grey parrot , northern carmine bee-eater ,Pied kingfishers ,grey parrot ,African pits ,Western nicator , Yellow billed Oxpeckers ,Gray heron ,Gray crowned cranes ,Black headed weavers , ,all you need to do to enjoy your birding encounter on Uganda Birding Safari  ,carry a clear and good camera with enough space and batteries as well as binoculars among others.

Game Drives-Wildlife Viewing

This reserve is a landmark of wildlife viewing composed of short savannah grasslands and memorable driving trails with rewardable view of animal species as you adventure into the landscape on your 4wheel vehicle. Animals to explore in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve includes Herds of buffaloes, warthogs, Uganda kobs, duikers ,hippos , bushbucks ,mongoose ,sitatunga many more. There are three session to do game drive ;Morning ,Afternoon and Night drives thus becoming  great site to visit  while on game drive experience.

Fishing on Lake Albert

Upon your visit to Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve you can go engage and enjoy the fishing tour on the Lake Albert and fish species to see includes Mud fish, Nile perch, cat fish among other. Endeavor to carry fishing equipment’s like hooks which will helps you in catching lots if fish species like Nile perch.

Top Things to Do in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and Attractions
Lake Albert

Mountain Biking Experience

This activity is quite exciting which can be done along amazing trails that runs through the savannah plains of the reserve while on ride you’re able to spot many animal species and birds. Animals you will be able to see includes ;waterbucks, antelopes, buffaloes among others.

Guided Hiking and Nature walks

 The reserve has got a lot of stunning trails offering break taking views of Lake Albert and the blue mountain of Democratic Republic of Congo hence being a great stopping site for guided nature walk experience. Guided hiking in Kabwoya is more attractive on the Albertine Rift escarpment while high chances of spotting animals such as antelopes, warthogs and various bird species many more.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is interesting and adventurous experience. While enjoying the activity in the reserve you will be able to enjoy thrilling views of the lake, animals and birds.

Fossil hunting

On visit you will be able to experience this unique activity which can be done as a family and as a group through collecting the remains of the old age things like arrowhead, pieces of pottery, spearhead many more.

Accommodation Facilities to Stay in Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve

There is spacious lodge; Lake Albert Safari Lodge which is a luxurious lodge composed of 11 comfortable cottages and a camping site all for the Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve. The lodge features with good amenities like outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, free parking, Airport pickups and drops offs, Comfortable parking and free Wi-Fi.

Kironko Lodge is also one of the accommodation to cater for tourist stay at Kabwoya Wildlife Authority, it was built on top of Albertine rift overlooking Lake Albert and the lodge offers gainful breathtaking views of Lake Albert and the Blue mountains of Democratic of Republic of Congo.

Getting there;

Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is located just 20 kilometers from Kampala and about 150 kilometers from Murchison falls national park and over 200 kilometers from Kibale Forest National park. From Kampala to Kabwoya Reserve can be reached using Busunju-kiboga route with a drive of4 hours.