Top Things to Do in Gombe National Park – Tanzania Safari –Primate Destination

Top things to do in Gombe National Park; Gombe National Park also known as Gombe stream National park famously known as  a stunning location where Jane Goodall  began her behavioral research she carried on the chimpanzee population However,the park lies in western Kigoma region in Tanzania , which was established in 1968 and managed by the Tanzania National Park  Authority a government body  .Gombe Stream covers  a small land size of about 35 square kilometers  that  enlarges along the hills of the eastern shore  of Lake Tanganyika and its purpose of establishment was  to protect wildlife species  most especially the primates  including high population of chimpanzees , olive baboons ,red tailed monkeys , blue monkeys ,red colobus and vervet monkeys among others ,a great location for birding with over 200 bird species such as African fish eagles ,Kenya rufous sparrow ,Livingstone’s turaco ,palm-nut vulture ,African paradise flycatcher among others. other animal’s species to see include; hippos, leopard, snakes and since it is located near the shore of Lake Tanganyika a home to over 100 colorful Cichlid fish and swimming and snorkeling can be done.

Below are the top things to do in Gombe National Park as listed below;

Chimpanzee tracking; If you wish to participate in chimpanzee trekking experience at the park take a day trip or more days and get enough time to encounter the park trekking these great apes and other primate species to see include red tailed monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, blue monkey among others.

The limited age to engage in chimpanzee trekking is 15 years and above. Chimpanzee trekking goes at USD100 per person per trek. Chimpanzee trekking goes with strict rules to apply while tracking; Trekkers must be in good health, ill visitors are not allowed to trek and keep a distance of about 32 feet away from chimpanzees.

Top things to do in Gombe National Park
Chimpanzee Trekking in Gombe

Game viewing; While on safari in Gombe National park visitors can do game viewing where you can be able to adventure wildlife species including bush pigs, bushbucks and reed and bucks and often viewed within the forests.

Scenery: On visit you can tour the park where you can get amazed of the beautiful land scape with beautiful nature and plant species.

Visit Lake Tanganyika

On visit to Gombe national park, you will have a great chance to tour around the African great lake known as the longest deepest lake in Africa and the second deepest lake in the world.

Encounter reptiles and Amphibians; While adventuring the park’s promises, you will have chances of seeing numerous reptilian and amphibian species.

Bird watching; The park is also a good location to encounter both migratory and residential birds such as pied kingfisher, palmnut vulture, trumpeter hornbill, Red-capped robin –chat, Ross’s turaco, Livingstone’s turaco, Double-toothed barbet, Crowned eagle, Black saw wing, African broadbill among others. Note birding can be done on guided nature walk or during chimpanzee trekking.

 Sport fishing; Travelers during their visit can do fishing along Lake Tanganyika where you can be able to enjoy fishing experience by the help of the guide but you need to pay a fishing permit.

Guided Nature Walks; While on the nature walk, you can take a walk to a Goodall foundation old feeding station where Dr Goodall carried out a research on behaviors of chimpanzees and it’s the same place where Henry Stanley met Dr Livingstone in 1871.

Snorkeling and Diving

Gombe National park a beautiful place for relaxation as you go unwind at the beach along Lake Tanganyika and a stunning place for snorkeling and diving.


Engaging in Kayaking is the better way to explore part of thrilling Lake Tanganyika.

Top things to do in Gombe National Park
Kayaking on lake taganyika


Gombe is a perfect place for filming, where even number of Tanzanian Tv crews and journalists have been interest in this unique species ‘’chimpanzee and conservation.

Cultural encounter

On safari to Gombe, you can visit Mwamgongo village that lies adjacent to the park where you can be able to learn about traditional dances and local art and craft. Learn how to do pottery, fabrics, grass hats and baskets using traditional techniques and local materials.

Other activities to do at Gombe National Park include; Snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, boat cruise all to be done along Lake Tanganyika, butterfly grazing, filming, cultural encounter at Mwamgongo villages.

Best time to visit; Gombe national park is all year visited on Tanzanian Safari but the best season of the year starts from June to October and December to February.

Where to stay; Gombe boosts with all kinds of accommodation unit varying from campsites to Luxurious accommodation though the price depends on tourist’s budget. Some of lodges include; Mbali Mbali Gombe, Kigoma Hilltop Hotel, Lake Tanganyika Hotel

Getting to Gombe National Park

Gombe National Park can easily be accessed by boat from Kigoma town but depending on your traveling route –itinerary. Or The park can be accessed from Kigoma town which is just 16 kilometers from the park.

Alternatively, you can access it by plane through booking your international flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport ‘’JRO’’ in Arusha town or Julius Nyerere International Airport ‘’DAR’’ in Dar es Salaam.