Top things to do at Ol Pejeta conservancy; Over all, OI Pejeta conservancy is located in the foothills of snow-capped Mount Kenya in central Kenya’s Laikipia county   and the place is famous for hosting the world’s last two northern white rhinos. More so, what makes OI Pejeta conservancy worth visiting because it sounds as one of the best and most organized safari parks in Africa. It is a home of all the big fives and also being one of great location to explore wide range of rhinos in the world and due to its accessibility and range of activities, it’s a very family friendly safari destination too.

 In general, OI Pejeta conservancy is a private owned wildlife reserve found in central Kenya, a sanctuary to the largest black rhino in Africa and home to Najin and Fatu, the last two remaining northern white rhinos in the world. Furthermore, the reserve is beautiful with views of Mount Kenya, exploring of abundance of wildlife and there are variety of amazing activities for all ages meaning its very family –friendly safari destination.

The place is good to add to your bucket list if you are on safari to Northern Kenya, visiting places like Samburu National Reserve and Lake Turkana. Since the reserve is bit close to Mount Kenya the second tallest mountain in Africa and one of Africa’s best hiking and photographic destinations, Top Things to Do at Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Top Things to Do at Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Top Things to Do at Ol Pejeta Conservancy

There are several unique top Things to do on visit in OI Pejeta Conservancy as listed below;

Poaching Unit Visit

Ol Pejeta’s anti-poaching dog unit is open to visitors. On visit here, you can play a game of human canine hide and seek. This experience is quite awesome as you try to dodge the canines and finding a spot to hide inside the Morani information Centre. This is the best way of fun to interact with the dogs. The visits to the unit are restricted to six people per group but not recommendable for children under the age of 12 years old.

Lion Tracking Experience

This is a unique opportunity to do towards lion conservation within the conservancy which involves in researchers to track and learn more about the lions living there. You joining the researchers helps them to gather important research information needed to monitor the lions. Lions can be identified with features like ear tears, whisker spots and nose spots can be used. While it is a perfect way to learn about lions and also spending time with them while out in the bush.

Riding with Rhinos in the Endangered Species Enclosure

Since it’s a home to the largest population of black rhinos and a great place that offers you a wonderful chance to encounter a myriad of plains game. The highlight of this activity is to meet the last remaining northern white rhinos. These rhinos namely, Najin and Fatu are the daughters of Sudan and it has become world –famous after being the last remaining male northern white rhino before their passing away in March 2018.

Then after the three years’ rhinos arrived at OI Pejeta and suni was seen mating with Najin. Unfortunately, after 16 months there were no baby rhinos. In few years later, a southern white male was introduced to Najin and Futu, which is owe inspiring. In late 2014 Suni died of natural causes thus leaving Sudan as the last remaining northern white rhino.

Top Things to Do at Ol Pejeta Conservancy
Ride Horses with Rhinos

Junior Ranger Program

At OI Pejeta conservancy there is children activity children between the age of four and twelve. You may wonder how you will keep them entertained while on visit here. On visit here, children can become a ranger for the day by purchasing a Junior Ranger Pack. The pack includes a book filled with fun activities as well as coloring crayons and stickers. Children will involve in feeding younger rhinos.

Running with Rangers

If you are a fitness enthusiast and love the outdoors, there is no better way to start off your day here than engaging a run with the conservancy’s rangers. Running can take 5-7 kilometers run which follows gentle terrain across the plains and while running around the nature, you have a chance to encounter wildlife such as rhinos and elephants.

After your run, you will be welcomed to join the rangers for a fresh cup of aroma coffee.

Note, the physical fitness requires a group of six people.

Horseback riding

This is unbeatable track where you can enjoy the beautiful nature and getting opportunity to get close to wildlife species.

Drive into the wild

 You can enjoy the reserve on game drive accompanied with a guide to lead you out in to the wild for just KSH 2,500.

Enjoy the camp fire

While at Kicheche camp, you will enjoy camp fire during evening time after your day activity, chill out with other guests make stories about activities you had during the day, Top Things to Do at Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

Cultural and Community visits

On visit, you can be arranged a visit to the locals who surrounds the conservancy and are always eager to share their culture and history. You will also visit agricultural projects like water collection and tree nurseries, visit the local school among others.

Best Time to Visit OI Pejeta?

The best time to visit OI Pejeta is in peak season that starts from June to September or January to February.  You can choose to visit in October which is also a good month to visit when the prices are lower, within this period it may experience a little rain but not too much.

Another option, you can choose to visit the reserve in rainy seasons of April and May. During this period, it can be the cheapest time to visit the wildlife species in the reserve and still accommodation rates can be lower due to few tourists who visits the park. So recommend you to use 4×4 wheel vehicle especially if you’re planning to do safari in your own car.

Where to stay in OI Pejeta Conservancy

The reserve has few accommodation options to choose from within OI Pejeta such as Camping, the stables and Pelican House and the rest are privately owned.

Camping; Inside the reserve there are five campsites to choose from ‘’ Mbogo, Hippo, Hide, Murera Ndonga, Ewaso, Ol Lerai’’. They are very affordable.

The Stables; This is budget oriented accommodations in the park.

Pelican House; It is self-catering house that accommodates 8 people. On visit, you need to carry your own food and cook for yourself or hire a cook to help for the fully catered option.

Rift Valley Adventures; They comprises 10 large tents that can sleep 2 to 12 people each thus making a comfortable a great place if you have a big group. This tent can accommodate up to 100 people.

Other accommodation unit include; Sweetwater’s, Serena Camp, OI Pejeta Bush Camp, Kicheche Laikipia Camp, Porini Rhino Camp, OI Pejeta Bush Camp, OI pejeta Safari Cottages, Comfort Gardens Sweetwater’s, Mutara Camp , Olepangi farm ,Le Rustique among others comfortable accommodation unit .

Top Things to Do at Ol Pejeta Conservancy
OI Pejeta Bush Camp

Getting to OI Pejeta?

You can hire a car from Avis and drove north side to Samburu National Reserve and then OI Pejeta is found on the way back to Kenya’s Capital Nairobi.

Driving to OI Pejeta it takes 4 hours’ drive from Nairobi. Using a car here, it makes transportation easy as it allows you to get to and around the park easily.

You can also travel by public transport ‘’bus’’ to Nanyuki and arrange trips into the park from there.

By Air; You can fly to Nanyuki Airport from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport with Air Kenya – you can arrange your pick up from there through your lodge.