Nanyuki Town in Kenya-City Tours; Nanyuki town is one of most stunning town with outstanding historical back ground in Kenya found in central Kenya and it’s known as a gateway to Mount Kenya and the wilderness of Mount Kenya National Park .However ,there are lots of interesting trails where guided nature walk can be guided such as trails include; the Naro Moru, Sermon routes, ascend the mountain. However, visiting the park expect to adventure diversity of wildlife species such as giant forest hogs, leopards many more. Furthermore, it’s a rewarding place for birders a home to more than 100 bird species. You can also be able to access to the Northwest of Nanyuki, the plains and hills of the vast Laikapia Plateau which are inhabitant of wildlife species such as lions, rare Gravy’s zebras, elephants among others.

History About Nanyuki Town

Historically, this area was a settlement as a home for Maasai herders who found ochre in Nanyuki   and a ground for coated cattle. More so, in 1907 the British immigrates were the one living there in those early days of colonial Kenya. Although, some of their descendants still live around the town.

Nanyuki Town in Kenya
Nanyuki Town in Kenya

And during the Mau Mau rebellion, their raised a volunteer mounted police force at his own expense thus leading them into battle against the Mau Mau. Meanwhile, today the town is composed of farms, ranches, game parks and wildlife conservancies in the region.

Nanyuki town is well known for thrilling farms, ranches, game parks and wildlife conservancies in the region and all based to visitors seeking to climb Mount Kenya. However, the town sits on the Equator and on visit here you can enjoy sunshine through sub bathing throughout the year.

This town is popular because of Mount Kenya and its alpine forest which surrounds the area. Still it’s a great safari in the green fields of OI Pejeti as well as ancient landscape of the Loldaiga Hills.

Size; This town   is comprised of about half a million acres of land in a broad swathe to the west and North of Mount Kenya.

Since the town is located in Kenya and of which Nairobi is the capital city. Then getting to Nanyuki by car from Nairobi, it takes a driving distance of around 190 kilometers which estimates 2hours 47  hours to drive from Nairobi to Nanyuki.

Nanyuki Town in Kenya
Mount Kenya

Furthermore , the town is located few meters away of the north of the Equator  and lies 7 kilometers away from Nanyuki Airport and to the south of the town along the highway to Nairobi and is served by light aircraft .Here are the regular flights operated  include ; Air Kenya ,Safari link and Fly SAX are very convenient to both businessmen and tourists  .The town can be also be outreached by road transport and there is no need of worry where to stay  ,because there are number of luxury rooms with gainful view of Mount Kenya  alongside wildlife conservations.

So tourist on visit can visit several national parks and reserves in the vicinity of Nanyuki, places to visit like Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy and Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club these places attracts number of visitors seeking for a luxury safari experience. You can visit other fabulous places like William Holden Wildlife Foundation aims to breed and re-introduce the endangered bongo species into Mount Kenya   ,Visit Ol Pejeta Conservancy ,Lewa wildlife Conservancy ,Samburu National Reserve as well as Shaba National Reserve.

This town is well developed with lots of academic institutions to improve on the standard of living in the economy   such institutions includes; Moi Equator Girl’s High School, Braeburn International School Nanyuki, Mary Immaculate primary school, St Jude Nturukuma Secondary among other nice schools.

 Things to do on visit to Nanyuki town;

 They include; Walking tour, Climbing Mount Kenya, Visit Ol Pejeta Conservancy where you can be able to view various wildlife, Do hiking to Le Satima and Dragons Teeth Aberdares, Do sport fishing, engage in multi day tours to Maasai Mara, Lake Naivasha, Amboseli, Tsavo National Parks among others, Enjoy day trips to national parks and reserves, Enjoy road trip adventure towards Jude sea, deserts , Engage in Camel walking safari with Maasai people ,Visit the Maasai communities among others.

Where to stay on visit to Nanyuki Town in Kenya

Nanyuki Town in Kenya
Sweetwater’s Serena camp

However ,there are no worry of where you can sleep on visit to Nanyuki town ,note there comfortable accommodation with gainful view of amazing tourist attraction in the places such lodges ,camps and hotels includes ; Solio lodge ,Segera Retreat ,Sweetwater’s Serena camp ,Laikipia Wilderness camp ,Sweetwater’s tented camp among others