Top Amazing Beach Holidays in Kenya Safaris : Kenya is famously known as one of the Top African tourist’s destination to go to for your long holiday could be festival season –Christmas and Easter. More so, Kenya sound as the heart of Africa –East African country that sits on the Indian ocean and it encompasses with various nature features such as savannah, Lakelands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley and mountain highlands. It is a home to all big fives and to diversity of wildlife, bird species, unique culture, nature, national parks, reserves and city attractions like the amazing museums among others. Traveling from Nairobi Kenya’s capital city ,safaris that takes you to several marvelous national parks such as a visit  to one of world’s popular Maasai Mara National Reserve a famous Kenyan safari destination  because of the annual wildebeest migrations event that attracts millions of visitors to come  and be part of this incredible activity ,Visit Amboseli National Park a home to world’s high population of elephants and it became a researching center about the elephants as well as a great location that offers spectacular view of magnificent  Mount Kilimanjaro with the highest peak that measures about 5,895 meter high among others.

Below are the best beaches in Kenya holiday safari;

Kenya’s biggest and most amazing tourist attraction are the beaches since it is surrounded with coastline Indian Ocean that stuns with best beaches in Africa. Starts from the Lamu archipelago in the far north and the resort beaches near Mombasa to lesser shorelines in between a stint on a Kenyan beach which is worth adding to your trip itinerary.

Top Amazing Beach Holidays in Kenya Safaris
Lamu Island

Kenya also boosts with the East Africa’s largest port –Mombasa which has been spotted by new arrivals from around the world for centuries such as British colonists, Arab traders and Indian and Chinese immigrants ,the region’s cuisine ,architecture and population reflects minds. During festive season Mombasa beaches can be flocked by travelers because of the beauty of the islands and remarkable activities.

It’s good to go when visiting Kenya Holiday Safari where you can be able to enjoy looking for relaxation ,family-friendly lifestyle –spots with calm waters  ,good food ,aquatic  life adventures in form of Kayaking ,Scuba diving or whale watching ,enjoy beach life.

Some top amazing beach holiday in Kenya Safaris including;

Dian Beach

Dian beach is one of the best amazing beaches to visit and be able to enjoy thrilling long walks and watersports along the Island, however it is positioned about 30 kilometers south of Mombasa. Most of travelers Dian Beach is their favorite one because it offers with a long stretch of soft, powder white sand and perfect hotels on request for stay, serviced beach villas as well as countless restaurant, Top Amazing Beach Holidays in Kenya Safaris

While here, you can participate in various fabulous beach activities such as Kitesurfing, Kayaking, standup paddle boarding and deep-see fishing as well as skydiving for views.

It is also a dream location for divers and snorkelers with many dive sites which is less than an hour away by boat. Around here you can engage in reef sharks, spotting endangered hawksbill and green turtles. If your lucky visit in period of November to February, you might see whale sharks. For kids –can enjoy glass- bottomed boat tours offering   a safe and an easy glimpse of the underwater world.

After celebrating beach life from Dian beach, you can opt a visit to Shimba Hills National Reserve sits just 16 kilometers away and home to various wildlife species such as elephants, mongooses, monkeys, bird species and noble endangered sable antelope

Nyali Beach –Mombasa Beach Holiday

Nyali beach is also a fabulous life holiday to go and ranks one of the best Mombasa beaches that often mean the long stretches that locates north and south of the city like Dian and Watamu Beaches. This beach has a lot of features that suits all ages and marks one of the most accessible and convenient stretches of sand.

It stuns with white –sand beach has with a good selection of hotels and restaurants across all budgets and while on visit here, you can enjoy a variety of beach activities and watersport, it cannot be the most awesome Kenya’s beaches but ranks with a new famous Nyali Bridge connecting Nyali to Mombasa Island and can be easy to access the old Town and famous ancient Fort Jesus.

While on safari here, you can enjoy excellent seafood on a full dinner, book a trip on a dhow ‘’traditional sailboat’’ for a crewed sunset cruise around the harbor.

Galu Beach

The Galu beaches is a thrilling site for eco-tourism and kitesurfing and it boosts with an endless stretch of coastline to the south of Mombasa. Furthermore, it stuns with beautiful sand to walk over, Top Amazing Beach Holidays in Kenya Safaris

On visit here, you can go opt to go visit Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest an interesting jungle that sits on the Kenyan coast well known as a home to primate’s species like vervet and colobus monkeys and a visit to sacred site for local communities. However, there is eco tours run by Colobus Conservation which is worth and was set up to protect these threatened primates and conserve their habit after locals noticing over the increase death of the colobus monkeys along busy Diana beach road.

Watamu Beach –Mombasa Beach Holiday

This beach sounds as an excellent safari destination to go for beach life with beast enjoyable activities like snorkeling and marine life, lies about 108kilometeres north of Mombasa. However, Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve is a home to famous water species such as parrotfish, angelfish, three species of turtles and quite more marine species thus making it an underwater hoven. Best chances to visit and be able to spot whale sharks, kitesurfing is between July to October.

Top Amazing Beach Holidays in Kenya Safaris

More so, Watamu is categorized of three bays that is Watamu, Blue Lagoon and Turtle and they offer white sand, coconut palm-lined natural wonders.

Other activities to do include; scuba dives, fishing trips, Kayaking and Windsurfing lessons.

Kikambala Beach

 This is also a perfect safari destination to go   located north of Mombasa along the road that ends a few hundred meters away from the shore and if you prefer to stay in quiet sands and snorkeling, it’s worthwhile. This is a renowned beach most liked by the local community that makes a stunning atmospheric at the end of the day with children kicking soccer balls around and people like relaxing around with cold beers at small beach kiosks, Top Amazing Beach Holidays in Kenya Safaris.


Malindi noted as one of the Kenya’s most intriguing beach towns well known as Little Italy after the Italian- run Broglio Space Center which was opened in the late 1960’s. Ideally, Malindi has a long and lovely stretch of beach while the town around is faded feel of the charm. Comfortable and clean lodges are positioned along road that leads to Malindi town among other