Malindi Museum: Malindi Museum is one of the most visited tourism site that displays things of the old and was once dedicate to the history of the ethnic groups of the Kenyan coast and the marine animals that call themselves species of here.

Historical Background of Malindi Museum

Historically, Malindi Museum lies in two story building data that began from 1891, and once named as House of Columns. In spite the fact that, the building was built by Adhussein Gulamhussein and operated as an Indian trading Centre since its existence in 1891. At first it used to be Malindi’s native hospital which featured with five round pillars. Furthermore, before this building turning into a museum, it first served as a hospital and headquarters of the Department of Fisheries. Later on, in 1991, it was declared as a national monument. Then in 1,999 the House of Column was transferred to the National Museum of Kenya and officially it was opened for tourism in 2004 as museum. Since 2009 the building has inhabited as Ethnographic Museum of coastal Kenya.

Malindi Museum
Malindi Museum

Note, the building was designed with four entrances of which on the east façade can be accessed through colonnade of 5 rounded pillars. One entrance has an Indian Guajarati 9 hand fitted to it. Then the third entrance is on the northern façade up a masonry stairway which has a small trap door of Indian type serving both the ground and first floor of the building.

The fourth entrance is found on the southern façade which can be reached via an external wooden staircase. Getting on the first floor, there are examples of interesting carved Bajuni doors

 Infact, the museum contains number of historical artifacts from Malindi that exhibits traditional display items such as tools and costumes, musical instruments.

 The ethnographic section in Museum; This section contains number of the artifacts of the people ‘’Mijikenda’’ who are ethnic group that belonged to Arabs who settled in Malindi. Addition to that, the museum features with artifacts from other local communities that houses the Kenyan coast and other objects from the Swahili civilization. However, the museum also has section that displays about fish species and the history of the Malindi. Though the museum features with temporary exhibition including famous Malindi item collection. More then, it also has exhibits   from the Portuguese time of Kenya’s coastal Zone and photography of some of the country’s archeological sites. The museum also owns the Webb Memorial Library where you can visit and discover on the history and culture of the Kenyan coast.

This museum is a modest two level building that houses with very interesting items which are archeological pieces got out from the sea such items include; ancient anchors, wooden pulleys and old parchments. The main outstanding attraction is the fossil fish species that lives at large with anatomy never changed since the dinosaur time.

It is easy to locate on foot, car from anywhere in town. It has a beautiful building with some history of collection of pictures. The museum was designed with four rooms, two up and two down along with some beautiful display in the hall where you can visit and also be able to have a visit to the Vasco de Gama Pillar as well.

They have friendly staff, however, a visit paid to museum it shows years of neglect.

Malindi Museum
Malindi Museum

 On visit here, you can be able to learn a lot from 13th century, you can still have an excursion and enjoy a hot afternoon.

Definitely, the museum also displays the four Malindi attractions, which you can visit such as a visit to Vasco da Gama pillar, the Portuguese chapel and the House of Columns. While on visit you will be guided with knowledgeable guides to give you true information about the history of this museum.

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