Want to book gorilla safaris in Uganda to see the beautiful Mountain Gorillas Uganda was gifted with? Truth is Gorilla Tracking is such a great adventure, one of those experiences every person especially foreigners would love to encounter while on their stay in Uganda. However, it’s always recommended to know some tips before planning for your gorilla trekking holidays. The gorilla trekking tips below should inform you on what you need to do to experience the best encounter with Uganda mountain gorillas whilst on your Uganda safari holidays.

Gorilla Tracking

1 – Pack Enough Food and Drinks

Pack enough food and drinks before going for Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Gorilla Tracking is a very tiresome activity that may last up to 8 hours implicating you will need refreshments and eats (probably snacks) during the activity. Sad thing is you won’t find any spots to buy eats or drinks in the forests. Besides packing food and drinks, we also recommend having heavy breakfast in the morning before leaving our places of accommodation.

2 – Fully charge your Cameras

You are out there to have an amazing experience meaning you probably have to write memorable experience in a recording. Always try and move with fully charged cameras or camcorders to record yourself while carrying out Gorilla Tracking in Uganda. Some tourists run out of battery and miss out on recording lifetime occurrences. Try and move with two cameras if possible.

3 – Wear High and Strong boots

The forests are quite rough and you will need to wear extremely high and strong leather boots to avoid easily getting pricked during the Gorilla Tracking activity. If you can buy this essential gorilla trekking gear before embarking on your trip then the better else you will have to hire them from the national parks and return them immediately after your activity.

4 – Wear the right clothes

No doubt you have to dress well. Strong trousers like jeans or tracking pants and long sleeved shirts are highly recommended. You are also advised to wear a hat and carry a rain coat with you to protect you from rain in case it falls since it’s hard to take shelter while in the forest depending on the spots you might be in. Gorilla trekking gears are usually placed at respective parks for hire in case you lack any.

5 – Secure Gorilla Tracking permits early

Gorilla Tracking is so far one of the most carried out tourism activities in Uganda with almost each and every tourist opting for it. This means the competition is quite high and it becomes hard to secure Gorilla Tracking permits days to your tour though it’s possible in some cases especially during the low season. You need a Uganda gorilla trekking permit before embarking on the activity. The permits have to be secured early enough especially in the peak season (June to September and December to January).

6 – Hit your chest with one hand to greet Mountain Gorillas

Try to interact with the Uganda mountain gorillas by hitting your chest with one hand. This is a sign of a warming welcome and a greeting to them. In most cases they will do the same to you but always try to keep a distance in between while doing this, avoid getting too close to Mountain Gorillas.

7 – Be attentive during Pre-briefing

Before embarking on the Uganda gorilla tracking experience, there is always pre-briefing at the start point usually very early in the morning. During this pre-briefing session you will be informed with the precautions you have to take whilst Gorilla trekking in Bwindi or Volcanoes National Park. Always try to be attentive and don’t hesitate to ask any questions in case you want to find out about anything.

8 – Open up about your Fitness

The mountain gorilla trekking Uganda experience is quite tiresome especially if you lag behind fitness. Gorilla Tracking is a very physical activity that requires a certain level of fitness. For this reason, always try and open up about your fitness so that you get assigned to a group that matches you fitness. Teaming up with tourists that are more fit than you might make you tire out quickly, it’s always good to move with a group that will match your pace.

9 – Enjoy Gorilla Tracking

Very few will tell you this, You are here to visit gorillas in Uganda and we organize the biggest portion of your trip implicating the rest is left to you. When you are out there tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda, make sure you make the most out of the activity by enjoying every moment of it. Try and have fun, take stunning photographs, ask the game rangers questions and challenge yourself more.

Enjoyed the Gorilla Tracking review tips? If you are looking for the best gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda then look no further than us. Book a safari with us today and we shall organize for you an exceptional experience.