Shimoni Slave Caves Kenya; First of all, Shimoni is one of the tourist destination to tour on Kenya Safari located in southeastern Kenya near the border with Tanzania and   lies across from Wasini Island. The fact about Shimoni is a small town famously known for its British colonial ruins and slave caves that acts as attraction for several community based projects. On additional that, the Shimoni consists of nature forest, coast and marine ecosystems are presented as an attraction.

Around the area the villagers are aware of the benefits behind the tourism industry thus are often very awesome and welcoming to tourists. To many villagers are aware of the benefit the tourism industry hence often very stunning and welcoming place of visit.

Shimoni Slave Caves Kenya
Shimoni Slave Caves Kenya

Historically, Shimon began in decade of 1750s that lies along with Malindi, Mombasa and other coastal cities and towns. It was a slave holding port that acted as for east Africa’s coastal slave trade which accessed from South Africa to the Middle East. The only way visitors can reach out to the Shimoni Slave Caves id during guided tour by members of the Shimoni Cave Committee. After some few years back but starting in the 1880s, British colonialism began their work in Shimoni with the arrival of the British Imperial East Africa Company’s headquarters. The area was chosen by the British Imperial East Africa Company because it was virtually uninhabited at the time. Other building in Shimoni were built by the very first British colonists to enter Kenya such as Kenya’s first colonial prison.

Currently, the building has once been turned into a makeshift shop for locals in order to enjoy chai and listen to music and over time, the place has developed from a sleepy fishing village to became the main port of stopover for oceangoing trade Dhows that arrives from as far away as the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, and the Zanzibar Island as well as Dar es Salaam.

However, on visit to tour Shimoni slave cave you can choose to add on your tour package a visit to Shimoni forest known as a coastal forest that features jagged, jumped fossilized coral substrate which  is naturally found in the soil. While on walk along shimoni forest expect to view Charcoal pits and visit the locals to get interacted of their dances and songs.

More so, the word Shimoni is in Swahili word that means a ‘’place of the hole’’ or Inside the hole. This name was delivered from the existence of the caves by the seashore thus formed as a result of the natural forces.

In fact, these caves cover five kilometers inland and have a complex tunnel that have been in use for different Kenya Safari functions and different times. Although the age of the caves brings out the true facts with the huge stalactites and stalagmites inside that complete the horror feel. Therefore, the Shimon’s history tells a lot more around these caves.

Accessibility; Shimoni caves can be accessed from Mombasa by taking the road to Ukunda and continue to drive for about 30 kilometers after the junction about famous resort of Diani. Then after there, you will see a big signposted junction, after the largest sugar factory in Ramisi, leave the road and turn left.

Shimoni Slaves Caves Kenya –Entrance fees

Foreign nonresident entrance fees cost Ksh400 and Kenyan Citizens-East African members to be able to explore the Shimoni caves is Ksh100. Visiting the cave is ranged in two sessions between 8:30am to 10:30 am in the morning and 1:30 pm to 6pm in the evening.

Shimoni Slave Caves Kenya
Shimoni Slave Caves Kenya

Come adventure this amazing historical sites ‘’ Shimoni Slave Caves’’ where you will be able to engage in film shooting, view things of the old as well as a guide giving you historical information about slave who used it as their treasury, just know the place is worth a visit.

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