Rhino tracking in Uganda: Planning for the best kind of safari venture in Uganda is to take part in the rhino tracking safari in Uganda for it is the best kind of safari activity you can ever have yourself involved in and you get to have the most extraordinary venture in Uganda.

Rhino tracking activities are basically carried out in some of the most reserved areas in Uganda and this nowhere else but the Zziwa rhino sanctuary which is well situated in Nakitoma, Nakasongola district on the Gulu highway towards Murchison Falls National Park.

Facts have it that in the entire East Africa it is only in Ziwa rhino sanctuary where one can carry out rhino tracking on foot and get the golden chance to sight them in the wild.

Rhino tracking in Ziwa rhino sanctuary is exciting and stimulating ever since it is a steered nature walk that propositions charming marvels and ambient echoes of the Zziwa rhino sanctuary

Zziwa rhino sanctuary is wide enough for the rhinos to freely move within with about 7000 hectares to have these lovely creatures have their peace in the wild with no limitations.

Rhino tracking is an enchanted involvement of hiking in the wilderness with qualified and conversant guards as they succor to guarantee the security of sightseers from this occasional and disapprovingly endangered species.

Therefore Uganda wildlife authority and the rhino fund collaborated on the rhino reintroduction to ensure that the activity can be carried in Uganda with no failure and to ensure that all sightseers have the chance to experience this mind-blowing activity in the country.

Rhino trekking costs over 50 USD for Nonresidents adults,25USD for children, 40 USD for East African residents’ adults, 20 USD for children, 30,000UGX for Ugandan adult residents, and 10,000UGX for children.

Rhino tracking in Uganda
Rhino tracking in Uganda

This activity is recommended to be carried out during the dry seasons of the year, despite the fact that rhino tracking can still be carried out all throughout the year.

The activity can take between 1 hour and 30 minutes or 2 hours and 30 minutes depending on your physical fitness, the safari activity is mostly best carried out in the morning hours from 8 am to 10 am but you can also resolve to carry out rhino tracking in the late afternoon from 4 pm to 6 pm and this due to ones choice of time.

Rhino tracking on a Uganda wildlife Safari is advisable to personnel’s starting from the age of 6 and above but even though children are accepted to be involve in rhino tracking it is highly advisable for their parents to be part in this with them.

While on Rhino tracking in the Ziwa rhino sanctuary be sure to have a chance set your eyes on over 300 bird species and sufficiently of mammals such as Chameleons, antelopes, hippos, monkeys, and crocodiles among other animals.

It is a sure to sight rhinos in Ziwa rhino sanctuary as of the fact that rhinos move in groups with the younger rhinos while the male ones defend their territories from intruders.

When it comes to the why the endangered species take good care of themselves the at times roll in mud to cool themselves from the scourge of the African sun and this is mostly on the dry seasons.

The Ziwa safari rangers say that Rhinos are more active during the cooler times of the day like in the morning times and late afternoon time. Rhinos seek shade from the heat of the sun and they stay hidden during the day making it problematic to be seen during tracking, therefore Rhino tracking is best advised to hold in the morning hours than in the afternoon periods.

There are rules and guidelines that see to it that Rhinos are simply well protected and add on that the Uganda wildlife authorities set up a fine of about 100 USD when people violate the set rules and regulations and this is imposed on the responsible authorities.

Achieve global safaris is simply ready to step in for you on your rhino tracking safari activity with help in the booking of the permits, accommodation, transportation plus giving you security and even giving you the rules and guidelines for the tracking in order to have a memorial rhino venture in uganda.