Rhino tracking in Akagera national park : Akagera national park introduced a new activity, rhino tracking, which gives visitors to Akagera a chance to walk in the bush and see the rhinos up-close.

The visitors will join the park’s Rhino trackers who go out each morning to track down the rhinos on foot to monitor them for their security, and gather information about the rhinos such as about their health.

The rhino tracking in Akagera National Park happens in the vast Kilala plains in the north of the park where 30 rhinos of the white Rhinos species that were introduced into Akagera national park at the end of last year of 2021 call home.

Rhino tracking in Akagera national park
Rhino tracking in Akagera national park

White rhinos are grazers, that is, feed downward on grass, and the grassy Kilala plains is the ideal environment for them. On the other hand, the black rhinos are browsers, feeding upward on leaves of tree branches. Little wonder the black rhinos in Akagera national park are found in the southern part of the park that is dominated by acacia woodland and forests.

The rhino walk in the company of the rhino monitors will give you a chance to learn about the rhinos and other wildlife you encounter. The walk also gives you a chance to discover and see wildlife that is far from the drive tracks and would be difficult to see if you are driving.

How does one plan to do the Rhino tracking/trekking in Akagera?

Please note the rhino tracking is only available to guests who stay at the Karenge Bush Camp, a seasonal tented lodging found in the north of Akagera National Park overlooking the beautiful Kilala plains. If you therefore plan to include the rhino tracking in your Rwanda safari trip to Akagera national park, you have to plan to stay at Karenge Bush Camp. Karenge Bush Camp does not operate whole year, but for 9.5 months, closing in April and November to mid-December.

Seeing that the white rhinos are in the north of the park, while trips into Akagera start through the south of the park which has the entrance, the ideal itinerary would be two nights/three days Akagera national park. The first night spent in the south of the park, at either Akagera Game Lodge or Ruzizi Tented Lodge, and then go spend the second night at Karenge Bush Camp in the north and exit through the exit gate in the north.

What is the cost of rhino tracking in Akagera national Park?

The rhino tracking costs USD75 per person, taking a minimum of two people and maximum of four people.

Is rhino tracking safe?

You may be concerned about how safe it is to approach the rhinos on foot. The white rhinos are not aggressive and will tolerate your presence as long as you do not approach too close. This is in contrast to the black rhinos that are known to be very aggressive and dangerous. The rhino trackers will guide on the safe distance from the rhinos and how to behave when near the rhinos.

Rhino tracking in Akagera national park
Rhino tracking in Akagera national park

How about the danger of encountering other wild animals such as lions, elephants, buffaloes, etc…? The trackers are knowledgeable about the possible other wildlife to encounter and plan a trail that is safe. The team will also include armed personnel that can fire in the air to scare away an errant animal. However, this is very unlikely. Planning to visit Akagera and want to include the rhino tracking, how about you book this 3 Days safari tour to Akagera national park.