Nairobi Snake park; Nairobi Snake park is one of the tourist attraction to visit on Nairobi City Tours where you can view reptile’s species with impressive eyes and some of snake species to view include; the puff adder, black mamba, Egyptian cobra, African rock python and Gaboon viper   which measures 4-centimeter-long fangs and the longest in the world. The park is not only a home for snakes but also local fish species, lizards, turtles and some sad-looking crocodiles.  However, the snake park is located below the National Museum and is partly housed in a small building as well as central garden set of green tree and bushes.

In general, what makes snake park famous because it boasts with wide range of collection of snakes, reptiles, bird species and turtles. More so, sounds as one of the most prominent snake parks in Africa.

Nairobi Snake park
Nairobi Snake park

Nairobi Snake park lies on museum Hill at the National Museum of Kenya that was founded in January 1961. In fact, this park act as a research facility and popular attraction where visitors take a visit and get to learn on the importance of snakes in our ecosystem and educate you the potential dangers of snakebite and how to prevent them.

Furthermore, the snake park is surrounded by the botanical garden and note this, the snake park is open to visitors of all ages. Addition to that a home to over 20 different snake species which have an aquarium and crocodiles among other reptiles and amphibians.

 The snake park also acts as a rehabilitation center for reptiles which are abandoned, confiscated and illegal collection.

 Take a visit here and have chances to enjoy interactive session with harmless reptiles and amphibians, feeding of the crocodiles many more other fun activities.

The snake park entry fees for Kenyan citizens is 150 KSH per child and KSH300 per adult, on this park entry fees you combine it a visit to National Museum and Snake park entry fee.

Take a combined safari tour package with a visit to Kenya National Museum, the Maasai Market, the Nairobi Arboretum as well as you can choose to visit Nairobi National Park, Maasai Mara or Mombasa Marine National Park.

On visit here to Nairobi Snake park, you can choose also to visit the Maasai market where you will be able to view unique and beautiful handmade crafts materials by the Maasai people. You visiting the maasai market you will definitely get excited with beautiful handicraft where you wouldn’t miss on visit on Nairobi City Tours.


Nairobi Snake park
Nairobi National Museum

Take visit to Nairobi Arboretum quiet   place for picnic scenery of beautiful green nature around where you can have chances of seeing wildlife species and route within is rewarding with nature walks and cool place to relax with friends and family.

Kenya Railway Museum; You taking a visit to Nairobi city tours never leave Kenya without visiting the Kenya Railway Museum however the place is stunning thus providing a gainful view of the train while transporting goods from Mombasa to nearby developed activities.

 You can also choose to visit Karura forest a thick green forest with interesting trails for forest walk and hiking where you can be able to view variety of bird species and great view of the green nature and water fall. However, Karura Forest is an urban forest in Nairobi the capital of Kenya which was established in 1932 and under protection of the Kenya Forest Service together with the friends of Karura Forest Community Forest Association. More so, the Karura forest covers 1,041 that consists of three parts separately by Limura and Kiambu road. It’s a great safari destination for birders a home to over 200 bird species and primates. Species to see here on visit, includes; Suni, bushbucks, bush pigs, genets, civets, bush babies, porcupines, Sykes monkeys, bush squirrels, hares fruit bats and various reptiles and beautiful butterflies among others. Other activities to do here include bike rides, nature walk is awesome.