Nairobi Gallery; Nairobi Gallery is a truly humbling Kenya touristic site that attracts number of tourists on their visit to Kenya City Tour. This art gallery is found in the capital of Kenya that displays the unique African art for the visitor’s visit. The place is worth a visit.

Historical Back Ground of Nairobi Gallery Kenya;

Historically, Nairobi gallery building has been existing for quiet long period of time which was designed by C. Rand Ovary who was in the charge of the construction of the building   which was complete in 1913 to stand as Ministry of Native Affairs during colonial times.  However, it first served as a government office into the function of counting of marriages, births and deaths.

Nairobi Gallery Kenya
Nairobi Gallery Kenya

Later no, from 1963 the building was changed to serve as the provisional commissioner’s office until 1984. More so, after certain period of years   it was used as Kanu’s branch office of Nairobi until 1997. Then in 1995 the building was declared as a national monument.  More then, in year 1997 the ownership of the building passed to the National Museum of Kenya. In 1999, then the state corporation had to start the process of renovation the building. Finally, in 2005, the renovation work had completed and gallery was officially opened for the first time.

Fortunately, in 2019 the National Museums of Kenya collaborated with Google due to the digital exhibition of ‘’Nairobi gallery’’ to the Google Arts and Culture platform through adding an adoption of Google street view to the museum’s room.

Nairobi Gallery Collections;

The Nairobi Galley has an outstanding and unique collection of specimen from the pan African stamps from different countries of the continent as well as other collection like that of Joseph Murumba’s photo who was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya from 1964 to 1966   as well as a vice –president who reigned on this position for a short period of time and died in 1990.

Nairobi Gallery Kenya
Nairobi Gallery Kenya

The display of where Joseph and Sheila Murumba’s room, there are number of piece of furniture   like a Lamu Sofa, a Zanzibar cupboard and poster about African heritage. Interestingly, the gallery also contains African Jewelry of which part of it belongs to the Turkana culture.

Some of specimen to see here contains African stools, traditional weapons and traditional containers which was used by different Kenyan communities to store things or cook.

This gallery also contains unique traditional materials like Nubian baskets and wood carving as well as sculptures and paintings by artists from different parts from Africa such as Nigeria with works which was represented by Bruce Onokbrakepeya ,Joseph Olabode and Asiru olatunde Osogbo as well as traditional clothing  like Egunguns. More so, galley contains traditional textiles   like a collection of Kangas.

 Then in 2015 the gallery also added a great work by Kenyan artists Peterson Kamwithi. In 2018, the gallery organized another exhibition featuring great works by nine East African Women artists also including artwork by Margaret Trowel Rosemary Karuga, Mgadalene Odunndo, Robin Anderson, Theresa Musoke ,Yong Wait-e  among other people.

In 2019 the galley also displayed another unique material of Tinga Tinga painting which originated in Tanzania.

 Other displayed materials includes; African spoons, desert containers, trade beads, carved gourds ,traditional vestments ,adornment from East and West Africa among .

 Furthermore, Nairobi Galley is divided into 6 main rooms and each containing a different collect, the Nairobi Gallery houses the Murumbi African Heritage Collection and temporary art exhibitions. It is also the same location of Point Zero from which all distances were measured in Kenya.

 On visit here, you can enjoy the beautiful building of the gallery which is completely rewardable with its old unique architecture. You can still enjoy perfect meal here along your visit.

Nairobi Gallery Kenya
Nairobi Gallery Kenya

Along the building there is gainful spectacular view of the interesting upper hill and the viewing the Nairobi city from here is worth it.

In other words, Nairobi Gallery was built by the Sculptor Elkana Ong’esa in 1974 which was known as National Museums and later on 2005 the building had to be renovated and in the same year was opened as Nairobi Gallery.

Take a visit to Kenyan City Tour-Nairobi City Tour to one of many marvelous tourist attractions like a visit to Nairobi Gallery at the same time which serves as a museum holding temporary art exhibitions and historical materials.