Mountain Climbing –Uganda Adventurous Safari

Mountain Climbing is one of the most adventurous activity done on planet earth, people who are adrenaline eagerly hungry go for and best way to enjoy it is to do than grabbing a bag and travelling to East Africa to enjoy your adventure safari in Uganda.

Uganda is a hallmark of hills, valleys and volcanoes Mountains offering the most gainful and rewardable hiking experience in life time. However, Uganda can be achieved first all from Mgahinga Gorilla National park, Mount Elgon National park as well as Rwenzori Mountain National Park. To hike up a volcano is a test of character, strength and it’s an accomplishment that leaves you prouder than before the hike.

Hiking up the volcanoes is not just useless activity but rather a scenic walk through the dense forests that grow on the slopes of the volcanoes and trekking of gorillas that tread the bamboo in Virunga massif and the notable birds that have made the highland s a stopping birder’s paradise.

In so doing, adventurous travellers can also venture to eastern Uganda   and hike Mount Moroto and Mount the Elgon that rises up 4,321 meters with the largest caldera in the world, also goes toward to the west of Mount Rwenzori, the mighty Virunga Rangers that is; the Mount Mgahinga at 3,474 metres, Muhabura 4,127 metres and Sabinyo at 3,645 metres, to the north to Mount Morungole.

Uganda offers the most rewarding adventurous experience of mountain climbing and hiking where one shouldn’t miss this great opportunity. You will get to go to Mount Rwenzori also known as the Mountain of the moon where hiker lovers on safari Uganda experiences the snow-capped Margherita peak.

Climbing Mount Rwenzori

The Rwenzori mountain sounds as the highest mountain in Uganda, the third highest in Africa but preferably offering the best stunning experience and trails in Africa with a height of about 5109 meters above sea level and it lies in the western part of the Country. Rwenzori has outstanding different summits, of which they all offers a spectacular view but the Margarita peak is the most magnificent due to its snow caped nature. Along here you can hike up for any four peaks but it can be done with help of a professional guide and expertise to assign you guide who help you to trek the trails till the summit. As you trekking, you can have a stopover for resting places   up the mountain so that you do not get too tired on your way up.

 Mountain Climbing
Rwenzori Mountains

There is a central circuit trail, that takes 7 days’ hike to access the final trekking point though the most challenging climb that offers a circular hike of the Rwenzori, beginning right from the Mihingo trailhead pushing you to the slopes of the Bijou valley through Nyabitaba and finally arrive the peaks of the Mountain.

Hiking Mount Gahinga

Mount Gahinga rises at 3474 meters above the sea level, an area filled with crater and huge Lobelia on its peak and it covers only 6 hours to ascend to and descend from its peak. When you visit on clear day, you can be able to sightsee the endangered Golden monkeys closer the Bamboo forest.

 Hiking Mount Sabinyo

Mount Sabinyo is both shared by Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, standing at elevation of 3669 meter above sea level. This Mount Sabinyo can be climbed starting from Ugandan side thus taking 8 hours to complete the 14 kilometres round trip, that involves in passing through a steep ride to the peaks.

 Mountain Climbing
Mount Sabinyo hiking safari

Hike Mount Morungole

On visit to Uganda’s adventurous hike, you can reach one of the highest extinct Volcanoes in northeaster Uganda and at the same time reach the most remote people group in East Africa, the IK People who were the first ancient people in the area and live on top of this volcano that can be accessible by a path up.

Hike Mount Moroto

Mount Moroto is found in remote areas of Karamoja Region in Eastern Uganda and can easily be accessed from the safari to Kidepo Valley park. Mount Moroto is off-the beaten track.

Visit Mountain Elgon

Mountain Hiking the Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is one of the Uganda’s interesting destination for hikers, acting as alternative for visitors compared to other challenging hikes within volcanoes in East Africa. It can easily be accessed throughout the year but less congested, because fewer travellers climb it yet it has various attractions same with those in cooler climate and lower altitude. Trekking to the summit of Mount Elgon does not necessarily require special equipment and technical experience.

 Mountain Climbing
Mount Elgon Hiking

Mountain Climbing the Virunga ranges

Mountain climbing in Mgahinga Gorilla national park is trekked in three Volcanoes ‘’Mount Gahinga, Mount Sabinyo and Mount Muhabura ‘’that composes part of the enormous Virunga Massif stretching across three countries.

What to pack for Mountain Climbing in Uganda?

For unforgettable climbing experience, you should pack the right essentials for your mountaineering adventure to have a successful encounter and they include;

Ensure to pack comfortable hiking boots for stepping on slippery surfaces and lose rocks.

Pack enough drinking water to void dehydrates.

Stock your backpack with plus energy giving snacks to strength you during your hiking process.

Incase of a long stay or hike such as Mount Rwenzori, it’s advisable to carry a safe sleeping bags, sweaters, warm jackets to deal with the night coldness.

The Volcanoes distinct, its rugged beauty provides the most adventurous backdrop for climbing and hiking enthusiasts presenting Uganda’s Jungles, savannah plains, Rainforest, mountain renders a mountain climbing safari as a must you shouldn’t miss on your Uganda Safari.

Book now, your Uganda hiking safari itinerary that will surprise you with much of Uganda’s adventurous areas and see things on foot and up close.