Lake Bunyonyi Tour : Lake Bunyonyi was formed after the Magma that flew from Mountain Virunga, which erupted, and this blocked the water that was flowing from River Ndego hence creating a dam, which later on became a lake. The name of this lake was derived from the local word, which means small birds, which makes Lake Bunyonyi to be called a place of little birds.

Lake Bunyonyi is located in the Southwestern Uganda between Kabale and Kisoro districts, which is close to the border with Rwanda.  Lake Bunyonyi is famous for being known as the second deepest lake in Africa after Lake Tanganyika and it is 1962 meters above the sea level. This lake it is 7 kilometers wide and 25 kilometers long and its vegetation is filled with the evergreen bush, 29 beautiful islands that attract many tourists and the hills that are filled with terraces that range between 2200meters to 2478 meters. Lake Bunyonyi is the best place for the nature lovers to visit, or the adventurous visitors that would be attracted because of the cool breathe on the lake and it is also a place for the loved ones to chill for example couples on a honeymoon.

Lake Bunyonyi is believed to have been in existence for over 8000 years and its visitors enjoy the best scenery in the whole world as they get panoramic great views of the beautiful nature. This lake is a good place to go for relaxation and meditation as the tourists get to involve themselves in different activities for fun and pleasure during their free as to explore more about the lake. In addition, these activities include;

Activities carried out in Lake Bunyonyi.


Canoeing is a fascinating activity that helps visitors to tour around the lake and its 29 islands, which include; Njuyeera, Bwama, Bushara, Akampene and many others. Visitors are given a chance to choose the islands of their choice that they would love to visit whether one, two, three, or all of the islands since each island has its own history. Among these islands, Akampene Island is the most visited because of its interesting history that it is where the Bakiga used to abandon their girl children who got pregnant before marriage. To them, getting pregnant before marriage was an abomination due to the fact that no one will pay your bride price and therefore whoever got pregnant was always abandoned there to die of hunger or drown and die since the girls were never taught how to swim and this sent a message to the other girls that getting pregnant before marriage was unacceptable.

Canoeing on lake bunyonyi

The Canoeing activity always on Lake Bunyonyi always begins in Bufuka trading centre, which explores its tourists along the lakeshores as they get to look at several water birds, islands, the farmlands, and visit the local communities around. These canoes are the most common and favourable transport means, which are used to cross from One Island to another, Lake Bunyonyi Tour.

The best time for the visitors to go for canoeing is during very early in the morning when the lake is covered with mist as they get a beautiful view at the nature surrounding the lake of others can opt to go for the night canoeing where they experience the cool night breeze and the sound of the frogs, birds and the night crickets and many more.


Lake Bunyonyi is a clean fresh water lake, which is free from any water-borne disease such as Bilharzia, and this makes it interesting for the visitors who are water lovers. However, the fact that this lake is the second deepest lake, swimmers are advised not to swim very deep especially for those who have less swimming experiences. Lake Bunyonyi is taken to be the best spot for swimming because its lake waters are free from dangerous mammals such as; hippos, crocodiles, and the parasites that cause Bilharzia and the swimmers enjoy the waters while at ease.


Lake Bunyonyi is a home to over 205 bird species, which make the lake seen as a birders paradise. The best way to spot these birds while on the lake by going for a boat cruise or with the use of the Binoculars while moving towards the lake with the help of a birding guide. The most common bird  species during birding along the lake include; Weaverbirds, Grey crowned cranes, egrets, slender-billed baglafetch, black  herons, wood pecker, sunbirds, golden black weaver birds, raptors, African Harrier Hawk, and the levillant Cuckoo among others hence empathizing the point that Lake Bunyonyi is a place of little birds.

Mountain Biking.

Mountain Biking is one of the best ways that helps tourists on discovering this lake and spotting the beautiful nature and landscape while passing through the  local communities as they get to interact with people who be in their farms, they also get a chance to see the different bird and mammal species.

Hiking and Nature walks.

Tourists can opt to go for nature walks or they hike through the designated trails along Lake Bunyonyi where they explore at the terraced hills which offers them with classic views of the lake and towering landscapes and they get a chance to go through the ancient bamboo forest where they get to sight see different wildlife species, primates like monkeys, mammal species, birds, butterflies that capture the attention of visitors and their Uganda Safari to Lake Bunyonyi a memorable one, Lake Bunyonyi Tour.

Cultural Encounters.

Tourists in Lake Bunyonyi engage themselves in cultural encounters where they get to meet the Batwa people. The people are known as the first people to live within the forest in Uganda. These people used to reside in the Echuya forest but later the government displaced them and most of them have lived homeless. However, some of them stayed in the park and they are employed as the tour guides, potters. The Batwa people always entertain their visitors with their traditional cultural dances, storytelling about their history, tourists also get to learn about the daily way of lifestyle, listen to their music, and languages. Therefore their visit to the Batwa people is always honored and a special as they get to learn a lot. 

The Batwa People
The Batwa People

Fishing on Lake Bunyonyi.

Visitors who go for fishing while on tis lake get to spot several fish species but the most common fish specie that is caught is the Cray fish which is the readily available and most delicious due to the fact that  all the restaurants and lodges around the lake serve Cray fish. Nevertheless, the guests can also order for the tasty tilapia fish or the mudfish.

Where to stay in Lake Bunyonyi.

Luxury, Mid-range, and they are located in different areas, some are within the hills and others are situated with in the islands. Visitors have a plenty of chances to make a choice of where they are comfortable staying and these accommodation facilities include the following; Bunyonyi view resort, Arcadia lodge, Byoona Amagara, Birds nest, Bunyonyi safari lodge, Bunyonyi Eco Resort, Bunyonyi Overland Visitors in Lake Bunyonyi are offered  accommodation facilities with different ranges such as; Budget, Resort, Crater Bay Cottages, Bushara Island Camp, Bugombe Island Gateway, Upendo Guest Home, and Africa Explorer Eco Village and many others which offer their visitors with the best offers according to their preferences and budget plan, Lake Bunyonyi Tour.

How to get to Lake Bunyonyi.

 Tourists travelling to Lake Bunyonyi which is located 410 kilometers in Kabale district can opt to use Road transport where they will drive from Kampala city to kabale town and then continue to Lake bunyonyi whereby this drive will take them about  7-8 hours. However, those from a safari in Kibale National park or Queen Elizabeth National will also travel by road to reach the lake and it will take them about 5 hours. More so, Lake Bunyonyi is too Close to Rwaanda than Kampala, therefore, tourists coming from Kigali will take a drive of about 3-4 hours to reach the lake.