Kora National Park might be less visited destination but hosts a lot of tourist attractions and activities to do as well as offering scenic landscape, diversity of wild animal’s species among others. The park lies in Tana River County Kenya, covering an area of about 1,788 square kilometers, still located over 125 kilometers east of Mount Kenya.

More so, Kora National Park was gazetted as a national park in 1989 just a year after the murder of George Adamson by poachers and it is governed by Kenya Wildlife Services. The park’s Eastern boundary is marked by the Mwitmvis River, however, there are several amazing seasonal rivers. More them, the park is comprised of vegetation scenic soil, wide variety of herbs, shrubs and small wind-blown trees which became established in them thus inhabiting large number of animals such as; the caracal, African bush elephant, genet, hippopotamus, spotted and striped hyenas, Tanzanian cheetah, lions, serval wildcat, African leopard and various types of antelopes to thrill while on Kenya Safaris.

Kora National Park
Kora wildlife

Generally, Kora national park is a home that offers a pristine wilderness dotted with all inselbergs and graced by the Tana River on which the Adamson’s amazing falls, grand falls and Kora Rapids are found, which was formally home to the George  Adamson  and his wife Joy Adamson and  also acted as a home to the Adamson ’s Camp –Kampi ya Simba .Despite ,visitors on their safari can enjoy numerous notable birdlife ,fishing in Tana River rock –climbing and also visit George Adamson’s grave.

Unfortunately, between the 1980s and 1990s the park faced serious problem with poachers   who used to kill animals .Due to that case ,Sir George Adamson opted to put a hard hand on them which resulted into  his murder by these poachers  in 1989. He was buried in the park with three lions he released.

Attractions in Kora National Park

They include; Pristine wilderness, Inselbergs, Tana River with Adamson’s falls, Grand falls and Kora rapids and diverse birdlife Adamson’s grave.

 On visit here, you can engage remarkable park activities as listened below;

The y includes; Fishing, Game viewing and Rock climbing among others

Rock climbing adventure

While on your visit here you can experience fabulous climbing along Kora rock which does not require one to be physically fit to climb to its top. The easiest way is to connect to George Adamson and Elsa, his celebrity pet lioness. Hiking along Kora rock raises over 442meters which is not the highest point. Then Mansumbi seems to be the highest rising of 488 and the highest followed by Kumbulanwa at 450meters. However, these rocks all offer vontage point to view pristine wilderness in the park.

Wildlife viewing

The Kora savannah gives unique and diverse experience of fauna. However, Kora National park is a home to more than 500 insect species, 51 mammal species and over 40 reptiles and 5 amphibians and about 215 bird species are to be encountered here. Animals to see here include; Lesser Kudu, elephants, wild dog, striped and spotted hyenas, lion, leopards and cheetah among others.

Kora National Park

Camp at the Park

At the park they offer beautiful camping facilities campers which can be used for more extended stay at the park.

Guided nature walk

Along your visit here, you will be able to visit the thrilling falls and a Rapid such as Adamson’s falls, Grand falls and the Kora rapids much more.

How to get there;

By Road;

Kora National Park is about 280 kilometers to the northeast of Nairobi. A traveler to reach there is via Thika to Mwingi then north-east through Kyuso Village. The park holds several gates that is;

Nairobi – Thika – Mwingi – Tseikuru – Kaningo gate

Nairobi – Thika –Mwingi – Tseikuru –Masyungwa gate –Kampi ya Simba

Nairobi – Nanyuki –Meru N Park –Adamson’s gate

You will have to drive along Adamson bridge across the Tana River joins the park with Meru National park.

Note; Travelling by car, you’re recommended to use 4WD throughout the year.

Alternatively, you can fly by a domestic flight at Kyethoni airstrip, kampi ya Simba airstrip and can also be reached through Masanduku airstrip in Meru –National park.

The scenery of Kora gives endless plains great view without interruption by Inselberg which amazing float above the landscape. The stunning river Tana River forms one of the boundaries of the park as well as magnificent doum palms line on its banks.

Kora Nation park, park entry fee is comprised of the status   of East African members, Foreign resident and non-residents.

East African member’s adult costs KSH500 and children pay KSH215.

Foreign resident adult costs KSH500.

Foreign residents –adult pay cost USD60 and children pay 20.

Note, each person has to pay per head per day.

Kora National Park
Kora National Park

What to carry with you;

Carry useful items like mineral drinking water, binoculars, camera, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, guide books, insect repellant, digital clear cameras and Camping equipment’s.