Kereita Forest in Kenya; Kereita Forest is quite a unique place for leisure, that sits in Kenya’s Central Provinces few kilometers away from Kimende town into the Kereita Village. This forest is under management of Kijabe Environment Volunteers ‘’KENVO’’, a great location for people who love to do domestic tourism and as we see foreigners are much impressed with the unique attractions and activities done in here. The nature around is very serene and pristine.

This forest is home to variety of useful tree species where the locals get medicine for their life to survive and haven for birding area with more than 200 species of birds such as Cuckoos, Shrikes, Turacos, African Green Ibis, Ayres’s Hawk- Eagle, Rufous Breasted Sparrow hawk, African Crowned Eagle, Red-chested Owlet, Abbott’s starling among others.

Fact, Kereita forest sits on an area of about 47 square kilometers at the edge of Kikuyu Escarpment that resides within the southern end of Aberdares Range and Eastern ridge of the Rift Valley.

Historically, Kereita forest was inhabited by the Kikuyu speaking community who are part of the Kenya Eastern Bantu who were colonized by the British. Before it was a hiding place for the Mau Mau but later gazette into Kereita forest   and today is known as a place of interest.

Kereita Forest in Kenya
Zip Lining in Kereita

Activities to do at Kereita Forest in Kenya

 Do you feel you want to experience a new life in a new world life, perhaps you just like to adventure the great outdoors and be able to explore a new life out there in the jungle from the daily hustle? Get start planning to take a sense of tour to one of the stunning forest out there in Kenya-East Africa. Take a visit to Kereita forest which is located in the heart of the Aberdares Ranges a home to variety of wildlife species. While on visit, the area is good for strengthening your body and soul through active learning and friendly environment. Along your visit, come with a friend, family or as school group, a place you can’t leave disappointed but rather with unforgettable experience.

The area around the forest was perched on elevated ground offering rewarding views of the scenic Aberdares valleys and beautiful landscape that attracts everyone who visits the place. It has a well-furnished restaurant with perfect food, lounges that makes for the place breathtaking as you enjoy a meal and drink with a certain group or loves ones came with. If you are planning a visit to encounter news things in life do not take a lot of time looking for place that has all activity to make your weekend or holiday interesting! Take a visit to Kereita forest a place to enjoy outdoor fun. You just need to do bookings in advance in order to ensure you and your group get the best out of the Forest. Other way side to when can secure discount for the activities that you would like to participate in.

They include; Mountain biking, Team building, Paint balling, Archery, Guided nature walks, Kids play area, Zip lining, Barbeque among others.

Zip lining tour

A traveler wanting to experience a life in aerial viewing take an act in this activity and be able to get adrenaline packed ride that creates a perfect punch to get your pulse racing.

Team building Experience

Nothing is awesome to work as a group or join in activity for the exercise as a team where you can enjoy much fun filled with excitement.

Paintball Activity

This is a fun activity done in terrific team with much fun of enjoyment and quite safe to the tourists. It includes valuable principles such as communication, motivation, delegation, strategy and trust. Paintball experience is a perfect activity done in team building.

Guided Nature Walk/Hiking

 Visit the Kereita forest where you will be guided with trained guide and be able to enjoy lovely fresh air and waterfall view. When you visit in wet seasons trails can be slippery though rewarding with views of the rift valley. So we recommend you to visit the forest in dry seasons when the tracking trails are drier and easy to hike. Carry your good gear in order to enjoy the hike; gears such as shoes, rain gears, sweater.

Kereita Forest in Kenya
Kereita Forest in Kenya

Mountain biking

This is an activity done around the area through experiencing scenic nature, meeting up with the locals, spot birds and animals along the trails.

Archery Experience

This is an amazing and unique activity done with experienced guide who helps you to achieve in this activity, it is a safe shooting technique which  requires one to bear confidence and the more you practice it and gets batter, the more excitement develops in you. This activity is limited to the age of 8 and above.